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Leaving the Paradigm of Unbelief Behind
Message From A Former Agnostic
Jesus Entered by way of the "gate," because...
Necessity of the "HOLY ROLLER" Service
AGAPE: Perfect Love & Spiritual Warfare

Leaving the Paradigm of Unbelief Behind


We need to develop a "culture" of living in the Kingdom, a culture that dominates the world's point of view.

Just as natural, circadian sleep-awake cycles produce energy that caffeinated will-power cannot produce, the Culture of Faith produces Life that ego-induced will-power cannot create.

Guard your spirit with all diligence; for out of it flow the issues of life. - Pr. 4:23

Your spirit's life-energy has to flow from the Throne of God. Nothing in this world can weaken that comprehension. Nothing in this world can reduce that power, or overcome it. God isn't going to let you keep some "pet" of unbelief in your closet if you are to operate at full strength in your life.

When worldly or social situations "overwhelm", it means it's time to withdraw from the flesh-world and enter the Temple, and get fed on the energy of God, the Word of God: even if the worldly view this as, "Aha! Your 'faith' can't stand up to my endless ranting!"

Our faith is sufficient to stand up to what God has assigned us to do. Faith isn't to play games with unbelievers who are just looking for entertainment.

I can give a word of truth to any seeker whom God puts in my path. But God won't empower us to play games with the unbelieving world. People have to be ready to leave the unbelieving world before they can fully "hear" a Word from God. All other argument proceeds from ego. This means you will have to walk away from some situations where you will be seen as having "failed" because unbelievers think "religious" people are supposed to embrace the unbelievers' fears - God won't put his power into such vain arguments.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear. - Mt. 11:15

People will never believe until they're willing to hear something that's outside of their paradigm of unbelief.

Until that happens, it's not our assignment to burn-off our faith-energy on the empty arguments of the disinterested.

Message from a Former Agnostic


I don't usually post this type of message. But I recently came across a comment from a former agnostic and it reminded me of the frustrating conversations I've had with people who just can't seem to consider God no matter what you say to them. The writing is simplistic, but it struck me as an insight into how communicate to unbelievers who are troubled, but aren't necessarily deep thinkers. I decided to pass along a part of the message even if it makes sense to only one or two people. If not, "Delete" ...

"I often would get these moments of anxiety. They bothered me. A couple of people at work would talk "God this" and "God that" when I mentioned it once.

I never really had a mind for that kind of talk. So I would just smile and say, "That's good" and walk away. But I was still miserable. I started to wonder how these "God" people could talk that way. It's like they were children. I can't deal with make believe. I can only talk about what's in front of me, not the dreamy stuff.

One day in the cafeteria these two started in again with the "God" business. I was feeling frustrated and I just said it in plain English: "That's good for you, but I need to talk about real things. I just don't think that way."

I thought that was the worst thing I could have said to them, but I was fed up.

One of them asked, "What 'real' thing is making you miserable?"

"I don't know. I don't want to talk about it."

I thought about that when I had an anxious moment the next morning (I usually got them in the morning for some reason). I must be thinking about something that I don't have an answer for. Why else would the anxiety linger over me?

Then something hit me. "God" is probably something familiar to me, but I just never put it into those words the "God" people used.

Once I had to find a new place to live in less than a week, or else live on the street. I remembered back then, one morning, I had a thought come to me about mentioning it to one or two people just to see what happens. This kid who worked in my division was often talkative, but I never regarded him as especially bright. I casually mentioned my apartment situation, thinking, "he has no clue what I'm talking about," when he mentioned a place that he knew of that had openings. It turned out to save my whole situation, and ended up costing less than my old place.

But where did that thought come from? I never discuss personal matters with strangers, so it wasn't really my way of thinking. I started to entertain the idea that this "thought" was "God." "Nutty," I immediately thought. But those thoughts were familiar, and they seemed to come to me out of nowhere when I had a crisis. If this was "God," it would put a familiar face on it. I could understand it in that way.

The "God" people at work were too flamboyant for me to relate to. But I found my own way, with things that were familiar to me. It was something I could use.


Entering By Way of the Gate:
Understanding "Son of God" and "Son of Man"


1. God gave Adam dominion over the earth. (Genesis 1:26)

2. Adam allowed satan to get a share of that dominion when Adam broke his covenant with God.

a. This limited God's direct access to the world's affairs. God had to work through men, making covenant with those who would respond to Him.

b. Neither can satan directly alter physical phenomena on the earth, except that he can tempt a man to do it.

3. For God to regain direct access over the earth at this point, he would have to enter "by the gate:" (John 10:1-6) through physical birth into the human race. This is because, legally, only physical man had direct dominion over the earth, according to God's edict in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1:26).

4. Jesus is the manifestation of God that became flesh and entered the human race by way of the "gate" to the sheep pen.

Thus he had the authority of man's dominion "over all the earth," along with the Anointing of the Holy Spirit that empowered him to directly cast out demons, heal the sick, and restore Godly order to man.

However, during his life on earth, Jesus was not operating as God, or in a divine capacity, even though he is the Son of God. This is why he didn't perform any miraculous works UNTIL he received the Anointing of the Holy Spirit at the time he was baptized by John the Baptist (Luke 3:21-22). This same anointing exists for all of us who stand in the Covenant of Jesus.

From the time Jesus received the Anointing, he went on to show his disciples that they were to do these same works in His name, and that even greater works would be performed by the Believers who came after them (John 14:12). All this by the power of the Anointing that rested on him, and by the power of his name.

After his resurrection, Jesus again assumed his divine status, and left his "body" - the Believers who followed him thereafter - to go into all the earth, and to cast out devils, heal the sick, and carry out God's will on Jesus' behalf, WITH THE SAME ANOINTING THAT EMPOWERED JESUS ON THE EARTH (Luke 16:15-18).

a. When Jesus cast "Legion" into the swine, the demons said, "have you come to torment us BEFORE THE TIME?" (Matt 8:29, Mark 5:9)

This shows that it was known that God did not have direct dominion on the earth until his "time:" - that is, when the end of the "Dominion Dispensation," which God had given man in the Garden of Eden, had taken place.

It also shows that the demons were ignorant of the fact that Jesus had entered the earth by the flesh, and therefore had the authority to operate against them - which they found out very painfully!

Now our job is to recognize our Authority to take Dominion over all the earth (Genesis 1:26), and our orders are to go into all the earth (Luke 16:15-18) using both our Adamic Authority of Dominion, and the authority of the name of Jesus.

He who hears my sayings and does them (Matt 7:24): doing those things that Jesus delineated to us, we can stand in the authority of His name. Then, with that Anointing of the Holy Spirit which Empowered Jesus on the earth, WE are to speak to the mountains, WE are to cast out demons, WE are to heal the sick, and WE are to bring about the Godly Order of Salvation and Restoration for man, to prepare all the earth for His return.


The Necessity of the "HOLY ROLLER" Format


Revivals and healing services today are often done with the vitality of an office roll call.. People degrade the Holy Roller type of service because the atheistic world's media criticizes it. We have to decide which side we're on and ignore the world once again on this issue. Holiness toward the Lord always looks like foolishness to the world.


All this fervor is needed to snap the brain's attention away from self-consciousness over the world's point of view. 24/7 worldly attention won't just automatically end by entering a church building. Believers need to INVEST OURSELVES into immersion in God and His Holy Spirit.

A world within which only you and God exist, with no second thoughts over the opinions of the unbelieving social order. Think about it: What Godly activity would look sensible to a world that rejects God to begin with?

There's no reward for withholding your expressions of joy before God. Yet it is commonplace for preachers to want to be seen as "public speakers," ostensibly hoping to obtain some cachet of respectability from the non-believing gentry.

Consider David in 2 Samuel 6:13-23 - David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the LORD with all his might, ... Michal daughter of Saul ... saw King David leaping and dancing before the LORD, [and] she despised him in her heart. .....[she] came out to meet him and said, "How the king of Israel has distinguished himself today, disrobing in the sight of the slave girls of his servants as any vulgar fellow would!" David said to Michal, "It was before the LORD... Therefore I will celebrate before the LORD. I will become even more undignified than this..."

To get fully involved in God's affairs, we have to abase ourselves before the Lord of creation and care nothing about how it appears to those outside the Kingdom of God.




• What you believe, you receive.

• What you think about, you bring about.

• Whether you believe that "you can" or "you can't," you're right.

Phrases like this have cropped up from observers of human nature, both Christian and secular. There's clearly a connection between Personality and Result. In God's Law, the Believer has to exercise his faith until it is strong enough to "Believe he Receives" the result he is praying for.

Then it will attract the result

A black and white image being run through a copier uses electrostatic polarization to attract the ink to the appropriate parts of the paper. The blank paper is charged with the "invisible" electrostatic pattern that mimics the photo being copied. After that, it automatically attracts the visible result as it passes through the ink cartridge.

Our spirit must likewise maintain an invisible aura of health, prosperity, and faith so that it will attract those results. God could (theoretically) dump those blessings on us, but an unbelieving spirit would repel them with its negative charge of doubt and unbelief.

We're surrounded by the ungodly world 24/7. That world DEMANDS that we pay attention to its failure activity: "news" that provides nothing anyone can use, entertainment that either "Dramatizes" grief and failure, or laughs haplessly about it. Constant exposure to this atheistic outlook will create an image in our spirit that will attract those outcomes. Our spirit will have no vision of Godly success and will be unable to believe it's possible. The devil works to rob your spirit and he does it through the activity of the godless world.

We have to create a personal temple within which God's Word overwhelms our senses and the world disappears into the shadows. The world won't provide God's results. But our spirit, fully immersed in the "electric" charge of God's imagery of success, will compel the world to yield-up the provisions God's given us through Jesus and the Abrahamic Covenant.




Praying for health and prosperity issues are everyday matters in the Word of Faith world. But what do you do when there's no Word of Faith church in your area? The Lord has impressed me to lay the groundwork for a Private Healing Service presently. Studying, praying and communing at home serves as the foundation for the service. Listen to teaching tapes and CD's that speak to you on prosperity and healing.

Once your notes are assembled and you're in the practice of taking authority over your body, its health and well-being, and restoration in the name of Jesus, set your sights on a location that will serve as a "temple" where you can practice your healing service without intrusion from the world. Possible sites could include your car, an outdoor venue like a park, hiking trail, or a beach. Anyplace where you could speak freely while remaining out of earshot of those who wouldn't understand.. (You're not there to "witness"; this is dedicated solely to healing. You can do your witnessing after your personal "spiritual bills" are paid.)

You may be inclined to sing. I rehearse gospel music along to accompaniment tapes, so I use this during worship periods. It breaks the attention away from the world's empty noises and viewpoints, and makes God the focal point for my mind and spirit.

Review scriptures that you've studied specifically on the subject of healing. Read them aloud, and speak extemporaneously as the Lord gives you insight into them.

At some point during this you will receive an unction that you are ready to receive from God. Follow that flow.

First assure that you have sanctified yourself wholly to God for this purpose. "YHWH Adonai, in the name if the Anointed Yeshua, I judge myself of all sin known and unknown to me [Specify any transgressions you are aware of]. I do now turn from them [or repent] and commit to your Word, Laws, and Revelation. I hold fast to your provisions to me, by your Covenant with Abraham [into which we are grafted through Jesus] and your Covenant with the anointed Jesus. I maintain stewardship over my body, my soul {mind, will, & emotions], and my Life: Spiritual;, mental, physical, financial, social, and everything that touches upon it. I receive this stewardship as part of my Domain over which I am responsible in your sight and by your power."

From here, you will command the enemy to flee your God-given Domain.

Be direct. Keep it short and sweet, You're not having "conversation" with the enemy, you are emotionlessly issuing commands by the authority of Jesus.

"Satan, in the name of the Anointed Jesus, I bind you and cast you out from any and all areas of my domain. I maintain stewardship over my domain in the name of Jesus. No weapon formed against me shall prosper."

Again, if any specific areas need to be addressed, speak to those mountains as well.

After this, your body (and the rest of your domain) is clear and open to receive from God.

Take specific scriptures related to your issues and pray them. Ask for Revelation Knowledge for anything you are unclear about at any point. Once you have prayed over the matter to the extent of your knowledge, you may receive an unction to pray in the spirit. Also, worship-based prayer will maintain your continued inflowing from God, as well as "making music unto the Lord." Let this continue until you have a clear signal from the Holy Spirit that it is time to move on.


Perfect Love and Spiritual Warfare


Perfected love casteth out fear. Agape knows where its power is coming from and therefore isn't worried about losing anything.

The world is competitive. In the business world, you have to agree with the lies that make up social conversation among your co-workers or be branded "unreliable". Ditto for the lies perpetrated by the company itself, or be fired for not playing ball. And these characters will pick one pathetic individual to show consideration to, maybe some wino who amuses them, so they will see themselves as good people in spite others they attack. And so it goes.

Agape has to stand in the face of that. And it has no trouble standing in the midst of the temporal world's lies. But you have to be able to stand alongside the Virtue (Energy) of God while immersed in a swamp of accusatory liars and thieves. This means you'll have to know from whence your power flows - the Holy Spirit - so you don't grieve when someone else gets credit for your work, or you are accused of a fictitious wrong by a twister with too much time on their hands.

"That seems like giving the world your best while getting kicked in the head for your trouble."

Well, here's where the "power" part of this comes in. Standing in Agape means standing in "Virtue," or the power of God. This is the power of the Anointing that rested on Jesus to empower him to cast out demons. All disorder emanates from demonic activity, for God did not design the world to be in disharmony. After the Fall of Man, satan could influence men's minds to contemplate and execute destruction of various kinds.

Since destruction emanates from satan, God's Power, or Virtue, will defeat it. But it has to be wielded by you as your practice of spiritual warfare steps up to the plate. Think on Jesus' cursing the unproductive fig tree, which then dried up from the roots. Think: "Speak to the mountain:" Command it to cast itself into the sea. We have to issue these commands in the name of the Anointed Jesus in order for God's Power to bring order and restoration to our lives. It doesn't come automatically just by being a Christian, and it isn't a prayer exercise. We pray to find out God's will for us in a situation. But when confronted with unquestionable evil, we speak to that mountain - with an absolute certainty that it has no right to exist in the life of a Child of God.

So, what are these "mountains?" The demons that are influencing those corrupted people in your life. Strike at the root: the demonic influence - not the individuals themselves. (They are largely ignorant of their demonic collusion). Then you can intercede for that unwitting, ungodly vessel who was manifesting the demonic action, thus: "YHWH Adonai, in the name of the Anointed Yeshua, I ask you to place a power of Clarity and Order into the mind and spirit of this individual..."

You can speak these things under your breath, they don't need to hear this - but words of faith ROAR in both sides of the spirit world.

Once the house is clean, lay claim to it as part of your domain in the name of Jesus. This is to take your rightful authority over the proceedings of that place. Even though you don't own it or have legal control over the place in question, the fact that you are required to do business, work or otherwise access that forum, places it partially within your area of stewardship, or "domain." When you clean out the unclean spirits, you have to exercise your authority under God to place Godly influences there to fill the void left by the excised demons. Intercede for the place and the people within it, asking God to place a power of good order, clear thinking, accuracy, precision, and all that the situation requires to redound to your success.

Living in love means Living in Spiritual Warfare, but without being anxious. It's acting in strength being fully reliant on God's Virtue, or Power, always being on tap as you make a faith-demand on this provision from God.


© Hank McIntyre


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