Christian Battle Cry


Put On Your Armor

For us there are only two possibilities: either we remain the Children of YHWH Adonai, or we come under the thumb of the devil and his people. The latter must not occur; even if we seem small in number, we are a force. A group having a fanatical faith can conquer a strong enemy. If we sequester ourselves firmly within the Kingdom of God, and keep bringing new people into God's camp, we will be victorious over the Enemy.

MORE than 6000 years have passed since the unhappy day when man was first blinded by promises from the Enemy, and lost touch with honor, freedom, and full fellowship with God. From that act of treachery, the Almighty withheld his blessing from all mankind.

With the fulfillment of the promised Messiah, man had been redeemed from this curse and once again restored to full fellowship with God. And, once again, evil men, seduced by the lies of the Enemy, have corrupted that image of our Deliverance and caused many of our Brethren to despair and give-in to the pleasures of the world. Weak portrayals of God, Jesus, and all vestiges of Christianity, have made religion a stench in the nostrils of struggling humanity. We must know who we are and what we are UNDER GOD.

WE ARE STRONG! No longer do we beg the world for leeway when we carry out an assignment from God. We do not cringe under false accusations of "bigotry" or other manufactured "hate-crimes." We invite the deluded to join God's camp. If they choose to join the Enemy, we must continue to march on, even if it means marching on top of them. But our weakness has placed us under the thumb of our enemies.

Because we have forgotten who we are in the Anointed Y'Shua, dissension and hatred have descended upon us. With profound distress millions of Christian men and women have seen the unity of the Believers vanishing, dissolving in a confusion of political hypnosis, economic interests, and ideological differences. Christianity has presented a picture of heartbreaking disunity. We've never received equality and fraternity in the eyes of the world: yet millions of deceived Believers think satanic men can be inspired to accept us as "equal" to them when we deal with them in business or politics! The devil will never voluntarily accept men of God on equal terms. Believers must maintain the upper hand. By failing to do this, we lost our liberty to boot. For when our people lost its awareness of our Strength under God, we soon lost our unity of spirit and will....

How is it that a nation which possesses a clear majority of Christians has laws that make Christian expressions virtually illegal?! Do you truly believe the godless world will be fair to God's people if we fail to assert our strength over them?

But we must bear in mind: the unbelieving world, too, has suffered from our failure. The satanic balance of power which had evolved since Adam's fall, had been destroyed by the Redemption of Man by the Anointed Y'Shua. Yet, somehow, it has crept back into the process. How? The insane political squabbling that's overtaken Believers since the Resurrection has whittled the Church down to a loosely-knit group of people leading unenviable lives - when we were SUPPOSED to draw people into the Body of Christ as they saw the life of God in us! Our concept of ourselves as having to beg the world for acceptance left us with the impression of the world as the victors and ourselves as the vanquished (albeit subconsciously), and destroyed the confidence and boldness God fearfully and wonderfully constructed in our spirits.