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James Northstar
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With the incidence of Lyme disease growing rapidly across the United States, I think that it is important that I share my personal experience with it, and how to deal with it NATURALLY and PERMANENTLY.


  • Use TWEEZERS to pull tick out of your skin.

    OR: Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick with the cotton ball and swab it for 20 seconds. The tick will come out on its own and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away. (Folk remedy)

  • Bathe area in VERY HOT WATER, then in 91% alcohol.

  • "Fever heals:" Lyme disease dies at a temperature of 105° F. Avoid anything that would reduce fever.

  • Immerse your body in the hottest water you can tolerate for 20 minutes 2 or 3 times per day.

  • Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, and Garlic help the body flush-out the infection. Take these throughout the day.

  • Spiritual Warfare: Apply the Word of God against the infection and for the restoration of your health.

After some typical family outdoor recreation, you'll need to check for ticks, then follow the steps outlined in this article to prevent any infection.
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Coming in from a late night walk through a field one night, I noticed that a tick had dug into the skin on the palm side of my right hand. I didn't take this too seriously, and proceeded to dig out the tick using my fingernails to pull it out. (I later discovered that you should pull it out with tweezers, and you should bathe the area in 91% alcohol and very hot water). This tick couldn't have been there for more that 15 to 20 minutes at most. There were no other ticks on any part of my body, and I thought that it was strange that a tick could so deeply embed itself into my skin in such a short period of time.

About a week after this event I began noticing strange flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, severe muscle aches, loss of appetite, and a lack of mental clarity. I also began to notice large red areas of rash appearing over various parts of my body, mostly on my legs. I didn't notice the usual sore throat or nasal congestion that accompanies the usual flu or bad cold, but I assumed that it was just a different variety of flu, and that it would leave my body after about a week, as is usually the case with these things.

After a week of suffering with these unusual symptoms with no improvement, I realized something strange was going on -- and then I remembered the tick that was embedded in my skin about two weeks earlier. It was then that I decided to investigate. I remembered hearing about Lyme disease, and that it was caused by tick bites, but I had very little information on it.

After doing about a one hour search I came across all of the usual doom and gloom propaganda spewed out by Big Pharma, saying that Lyme disease can cause very serious long term side effects, and that the only known treatment is anti-biotics. Being ignorant of the nature of Lyme disease, plus my compromized alertness from the effects of Lyme disease and the panic caused by this "information," I headed to a nearby hospital, and abandoned my usual distrust of the medical establishment. BIG MISTAKE!

After waiting in the emergency room for about an hour, I was examined by a nurse. I told her my symptoms, showed her the rashes, and explained that I had been bitten by a tick about two weeks prior to this. She took down the information, and they proceeded to wheel me into a small room. I was laying there for about ten minutes when another nurse came in with an IV solution, and was about to insert the tube into my arm. When I asked her what it was for, she said it was morphine to help me handle the pain. When I told her that I didn't want it, she seemed shocked by my reaction, and didn't seem to know what to do after that. I suppose that it's unusual for someone to be looking for a cure instead of a narcotic buzz designed to mask the symptoms. No wonder so many people become addicted to prescription drugs!

After this, another doctor wrote out a prescription for anti-biotics. I picked them up at nearby drug store, and started taking them exactly how they instructed me to. After about a day I noticed that I was even more disoriented, and that the other symptoms were also worsening. On the third day I noticed that my skin would burn after being in the sun for just a few minutes, and that I had even less energy.

That night I was having trouble breathing, and my heart was racing. I thought that I was going to die. I sought out God, and He revealed to me that I had made a HUGE MISTAKE, and that anti-biotics were worsening this whole situation. I then proceeded to flush them down the toilet.

The next day, still suffering from these horrible Lyme symptoms two weeks after first noticing them, and fully realizing that the medical establishment offered no solutions, I decided to seek out NATURAL GOD-GIVEN CURES! I searched the internet diligently. I eventually found, from various obscure, non-state-approved message boards, that the parasite that invades your body when you get Lyme disease dies at a temperature of 105 degrees. There was a mention of hot baths being effective at combating this illness, and that   NATURAL heat producing anti-biotics such as garlic, ginger, and cayenne pepper were also a powerful weapon against it. I had an old bottle of ginger powder in a kitchen cabinet, and I took a pretty good sized spoonful of it. It was amazing! 15 minutes after downing that spoon of ginger, the severe aches and pains that had been affecting me for over two weeks had practically disappeared!

It was then that I realized how I had been fooled into making an almost deadly mistake-TRUSTING THE ESTABLISHMENT! As my research into this continued, I saw story after story of how people with Lyme disease had been taking anti-biotics for years, and were no better. They were still in agony, and they still refused to question the medical establishment! After this I started taking 10 minute baths as hot as I could stand at least once a day, took several spoons of ginger powder a day, took two cloves of garlic, and a spoon of cayenne pepper daily. This was combined with strong prayer and faith in healing from God.

Within a week the symptoms had virtually disappeared, and I had learned several valuable lessons. First and formost, ALWAYS LOOK TO GOD FIRST, AND ALWAYS BE SUSPICIOUS OF ANY ESTABLISHED INSTITUTION. They are responsible for maintaining a failed system that has caused nothing but suffering and death ever since man first walked the earth. When I saw the stories of how people were suffering endlessly and unessesarily, while being seen as nothing more that a source of revenue for BIG PHARMA, and not being given the information they need on Faith healing and natural cures THAT REALLY WORK, I realized just how evil this system really is.

ANY disease can be cured by God. Sometimes it's the natural cures God provides, sometimes it's SUPERNATURAL. You can only defend the failed medical establishment until it directly affects you. Then you have to make a decision. When you're facing a serious illness, or a financial, mental or spiritual crisis, take a look at what the world offers you. And if that doesn't satisfy you, AS IT SHOULD NOT, then compare it to what God offers you. You'll see that God wins every time.

Vitamin C & Salt Cure


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After 13 years of suffering with Lyme disease, a possible cure has been stumbled upon. A cumulative effect of much research has produced the possibility that salt and vitamin C may be all that is needed to beat this elusive illness. Without going into a lot of detail, our theory is that Lyme is not just a bacterial disease, but also an infestation of microfilarial worms. Ticks can transfer many types of pathogens into the body of their host, explaining why Lyme patients have different types of organisms within their bodies.

Shortly after starting the treatment, we were shocked by the presence of the worms. Microfilarial worms live symbiotically with bacteria. They protect the bacteria from being exterminated by the antibiotics. Our theory is that the microfilarial worm, though possibly a nematode, is a parasitic nematomorph which we name Paragordius Lyme Incorporehumani. The Lyme bacteria is Borrelia burgdorferi, named after Willy Burgdorfer.

From experimenting with the treatment of salt and vitamin C, we settled on a dosage of 3 grams of salt and 3,000 mg of vitamin C, each dose taken 4 times per day. This would approximate one gram for each ten pounds of body weight. Total daily dosage should not exceed 18 grams of salt or Vitamin C per day, and 15 grams would be the average adult's dosage for a full 24 hour period. If the pills cause a problem they can be crushed or dissolved in water. To get an idea of the dosage, one teaspoon equals 5 grams; thus, one tablespoon would equal 15 grams. Remember to drink plenty of water. Do not use salt with any additives, such as table salt. And the vitamin C used is a GNC product, though any good quality vitamin C pill should work.

The Treatment can be grueling; taking it with food may aid in digestion. The results should be almost instantaneous. The Herxheimer reaction, an excretion of toxins from dying organisms, will be experienced. Diarrhea will occur as your body sheds itself of the pathogens. The die-off will occur in cycles. It is well worth the inconvenience.

Remember to drink plenty of water. Water is an important factor, not just in keeping yourself hydrated, but to make sure the treatment is circulating through your entire body. Salt is an electrolyte which your body needs to function properly. Please proceed through the next 16 pages on our journey to a cure. You can click on any photo and get a larger view and a little more info. The photographs are untouched and no dyes were added. Our specimens have been saved in case the integrity of the website is questioned. The last page will attempt to explain how this conclusion was reached.

The Basic Cure

  1. Body weight in pounds/10 = total daily consumption in grams, so
    • 1 gram of Salt, and
    • 1 gram of Vitamin C
    • for each 10 pounds of body weight.
    Use pure salt (sodium chloride) without any additives such as
    • aluminum
    • silica, or
    • iodine

  2. If you use powdered salt or Vitamin C be aware that
    • 1 teaspoon (tsp) = 5 grams, thus
    • 1 tablespoon (tbs) = 15 grams.

  3. One should space out these into three or more doses each day.
    For example, a 150 pound individual would swallow 15 grams
    of each in total as
    • 5 grams of each in the morning,
    • 5 grams of each at midday and
    • 5 grams of each in the evening.

  4. Total daily consumption should not exceed
    18 grams of each per day.

  5. Drink lots of water.

  6. High doses can be very hard on the stomach.
    Experiment; start with lower doses, such as
    3 grams each 5 times a day
    to get your daily total.
    Again, drink plenty of water.

Treatment protocol developed by individuals at

The Theory: Eat More Salt!

Our theory is that due to the decreased consumption of salt in our daily diets, we have allowed the invasion of parasites into our bodies and those of our pets and livestock. Over the centuries, man has traditionally consumed approximately 20 grams of salt daily. The only time, other than current day, that man's consumption has drastically decreased was during the Medieval Ages, when the landlords deprived the poor of salt, and the Black Death ravaged the population. Salt is an ancient bactericide, and killer of many of man's pathogens. For centuries, twenty grams of salt daily was the average intake due to the way meats were cured and foods were preserved.

Man certainly lived a more outdoorsman's lifestyle, yet there was no mysterious illness. Was it the presence of sodium chloride in his body that prevented Lyme from occurring? Lyme was first documented in the 1970's. It is around the same time we were inundated with the "No Salt Diet" craze. For years Japan had no cases of Lyme disease, and only recently with the new low salt soy sauce have cases been documented. As far as our animals go, cows were always given large blocks of salt licks, which were pure sodium chloride. The old ways protected our livestock from many pathogens that are coming into focus in today's society. Just recently, these blocks have become mineralized salt licks with minerals, medicines, and vitamins, that manufacturers claim is what our livestock need. They actually need the sodium chloride. This may explain the recent appearance of new illnesses such as Lyme, Mad Cow, and other parasitic illnesses among our livestock.

They crave the sodium chloride. It is a natural instinct. Just the same way that a hunter knows that if he puts out a block of salt, the deer will come. Bear reportedly tear the bark off fallen trees to lick salt. There are salt caves in Africa that draw herds of elephants at night, and the mothers break off chucks of salt and fed it to their young. Maybe it is time we take a lesson from the animals. Eat more salt!

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