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What Was That Thing You Were Saying About...

Spiritual World's "Proof" Lies In Our Seeking of "Amusement"

John Erickson

I was speaking with a friend who insists I'm insane because of my certainty of the existence of God. I've spoken with him about the things that convince me of the reality of a world behind this world, one in which perfected forms of this world's details exist.

Other Guy: "There you go talking to God about your day's affairs again. Can't you accept that it's all in your hands? You have to do the work whether you pray or not."

JE: "It's the outcome that makes the difference. There's no shortage of people who have worked hard and ended up with nothing. If God's hand isn't in the works, the labor is vain. You'd be better off staying in bed than working without God."

OG: "I do it all the time. You worry to much."

JE: "You do it all the time - but you accept the results as a 'gamble.' Fifty percent possibility of success. And that only is possible for you because we live in a prosperous society. A high tide lifts all boats."

OG: "Whatever. I just don't believe in fantasy."

JE: "It's not 'fantasy' when you have proof. I've personal evidence of the existence of God and the spiritual world. The trick is," I continued, "you have to believe first - then you will receive hard evidence."

OG: "You'll just ascribe everything you experience to God if you 'believe first'."

JE: "No! That's the point: if you don't observe any changes, then you can rightly determine you're holding to a false belief. But - if you notice discernable improvements and insights following your belief - then you have your proof."

OG: "How can you 'prove' that to anyone else? It's all subjective."

JE: "You can't. Each individual has to interface with God as an individual. Proof exists between man and God - not between man and man."

OG: "You won't win over any scientists with that line of reasoning."

JE: "There's nothing worthwhile in life to be found in the study of the material universe. It' is nothing but limited duration, lifeless matter. The most exhaustive course of study of our physical existence will yield no more than a goose egg."

OG: "I get it. The old 'existential crisis' dilemma. That's why there's ComiCon."

JE: "You know that's a spiritual expression."

OG: "It's entertainment. A distraction."

JE: "Why put so much energy into a costume party? You're treating it as a devotion. Somewhere in your subconscious you believe there's something looking down on you that will be pleased that you applied so much skill to the designing of your costume." OG: "Hypothetically let's say I go along with this - just to get this annoying conversation over with. You're saying our desires emanate from a drive within us to find God - is that right?"

JE: "We're alone. And we feel it most acutely when we're strictly focused on our physical selves and our physical environment. So, for our sanity's sake, we engineer fantasies because it's the only thing an unbeliever can do to get in touch with his spirit - a component he doesn't formally acknowledge."

OG: "So you process every psychological drive and characteristic in terms of man's subconscious awareness of a god with whom he's endeavoring to make a connection?"

JE: "Think about the so-called 'energy' one receives from performing before an audience, or receiving an award within one's profession - or just getting recognition for your costume at ComiCon. There's is no genuine, measurable transfer of energy during such interactions. That comes from within - but you cannot cause it to happen on your own - when you're alone.

"You have to have the real-life expedient of the presence of other people in order to generate that energy. That energy comes from your spirit. You can only generate it by getting into your spirit-world - what you call your 'fantasy' world - and then exposing your fantasy-self (spirit-self) to other life forms - all of whom are creation of God. They represent the supreme energy of life, if only to our subconscious, and their respective spirit's energy intermingles with our spirit's energy - and that highly-sought energy is thereby experienced."

OG: "It sounds like you've convinced yourself. But you're still talking about intangibles. I know you've said we can only experience it personally. I guess I'm not accustomed to believing things that have not been verified by men of learning. I get that you're not impressed with 'luminaries' but surely even you must admit there are smarter people in the world than you and me."

JE: "The greatest intellect, when confining his view to the lifeless world, can only come up with complex rationalizations for the meaninglessness of existence - because he only studies lifeless matter. 'Vision' has to be added to raw intelligence in order to see beyond a situation in which there are no known solutions.

"Life needs to be solved. It is not sufficient to simply say, 'there's no answer' and leave it at that. The truthful assessment would be, ' there's no known answer yet'. There is an answer. The purpose of life is the spark that drives us. We therefore know it's there 'somewhere.' We can knock our natural minds out trying to grasp dimensions that are beyond our five senses - or we can tap into our respective spirits and observe life's unanswered questions from that part of us that's actually connected to eternity - the part that possesses the acumen to actually understand and make some sense of the world in which we find ourselves."

OG: "You like to talk, don't you?"

JE: "Testify."

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Communing With Daybreak

Life overlaps eternity
The green of nature imperfectly restraining a luminous fuel for the soul
A revelatory whisper
Heard in the isolated life-stations which ambush us spontaneously as we traverse the landscape
Speaking to us of life's worthiness
in a wordless articulation which remains with the beholder.

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