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Health Items

HEALTH & SLEEP - Habits That Resist Disease & Promote Longevity.
SLEEP: 1 Hour BEFORE Midnight = 4 Hours AFTER Midnight...

DIET & EXERCISE - Juice Fasting, COFFEE - Effects & Overcoming Addiction, Pure Foods, SALT & Electrolytes, VITAMINS, CORTISOL, & abdominal fat, WATER & False Hunger

Medical: General Info - "Swimmer's Back", Vertigo, Dislocating Knee Cap, Hernia, Rotator Cuff, ...

Lyme Disease Remedies - "Fever Heals," salt, Vitamin C, Lots of Heat ...

Skin Health - Holistic, Organic, Jojoba; Chin: "smas-lift," Info & Sources...

B17 & Anti-Oxidant Block Of Articles:

B17, Laetrile, & Apricot Seeds - Vitamin B17 is a proven antioxidant. Yet pharmaceutical companies have fought hard to scare away the public before we hear ALL the facts. By examining both sides, this article zeros-in on the truth behind Vitamin B17.

pH Balance, Antioxidants, Acids, Alkali, & anti-oxidant diets, Food Lists, WINE & Antioxidants

A Holistic Remedy - Pancreatin And Protein Digestion, "Dr. Kelly", pancreas' relationship to diabetes, cancer, metabolic disorders...

Anti-Oxidants - An Ongoing Collection of Information - Selenium, Eat According to Your Blood Type, more...

Prostate Information - General Information - Description, Retrograde, diabetes' effect on, massage, self-maintenance, etc.

Prostate 2: More Information - Prostate's Function; Effect of Hormones, Diet, Frequent Sex, Castration, Aspirin (Edited from lengthy PDF)...

Eye Health - Cataracts: Conventional & Natural Treatment; Causes & Prevention.

Liver Cleanse - GI cleanse, & Fat in Liver

DIABETES INFO - an ongoing compilation.. .

Dental Info Teeth & Bones -- Demineralization; Natural Remineralization; Enamel Cements; Coffee; Fluoride & Erosion;

Urine Therapy - The natural antibiotic and healing properties of urine

BAREFOOT: HEALTH BENEFITS - How going barefoot improves health

Barefoot Living - Starting out, Barefoot careers, Shoes & Depression, Barefooting in the Past...

Barefoot Health (Book): Shoes & Fatigue - How footwear causes flat feet, fatigue, and weakness

Behavior & Society

ADD & Career - Which Careers Fit The ADD Profile...

Asperger Syndrome - "Literal" thought & speech vs. "Emotional" interaction.

Asperger Syndrome & Barefooting - Sound Feet, Sound Mind - Nature's Remedy

Spanking: Good, Bad, or "Abusive"? - History, "Buffet the Body", News, Links...

Spiritual Insights

Gandhi - "Key To Health" - Gandhi's Treatse on Overall Health Lifestyle

Sex-Free Living - Breaking Sexual Desire Through Healthy, Spiritual Living. Adapted from writings of Gandhi & others

What Is Heaven Like? - Meditating on Heaven will strengthen us when we become discontented with life...

The Dominion Principle - By Charles Capps. Applying the Believer's Dominion over the Affairs of This World...

Proofs of the Bible's Devine Authorship

Christian Battle Cries - Inspiring Talk in this Time of Spiritual Warfare. Don't Become "Battle-Weary"...

Hereafter - Blunt Talk on Preparing For Judgment

Mikveh - Getting Set Free From Demonic Spirits

ETERNAL LIFE - Knowing It As A Reality - Developing An "Eternal" State Of Mind, opposing the world's views, Overcoming Grief (Faux "Copeland" Piece)

THERE'S TROUBLE COMING! [KCM] - Don't Chicken Out - Keep Your Fight Up

I SAW HELL OPEN... A Shocking Vision Awakens An African Preacher's Awareness

Meditation: An Awareness Exercise - Finding Your Original Spirit...

Was Jesus Poor? - Understanding prosperity's role in Jesus' life - and in ours

Parallel Plane of the Spirit World - The unseen spirit world intersects our familiar world. Wrong spirits can enter via wrong influences of this world [Capps]...

HEALING SCRIPTURES - Covenant Promises For Our Deliverance

PROSPERITY SCRIPTURES - Knowing That We Can Look To YHWH Adonai To Recieve What We Need

Records, Tapes, Audio & Video


"WOW-CORRECTING" OFF-CENTER RECORDS - Dealing With "Wavering-Pitch", "Pitch-Drifting", or "Off-Center" Effects When Recording From Vinyl

General Interest

TRIVIA & BIOS - Wernher von Braun, Walter Chrysler, Seinfeld, Carson, Peter Pan, Ivanhoe, "The Playmates" (50' Rock & Roll Group),

Archived Subject Matter - (formerly "non car archive")

Big Band Bios - Glenn Miller, Stan Kenton, Artie Shaw...

MOVIES: Tora, Tora, Tora (トラ・トラ・トラ!)
• CHARLIE CHAPLIN & "The Great Dictator"

Dr. Demento - Playlists & continuing data...

Why U.S. Drives on the Right & U.K. Drives On the Left

WATER & CHLORAMINE - Is your drinking water safe?

FLUORIDE FAQ: - Questions and Answers About the Problems of Fluoridation

FLUORIDE - The Dangers The many dangers posed by fluoridation of our drinking water

R Crumb - Articles

Van Brans Info - Features of different VANS - Year-to-Year Changes, MPG, 1994-2000 CARAVANS...


BUTANE SOLDERING TORCHES - For Non-Electric Soldering. Brands, comments, sources.

Bedbugs - An Outline For Getting Rid of Them

Bedbugs: The Whole, Ugly Truth - A vast stew of facts & experiences about these vile pests

STOCKS, IRAs, & OTHER INVESTMENTS Basic information on investments...

BACKPACKS- Putting Them On...

Survivalism File - Different perspectives on "survivalism"

WW II Various Info - UK Island Occupied by Germany, Speech to POWs on Thai-Burma Railway

CELL PHONE RADIATION SHIELD - Ad: Full-Size Radiation Shield. Captured From a Google "Cache" Before Page Disappeared. Shows REAL Radiation Shield (Not The Bogus "Button" Stickers They're Calling Shields Today). It may still exist -- their Home Page is still up ...

Relationship Items

SOCIAL INTERACTION - Social skills, meeting people, dating, making contact in groups...

Should Christians Get A Civil Marriage? - The laws of marriage in Jesus' time on earth bear no resemblance to today's ridiculous contracts.


NEWS ARCHIVE - Stories Related To Underhanded Geo-Politics

EDITORIALS ARCHIVE - Articles Previously Appearing on the Home Page Column

Computer Related

Computer Viruses - Some that are out there

HTML Codes - A Help Sheet With The HTML Codes Used To Create A Web Page

Color Cube - HTML Codes For Multiple Colors

FONT STYLES & "WINGDINGS" Check to see which fonts work with present computer; Wingdings arranged by keyboard & Caps

BACKGROUND GIFS - Google Image Search

Buttons to Change Bkgnd Color of Webpage


Sound Check
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Recording Vinyl
to Digital


Dealing With "Wavering-Pitch", "Pitch-Drifting", or "Off-Center" Effects When Recording From Vinyl

Converting your vinyl to digital can be done the easy way or the hard way. Sometimes the hard way is better.

The "easy" way is just to plug your turntable into your computer's Line Input jack (and maybe adding a pre-amplifier in-between to bring the phono-cartridge's signal up to line level).

You can't completely eliminate those pops and scratches, but you can make them less objectionable by some moderate equalization. I cut the very-uppermost treble band of my equalizer (15 to 20kHz) by up to -12db, with more moderate reductions between 8 - 15kHz of around -5dB if the surface noise is bad enough; but I like my treble, so I try to leave this alone.


But the most bothersome thing about vinyl records is that nearly all of them were pressed off-center. That is, as the record plays on the turntable, you can observe the tonearm slightly sway in-and-out from the center of the disc.

It also means you will hear an audible "wow" effect from the sound as the music is playing. Some folks notice this more than others, but if you listen for some prolonged notes, like a singer holding a high "C", or a piano holding a chord at the end of a solo, you may notice the tone fluctuating in a high-low pattern with each rotation of the record.

There's only one way to fix this and it's not fun.

You need a turntable with a removable spindle.

First, place the record on the turntable normally, with the spindle in place. Play the record.

Observe the point of the record's rotation where the tonearm is veering to its OUTERMOST POINT (away from the record's center). Be patient; this will require observing the rotation several times.

Then, as you watch the record spin with the tonearm swaying, fix your eyes onto some artifact on the record label (the letter of a word, an illustration, a jot, tittle, etc.) that lines-up with the point of outermost sway. This is so you can identify that section of the record when you stop the turntable.

With the turntable shut off, remove the spindle. Turn the platter so the identifying point on the record label is facing you. You are going to attempt to gently, at a hair's breadth, press the edge of the record so that the grooves move evenly as the record plays.

(At this point it is probably worth noting that the disc itself is not off-center, but just the groove-pack, so it's not simply a matter of matching the disc's edge to the turntable platter's edge. It's a stamping inaccuracy courtesy of the factory.)

It goes like this: My first "hair's breadth" thumb-roll push slides the record slightly off at another point, which then needs to be corrected in the same manner. (Play the record after each adjustment to check your results). I then repeat the process until there is no more drift by the tonearm when the record plays. If I don't succeed after three attempts, I put the spindle back in and start over.

I've done this with approximately 100 LP's. As annoying as this procedure may seem, every time I listen to the new "perfected" mp3 recordings of these maddeningly distended records, I get a great sense of satisfaction that I have tamed that "groove-slop" permanently. One strenuous recording session and they're able to be transferred forever to any new technology with just a point and click, while I reflect back at the hours of torture that brought the original file into existence.