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"A common problem with all ultra-high temperature torch lighters is that they usually don't last longer than a year or so." Message Board

MJ280L (SOLDER-IT) ($9.75 in ToolTopia). The Real Small Micro Torch. Has cap attached by a chain. Burns at 2400F/1300C Automatic Piezo Ignition Adjustable Flame Knob Refillable Butane Torch Great for camping, hobbies, odd-jobs and soldering.
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PB-207 (BLAZER) - Dimensions: 3 x 1 x " ; ($33.13 in ToolTopia). Also has a cap attached by a chain.
• The genuine Pocket Micro Torch has PB-207 stamped on the cap. It's made in Japan, "repairable" (as opposed to cheap knock-offs wahich are not);
• Prince pb 207 is what the Yoshinaga company sells in the Orient. [Questions of quality are brought up. The Prince is cheaper, but it's unclear if the Blazer isn't the same item with their label pasted on it].
• Ordered my Prince pb207 from ,can't beat the price!
• I love my PB-207...great lighter. But, don't forget to check out the CG-001; it's the bomb!
• Beware of the length of the flame; its full length can only be seen in the dark. When the torch is warm the heat from the flame will light a cigar five inches away.
• They work great, but two Blazers and one Prince have all died on me in less than one year. Only used with Blazer fuel, dunno why they crapped out but all 3 did.
• I use the Lava butane which is five times REFINED versus the other stuff that is only 3 times refined and I can see a distinct diference in the quality of the flame and supposedly keeps it all cleaner inside. I don't know what your using but maybe this is a very sensitive lighter that requires the best gas you can give it. There is really no excuse for 3 lighters to crap out so soon.

CG-001 (BLAZER) - Link to Product Description More fuel capacity, flip up top (rather than a removable cap), and easily ADJUSTABLE FLAME, to name a few. 2.75 inches tall. Made In Japan. UNIVERSAL REFILLING VALVE.
The CG-001 Lighter has the same straight flame as the PB-207 Pocket Torch. (It's the same internal unit, just with a different casing). Fuel Window (can check level even in non-transparent models). - $38.95 + $3 S&H (Link Below)

BLAZER "Evo" - No model number given. [Product Description] sells it for $40 & the same for the CG-001. A sleek design with built-in punch cutter that works great. DUAL-TORCH flame. Black, Blue or Silver RUBBERIZED grip. NOTE: FLAME APPEARS VERY SMALL in pic.


"Lucky Torch" - Blue Jet Flame: Burn a penny in seconds; adjustable 2500° Jet Flame! Solid Metal Construction - Refillable • $6 from
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Blazer Lighter Sales, Asst'd Models: (CG-001 - $38.95 + $3 S&H)- - Sells/Describes Blazer/Japan-made torches. Noted as a "repair" site for broken torches on messageboard comment. NOTE: a UK Site. - "Prince"(Blazer OEM) & Other Lighters


Solder-It PT500 - "Highest output flame of any butane torch"
Solder-It PT220 - "The Standard for hand-held table torches." Kill-switch.
Blazer GB2001 - Butane table torch. Shorter collar.

TOOL WAREHOUSE: PT220 ($35.75) & Other Solder-It & Blazer . . . Mini MJ280L ($9)

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Amazon Results for Butane Torch - 49 items - higher prices, more models (& poss. "alternate" source, in light of other sites' restricted to commercial sales)

Solder-It PT 220 ($43); + Large Selection of others -

Solder-It PT 220 $39 - Chief Aircraft

Has PT220 ($43) & PT500 ($50)only. - - A "Solder-It" source, expensive ($49) . . . - Expensive Solder-It


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