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The Vaccination Effect

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Anti-Oxidant Properties

Basic Urine Therapy

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Urine is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It's ideal for treating cuts, wounds and abrasions of all kinds. Acne, rashes, athlete's foot and fungal skin problems often improve from urine soaks and compresses as well.

Urea is an FDA-approved medicinal agent used in a multitude of medications. Because of its remarkable and comprehensive anti-tumor properties, it's used in anti-cancer drugs. The urea compound drug, glicazide, is used successfully in treating both insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent diabetics.

Urea is a natural diuretic. It is an accepted treatment in cases of edema or swelling such as excess cerebral and spinal pressure, glaucoma, epilepsy, meningitis, even premenstrual edema and many other disorders in which excess fluid is a problem.

It's difficult for most people to understand why our bodies excrete elements that are so obviously valuable to human health and well-being. Your blood flows through the kidneys at a rate of about 1200 ml of blood per minute. The kidneys sift out excess water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, salts, and hundreds of other elements including vital antibodies, urea and uric acid. A certain amount of critical blood constituents are pooled by the kidney into a liquid doctors call a "plasma ultrafiltrate", a/k/a urine. This sterile, nutrient filled ultrafiltrate, or urine, is reabsorbed and some remains in the kidney for a period of time and is eventually released into a tube called the urethra which empties the urine into the bladder where it is finally excreted.

Why is it excreted if it is nutrient-rich? Water, salt, vitamins, and other healthy components, are toxic when there's too much in the body at any given time. This process is a regulatory mechanism to respond to these excesses.

Pharmaceutical companies have grossed billions of dollars from the sale of drugs made from urine constituents. Urokinase, a urine ingredient, is used in drug form and sold as a "miracle blood clot dissolver" for unblocking coronary arteries. Urea is medically proven to be one of the best moisturizers in the world: cosmetic companies package it in expensive, glamorized creams and lotions. Murine ear drops are made from carbamide (synthetic urea).

Anti-Oxidant Properties

More from: http://users.mrbean.net.au/~wlast/urine.html

Cancer responds very well to urine therapy. The urine fast employed by John Armstrong ("The Water of Life") appears to be very effective.

Usually visible tumors, such as with breast cancer, disappeared within three weeks. Armstrong called curing cancer 'child's play'.

Most of the scientific cancer reports concentrate on urine extracts of anti-cancer agents. One such extract is called H-11, another HUD, others Retine, DHEA hormone or Anti-neoplaston.

While good results were reported with all of these, it is very expensive to treat patients in this way and the treatment would probably be more effective and much cheaper if all of these cancer-fighting ingredients of urine were used together by ingesting whole urine.

Surprisingly, uric acid is not just a villain causing gout; it is also a proven anti-cancer agent and rejuvenating factor. However, the crown of the cancer-fighting urine ingredients may actually belong to urea, the most common chemical in urine.


Urine consists of 95% of water, 2.5% of urea and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals , salts, hormones and enzymes. Only urea can be poisonous when present in the blood in very large amounts. But drinking urine does not immediately put urea in the bloodstream: it filters through the digestive system in small amounts, purifying the blood (and the rest of the system) from microbial infection. It has an antiseptic effect.

The "Vaccination" Effect

Urine itself is not a toxic waste product. It does, however, contain minute particles - antibodies - connected with possible disease processes in the body. These re-injested antibodies can help the body step-up its attack on specific pathological situations.

These trace amounts of "toxins" (immune-stimulating components) of urine have the effect of vaccinating the body against future illnesses. Keep in mind that the main theory behind urine therapy isn't that it straight out cures diseases, but is more effective in building immunity to diseases, much like a vaccination does. The small amount of possibly toxic substances which can be found in urine seem to have a positive effect on the immune system.

Other Healthy Components

  • Urea: Already used in several medicines, urea treats glaucoma, epilepsy, meningitis, diabetes, and is used in anti-cancer drugs. In tests, urea seems to disrupt the ability of cancer cells to group together and apparently killed the cells by upsetting some of their normal metabolic activities.

    When applied externally, urea has a very beneficial effect on wound healing, including infected wounds & burns. Urea crystals may be directly packed into the wound, or a strong or saturated solution may be applied. In this way, urea removes the foul odor often associated with dead or putrefying tissue.

  • Glutamine: Some urea is converted to glutamine, an important amino acid. Because of its healing effect on ulcers and wounds in the intestinal canal, glutamine is essential in the maintenance and construction of specialized tissue, such as in the brain, the small intestine and in the growth and activity of the mucous membrane of the intestinal canal. Glutamine also strengthens the immune system.

  • Urokinase & Heart Health: Urine contains many enzymes, one of which is called Urokinase. While doing research on this enzyme, one scientist found that Urokinase causes vasodilatation (widening of blood vessels) and resembles nitroglycerine in its ability to strengthen the bloodstream from the coronary artery to the cardiac muscle.

What Users Say:

(The following comments are opinions of UT practitioners. Sometimes it's good to have specific numbers as reference points when trying something new. As with all opinions, they can be taken with a grain of salt.) - RJ


  • Drinking one's urine for 6 weeks has been claimed to control anxiety and depression. Melatonin is one of several hormones passed in the urine.

  • The normal UT treatment for specific ailments is 6 weeks on and one week off.

  • Morning urine is usually best because it is strongest, and the stomach is at its most empty & therefore most responsive to the beneficial components of the urine

Basic Urine Therapy

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The following is adapted from the pamphlet "Urine-Therapy: It May Save Your Life." by Dr. Beatrice Bartnett, in which she suggests the following hints:

1. Drinking. The mid stream of the first morning urine is taken. Begin with two-three ounces and increase it to your personal, comfortable level.

2. Fasts. Fasts with urine and water are practiced for one or more days. J.W.Armstrong, a renowned urine therapist from England, lets his patients fast for up to 45 days. Fasts are only recommend under trained, medical supervision.

3. Enemas. The easiest way to take an enema is with a syringe containing two-three ounces of urine. The urine is kept in the colon for as long as possible.

4. Gargle. Urine is kept in the mouth 20-30 minutes, or as long as possible, for gum problems and other lesions of the mouth and tongue.

5. Douche. For any vaginal discomfort or cleansing, a solution of Golden Seal and urine will give comfort and healing.

6. Eye and ear drops. Any pain, burning and tiredness in the eyes may get relief with a few drops of urine placed into the eyes. The ears also benefit greatly if receiving a few urine drops for ear pain and discomfort.

7. Urine sniffing. This is the most effective way of treatment for any sinus congestion and upper respiratory problems.

How To Use It:
The Details


Use fresh urine drops direct. Morning urine is best. Take the middle stream to eliminate trace bacteria from the urethra in the first part, and leftover bacteria from bladder walls in the last spurts. For some cases, sub-lingual drops work well. You should always use fresh urine immediately upon collection. Do not eat anything for half an hour to avoid overloading the filtration capacities of the kidneys and liver. Brush teeth immediately, as unine's acidity can damage tooth enamal. Drink plenty of water to flush the excess urea out of your system.

  • Urine has a trace amount of toxin. This can be compared to coffee: the caffeine is treated as a toxin by the body, which stimulates the eliminative processes, creating a feeling of "energy" as a byproduct of this stepped-up metabolism. Note this trace-toxicity factor and avoid taking in more than a small amount, as too much would put a strain on the liver.


  • Do not eat anything for half an hour after taking UT.

  • Brush teeth after UT: urine is acidic and abrasive to tooth enamal.

  • Urine is said to contain more enzymes and valuable body substances one hour after eating.

  • Morning urine contains a lot of melatonin, the hormone of the pineal gland, as it is produced at night. It regulates our body rhythms linked to the dark-light cycle. It is now highly valued as protecting us from cancer and aging.

  • Research has shown that the effectiveness of urine in killing microbes depends largely on its concentration of urea. The higher it is in urea, the better.

  • With advancing age, hormone and enzyme production declines. Therefore, it greatly helps to recycle these valuable hormones and enzymes.

Start by taking 1-5 drops of morning urine on the first day. On the second day, take 5-10 drops in the morning. On the third day, take 5-10 drops in the morning. Good as a preventive and in treating minor illnesses.


Loose stools: Indicates the body's toxin elimination is heightened as a response to urine injestion. Desist for 2 or 3 days to allow your system to adjust to UT. Fasting and complete rest for one day is probably the best measure. Plenty of boiled or distilled water and lemon juice is suggested. The toxins of the body that have been loosened by UT then have a chance to be eliminated.

The second day one should eat some boiled rice and curd, or some boiled rice with mung beans.

By the third day all manifestations should have subsided and UT can continue.
Ref: www.hps-online.com/hurine4.htm

Try one-half glass of urine mixed with one-half non-chlorinated water. Avoid drinking it in the evening otherwise you won't get any sleep. Remember to drink extra water. The urine will quickly change its taste into almost neutral. Fasting on urine and water cleanses the blood. Toxins are removed through liver, skin and exhalation.

Massaging the whole body is also an important complementary treatment when fasting. It nourishes the body through the skin and helps against increased heartbeat.

The most powerful form of urine therapy is a urine fast, which combines two of the most effective natural healing methods, urine therapy and fasting. A main advantage of a urine fast over a water fast is the increased amount of energy which allows the fast to be continued for a longer period of time. During the urine fast you drink a portion of your freshly voided urine and some added water. However, gradually increase the ingested amount while gradually reducing your food intake to just a few pieces of fruit or vegetable salad and fresh vegetable juices. You end the fast by using again only a small amount of fresh raw fruit or vegetables, gradually increasing the amount and variety of fresh food.

As with all fasts or cleanses, it is important to keep the bowels moving daily. This will help you avoid unpleasant cleansing symptoms such as weakness, pain or nausea. However, in many cases the ingested urine will already over-stimulate the bowels with liquid discharges and then no further action is needed.

Ingest only your own freshly voided urine. Normally urine is light yellow, clear and sterile, especially if collected mid-stream, but during reactions it may become offensive and cloudy.

Gargling with urine works wonders when having a throat-ache. Also good for toothache and generally when having a cold.

Urine enemas work very well in cleansing the colon and in providing a direct immune stimulant.

Vaginal douche:
Helpful in cases such as yeast problems, white discharge, etc.

Sniffing urine/Neti:
Sinusitis and other nose problems. Very good preventive for colds and to clean the "subtle channels" (a hindu concept) in the head.

Topical Applications

On The Skin:
1. New or old urine can be used. Since older urine has a higher concentration of Ammonia, it is more effective against skin diseases and rashes. To make the urine old, it should be stored in a dark bottle and closed tightly and kept away from the sun for 3-4 days. A small amount of the solution is applied directly on the skin.

2. Massage urine into the body. Use fresh urine. Rubbings can done for skin lesions from a simple rash or athlete's foot, to eczema and cancer. The rubbings may last from 20 minutes to one hour.

3. Rinse with water - without soap - when finished, if desired. Rinsing ISN'T a necessity. Urine may be left on the skin to dry. Some people rinse; But after searching this subject at length, I've found no health reasons given for doing so.

4. Apply a moisturizer after the massage, but use a simple, natural one that doesn't contain lot of drying alcohol or mineral oil. Jojoba is said to work well.

Fresh urine is also helpful in all kinds of skin problems such as itching, sunburns, eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Foot baths:
Very effective for athlete's foot or any skin problem on the feet.

When rubbing is not appropriate, this is another way of applying urine on the skin.

Hair and scalp massage:
Renders the hair soft and clean. Sometimes stimulates new hair growth.


Dr John Armstrong ("The Water of Life") emphasizes the need to massage with urine, stating that cures work more effectively in those who are massaged, bathed, rubbed and soaked in their own urine. He recommends it for more serious illnesses, since urine is absorbed through the skin and the hormonal and protein-based contents are slowly reabsorbed into the system, bypassing digestive juices that otherwise may have neutralized their potency.

For Relationship Play

Urine is sometimes incorprotated into a couples' sexual play in a variety of forms, including "golden showers" (where one or both partners urinates on the other), drinking one another's urine, or even "ordering" their parner to drink their own urine. There are many viewpoints referring to a hightened sense of intimacy that evolves from accepting one another's urine. It can feel "earthy," stimulating the animal side of the psyche, or be part of an act of submission.

Injesting another person's urine can be a risky affair, as this raises the issue of STD's, including the HPV virus, being taken in by the other participant. In most cases the responsible course would be to apply your loved-one's urine EXTERNALLY, and limit urine consumption to your own fluid.

I can only assume that that's what Ward and June Cleaver would have done.


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Urine's Anti-Oxidant Properties

Urotherapy (urine therapy) has been promoted for a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

Advocates of urotherapy propose several ways by which the treatment can slow or stop the growth of cancer. One is that urine can stimulate the body's immune system. Cancer and other diseases release chemicals called antigens into the bloodstream. When the immune system detects them, it responds by making antibodies to fight the invading disease. Some of the antigens made by cancer cells appear in the urine, so practitioners have hypothesized that if they give urine to cancer patients, the immune system would react more vigorously by making a greater number of antibodies, thereby increasing its capacity to kill tumor cells.

Other practitioners have suggested that urine inhibits the ability of cancer cells to crowd together, which disrupts their flow of nutrients and waste excretion. Without any way to nourish themselves or get rid of waste products, the tumor cells die.

One proponent asserts that certain components in urine establish a biochemical defense system that works independently of the body's immune system. It is claimed that these chemicals don't destroy cancer cells, but "correct" their defects and prevent them from spreading.

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