Judgment Day:

The Beginning of Life

[edited from: www.islamweb.net/ver2/archive/article.php?lang=E&id=52056]

All men will have to face death sooner or later. They will leave the world behind them never to return. Ahead of them will be the Hereafter. They will have no option but to enter this new world.

The Judgment Day is approaching fast. On that day every soul will appear as it really was. All the veils that conceal a person's true nature in the world will disappear. Beautiful words will be of no avail in concealing that true nature.

In this world a selfish person can appear as a godly one. One who is hungry for fame can present himself before men as a standard-bearer of truth. One who places self-interest before all in his work can, by clever speech, deceive people into thinking that he is selflessly serving the cause of truth.

But death is the event in man's life that exposes all such pretences as false. In the world after death all such veils will disappear. Man will appear as he really is for himself and for others as well.

Brought Before God

Death is not the end of our lives; it is the beginning of our real life. After death man will be brought before the Lord for final judgment.

Man has many concerns in this world, but after death he will be concerned with one thing alone: escaping from the wrath of God. If one has ample time at one's disposal, one engages in many tasks. But if time is short, then one concentrates on the most important task. At crucial moments, people don't waste time in irrelevant pursuits.

No time is fixed for death. It can come at any moment. This fact makes death an even more delicate issue. First and foremost, we should communicate to others the dangers that death holds in store for us; we should inform people about tomorrow, before it is upon us.

This is the essence of the message of the Bible. God calls man to faith in the Hereafter; it seeks to awake the living to the issues that will face the dead. The true preacher of God's Word stands between life and death. While still on earth, it is as if he has already experienced death and is able to inform his brothers of what lies beyond the grave.

The Greatest Calamity

The greatest calamity afflicting our world is that one million people die every day. No one knows, of those who are alive today, who will be dead tomorrow. Every one of us shall taste death, but no one knows when death will come. We do not know which of our fellow men will leave this world tomorrow, and who will remain to receive this message.

Every one of us is hastening towards this fate. Everyone who is alive today is in danger of dying tomorrow. Then we will not have the chance to warn others, nor they the chance to listen.

Under these circumstances, it is clear what our real task must be: we must dwell on the life after death and warn our fellow man of it, for this is the real issue of life. There are over six billion people on earth, and this task applies to each and every one of them.

Everyone is born ignorant of the reality of life, and everyone needs to be informed of it. If a strong hurricane is approaching, one forgets trivial matters. Death, however, is greater than a hurricane. If one were to realize this, one would think and speak about death more than anything else.