Hank McIntyre

A Christian's communion with God keeps him centered and removed from emotions, anger, and ego. But we're also physical beings who have to confront the world's injustice. And self-preservation reflexively churns-up the energy we need to defend against these threats. (We can't be centered 24/7.) The question is, what do we channel these energy bursts into? RIGHTEOUS ANGER.

What's behind our anger? We see that the world is in confusion, conflict, political stupidity and cultural disorder. THEN we're trained to believe it's unchristian, insensitive, non-PC, and criminal to do anything about it.

The world is a swamp, and most of it COULD be straightened out with a simple dose of order and common sense. But that requires blunt talk in words of one syllable - and the lawmakers won't respond to that. They listen to soulless windbags who churn out lengthy and powerless words that only persuade people that nothing should be done (think of the speeches of Alan Greenspan). This aimless "leadership" drives people to insanity: Why put so much work into something that does nothing (or makes it worse)?

I'm possessed by the idea of "Zionist Christianity". It's a confusing term because the ordinary use of the word "Zionist" is totally different from the biblical meaning of this principle. Zionistic conduct requires diligence without immediate gratification. (The gratification comes from time spent with God.) It allows people to plan things centuries ahead of the present, with the only satisfaction being that you're fulfilling God's agenda.

Without this, non-Jewish Christians are mere sheep being led wherever the financial and political currents draw them. Can you imagine a Zionist going along with any political trend that he didn't agree with? He'd be screaming bloody murder! (And they DO.) Why? THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT THEY'RE IN THE RIGHT. This is the way God meant for Believers to face-off with the world: Courage. With no doubt that we're in the right. With no desire to give-in to the political loudmouth of the moment, or to the mainstream points of view when they oppose what they know is right.

I'm glamorizing Zionism somewhat because I'm really talking about God's vision of it, not man's. This FIERCENESS is the Christian Personality for today's harsh times. Face facts and look at history: the non-Jewish culture has been led hither and yon by engineered financial shifts and political horseplay, like a herd of wild animals scurrying about in a confused and disorganized search for food.

We need ferocity. But with SHREWDNESS. Shrewdness is the facility most lacking in the Christian. It is no challenge to simply get mad or violent over injustice. Hitler could whip-up the rabble with his carefully crafted shrieks: The subsequent results were destruction for all who followed. God is rapping on our shoulders vigorously for us to wake up and get with His program.

The insane wars, our lack of national self-sufficiency, our utter dependence on an enemy communist nation for everything we need ... and above all, a public that doesn't see anything wrong with this picture - THIS is a call to those with the Spiritual Wits to know there's trouble AND that God has a solution. It calls for shaking-off some of the soft edges of church customs and standing against ungodly threats as though God is inside us as we do so - because He is. He told us to "Speak to the mountain" and it will cast itself into the sea. He didn't say, "Pray for God to remove the mountain." We're working for God and he's assigned the job to us. We only need to be sure that we're doing it in faith and not in ego.

© Hank McIntyre


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