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Hank & Earl Discuss SURVIVING THE COMING CRISIS - Gold is illegal... Land-Owners are "terrorists"... Survival is Possible... Have to move "like the wind"...

A MEETING OF THE SURVIVALIST BROTHERHOOD - a bunch of guys attempt to face the Coming Crisis ... " . . . It's ugly. But it beats slaving for the U.N. with a Red Chinese "Peacekeeper" poking a bayonet in your backside while you spend 18 hours a day in some quarry." . . . "I just can't get myself to believe the world could turn against ordinary people so viciously . . . "

THE WAR ON PERSONAL FREEDOM - News Revealing the Illuminati's War Against Personal Sovereignty: Cops Stand Aside While Immigrants Attack Unarmed Citizens, Media glorifies foreign criminals & condemns citizens who defend themselves.

  • Australians Defend Themselves Against Foreign Rapists & Vandals... Media Paints the Victims as "Criminals"...

  • France's Riots - How Society's Trained Us To Hate Our Own Lives & Give In

NEWS: FLASH POINTS - China's Frantic Military Buildup, Mexican Army Crosses U.S. Border, China's Nuclear Threats, Iraq's Hidden Stories

News From Infowars (Alex Jones) - [11/16/2004] US soldier kills wounded POW in cold blood (And WHY Does the Pentagon Want The World to See The U.S. In This Role - By Allowing This Image To Slip Through...?)

BIRD FLU INFORMATION - Nutrition, Preparation, and General Facts

IS AMERICA BEING PUSHED INTO THE "3RD WORLD?" How Mainstream Politics Is Destroying America

CAN "PATRIOTS" MAKE A STAND? - "The Problem With Patriots" - J.J. Johnson Compares Black Americans' Demand For "Civil Rights" With The "Patriots" Reluctance To Do The Same...

OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE... This may be our last chance to exercise free speech. "Emergency Powers" are already in force, and Martial Law looks like it's following right behind them...

THE CITIZEN'S RULE BOOK - JURY HANDBOOK - You Are "Above the Law!" - Your rights as a juror: The citizen's defense against unjust justices...

EXECUTIVE ORDERS: SLAVERY FOR AMERICANS - Standing Laws Intended To Seize Our Property, Separate Our Families, And Eliminate Personal Freedom Once And For All...

U.N. ENSLAVEMENT: WHERE WE STAND TODAY - Preparing ourselves mentally for avoiding the horrors of U.N. occupation ..."Networking For The Tribulation...

REPLACE THE UNITED NATIONS...WITH WHAT? Can all of us "dopes" manage to live on this earth without a World Government telling us what to do?

RAILROAD HOLOCAUST - There is evidence of an elaborate system of internment facilities in America, including railroad cars with the capacity to ship large numbers of human beings under lockup. This is a collection of articles and messages exposing this matter.

INTERROGATION TECHNIQUES - The government's playbook for torturing prisoners.

THE PARTY'S OVER - ELECTION 2004 - "Christian" Skull & Bones Member Beats Socialist Skull & Bones Member. But What's It Mean For The Future? We need to stand strong in this hour, and not give in to the confusion of the godless...

VOTING: LIVING AS IF GOD'S MAN GOT ELECTED - The Premise: vote as an act before God & live supernatuarally as though your candidate actually won ...

CHURCH "CRISIS" A PRELUDE TO GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF RELIGION - Who's worse: one corrupt church denomination... OR the corrupt "One-Worlders" in media and government who want to control them AND all religious organizations?...

Roy Masters: the Good & Bad Points - Biography & Summary of Masters' Background

FLUORIDE FAQ: - Q & A About the many dangers posed by fluoridation of our drinking water

MOONSHINE: HOW TO MAKE IT - For Barter (or Paint Thinner)


BUG OUT STORIES... A Continuing File of "Bug Out" Experiences

PEARL HARBOR & THE ILLUMINATI - Standard Oil in China, CFR desire to establish a United Nations, & making scapegoats of the U.S. military

PROTOCOLS OF THE ILLUMINATI - This 1897 document reveals the plans of the NWO to establish One-World-Government. It accurately "predicted" what's unfolded throughout the 20th century and right up to today. Just how tightly do they control world affairs?...

 (NOTE:  The 1897 draft utilized racial references which clouded the revelatory message. This was probably done as an attempt to disguise the actual membership of the group from the public.  This version is free of those terms.) 

Lincoln Debunked - Lincoln was the most powerful president ... he was often brutal. Civilians were tried by military courts and denied a jury trial... opponents were locked up without a trial.

The Federal Reserve Bank's Secret Ownership - The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank owned by 200 private shareholders.

KEROSENE STOVE INFO - Kerosene stoves for heating and cooking. Reviewed & sold by sources as noted.

GALLOWAY - British MP Galloway's Attack on the Iraq war at a Senate hearing on 5/17/05

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