How To Look At Our Present Situation...

Hank McIntyre

It's 1933, it's Germany, and you have the benefit of seeing into the future. Do you pretend that life will go on normally, or do you prepare for shortage, martial law... for escape? Every day between now and the U.N. Enslavement is precious. We have to use every second of the "easy" times to prepare, to build ourselves up so they can't herd us on the trains when the final laws have been passed. With the people having been eroded-down to having fewer-and-fewer freedoms as the laws become increasingly bold about stripping rights from the individual, most of us will be psychologically "broken" and be ready to be ordered around by the U.N. Gestapo. We won't be able to see any way out by that point.

We need to act now before we become worn-down by fear, before we see no escape from "Homeland Security" and the other agencies putting citizens in secret detention. Let's envision the worst-case scenario now, before it happens. Picture yourself being locked into a train car with a hundred other people, not knowing where you're being taken, having no money, being completely dependent on foreign-speaking U.N. soldiers who are ordering you and the rest of the crowd into the camps.

You've got no car, no house in the country, no bank accounts, driver's license, land, property - anything that would have given you the power to be free: All these things will have been stolen from you by the government (on behalf of the Federal Reserve Bank, who sees itself as having the right to "repossess" America, since the country's been in debt to it for decades [What do you think the IRS is for?])

Knowing all of this, seeing into the future - we plan our future as though this were 1933 Germany and hunker down for the harsh conditions ahead. We start by living in harsher conditions now - to train our minds to resist the seductive delusion that the civilized comforts and freedoms we've grown accustomed to will go on forever. Just assume they're gone now and let's move onward to the next stage of our new existence.

This is the heart of survivalism, preparing for what is yet unseen. A little sacrifice now will mean life and freedom in the future.


Believers usually state that they're aware that we're living in the "Last Days", on the verge of the Tribulation. But there's no serious action coming from anyone. You hear lackluster comments like, "Yeah, that's in the Bible, I know the end is coming...", and then they just go on to life as usual. Are people aware of how they'll feel when death and destruction are right in front of them?

Faith in the reality of God, Heaven, and the Kingdom - we all know that's how we'll endure those times. But that level of faith just doesn't come without training the mind to turn away from all the worldly "information" when the heat's on. When a government agent, covered head-to-foot in bulletproof regalia, jumps through your window at 1AM and pokes a machine gun in your face, orders you to take the "Mark" (smart-chip implant) or else - will you be spiritual enough in that moment to not react in fear? The natural mind will impulsively respond by protecting itself, you, and your family by giving in, if your spirit isn't stronger than your mind at that moment. If the Kingdom of God isn't more real to you than the terror in front of you, you'll cave-in without intending to.

"A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee." - (Psalm 91:7). This is the state we have to be in spiritually - This is the kind of world we're living in right now. We won't be ready for it unless we toss-out all our conventional routines in life and develop a "culture" of envisioning the Presence of God, and fanning the fire of our expectancy over and above our response to the world.

Our state should be such that we could stand beside the world Trade Center towers as they were being attacked, and instead of responding to fear, have a certainty about what God wanted us to do in that moment, and determinedly moved toward that goal.

There will be times when we'll have to face things by ourselves, but this should not become the lifestyle of the Believing community. "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some [is]; but exhorting [one another]: and so much the more, as you see the day approaching."(Hebrews 10:25). We, today, have to embolden one-another, encourage each other, plan for the dangers ahead, and attempt to bring as many as we can to Salvation and an understanding of how to live apart from the world's state-of-mind when the world has nothing to offer but damnation.


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