Global Warming:
The Lie That Keeps Getting Louder

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THE ACTUAL NUMBERS: Where "Greenhouse Gas" Comes From
What REALLY Happens During "Global Warming"
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  • WATER VAPOR constitutes 95% of the Greenhouse Effect.

  •  0.3%  of the "Greenhouse Effect" is caused by human activity.

  • CARBON is just one small portion of the Greenhouse Gas aggregate.

  • Climate Change is caused by the atmosphere's reaction to the sun and sunspot activity.

  • The Greenhouse Effect is what gives this planet life. Earth would be a lifeless ball of ice without it.

  • If all man-made greenhouse gas production were eliminated, it would have NO EFFECT on the earth's climate, or any other aspect of the Greenhouse Effect.

Now that man-made "Global Warming" has been disproven, the Climate-Tax Lobbyists try to hide their embarrassment by changing the term to "Climate Change." But the elephantine lump under the carpet still remains: every scientific fact pertaining to climate change history and causation disproves any association between human activity and the Greenhouse Effect.

Man-Made Percentage of "Greenhouse-Effect"
When WATER VAPOR is Included
Greenhouse Gas
As measured for heat retention characteristics
Percent of Total
Greenhouse Effect
Naturally Caused
Water vapor
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Methane (CH4)
Nitrous oxide (N2O)
CFC's (and other misc. gases)
Additional data from:

NOTE: The effect of WATER VAPOR is always left out of data presented by Climate Change proponents, because this simple fact would demolish any claim of legitimacy that their theory might have. The chart above provides the full picture.

The Dangers of Climate Change Theory

Humanity had finally achieved such a high degree of technological efficiency by the mid 20th century, that 3rd World nations were within reach of affordable energy production, transportation, and manufacturing. Then, in the 1970's, we were told of the threat of "Global Cooling." This was quickly disproven, so next we heard how ChloroFluoroCarbon (aerosol spray) was causing the ozone hole (later shown to have always existed). So, when those didn't result in enough funding, grants and tax revenue, they pushed tooth-and-nail to blindside us with the "Global Warming" lie.

These fantasies resulted in keeping life-saving technology out of the hands of the poorest of developing nations by effectively illegalizing existing technologies under the pretext of "loving mother earth." For example, regions where refrigeration is key to fighting starvation, the highly effective Freon that had been in use for decades had been made a culprit, and had to be replaced with a more expensive and less effective refrigerant. Multiply this times the many restrictions on "carbon emissions" that hinder what could have been a genuinely "greener" and even a life-saving condition in many parts of the world.

Climate Change is a natural cycle of life for the planet, not an object of fear.

So... Why All This Talk About "Climate Change?"

$$$ FUNDING! $$$

All those "researchers" can continue to receive grants and all those government agencies can siphon-off tax money to keep their departments alive.

If this Climate Changing lie becomes government policy, they will place punishing taxes on everything necessary for a successful economy and a healthy life: Food, electricity, fuel, and all forms of transportation and shipping will be penalized for their evil "carbon footprint", and any chance of restoring U.S-based manufacturing will be long-gone. They will kill human beings through poverty and starvation in real life, in order to protect their fantasy of altering a climate cycle that God had created and is well-able to maintain.

A sane nation simply does not dismantle its life's blood - its economy and quality of life - on the basis of a disproven and corrupt theory. All agencies and officials who are pushing for Climate Change taxation and legislation must be charged with treason, now when this nation & the world faces such economic peril. IF WE FAIL TO DO THIS, we leave the survival of the world's 6 billion-plus people in the hands of arrogant, unstable theorists with no vested interest in the survival of the ordinary citizen. Cartoonish theories cannot be allowed to destroy what could have been the greatest society in human history.

"Global Warming" is a Natural & Beneficial Condition

Medieval Warm Period
Global warming has been recurring naturally throughout the earth's history. It has resulted in agricultural abundance, prosperity and great advances in man's social & scientific development.

Policymakers have been arguing about global warming -- without any mention of the fact that natural fluctuations in the Earth's temperature are the cause of this "warming".

  • Earth's temperature is constantly rising and falling. We have to understand the long-term behavior of Earth's climatic phases.

  • There have been as many as seven major warming and cooling trends in the earth's history.

  • Past temperature variations averaged 1.8 F, which is 0.3 F more than the increase of the last 150 years.

  • Three of the past major temperature variations produced temperatures warmer than the present average of 59 F.



1. Between 6500 and 3500 B.C., the temperature increased from 58 F to 62 F. (similar to what they're predicting for 2100).

And look at how mankind developed during that time:

It was during this time that the Agricultural Revolution began in the Middle East and laid the foundation for civilization. And the planet has had continual temperature fluctuations since that time.

2. Between 900 and 1300 the climate dramatically warmed. Known as the Medieval Warm Period, the temperature rose by more than 1 F to an average of 60 or 61 F, (2 F warmer than today).

This temperature is similar to Greenhouse predictions for the year 2100. But, again, LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED:

Mankind prospered greatly during this era!

The warming that occurred between 900 and 1300 melted the ice in the North Atlantic. Iceland & Greenland had arable land where today it is covered in ice. (Greenland was actually green back then). The Norsemen settled and thrived there. Europe emerged from the Dark Ages with bountiful harvests and great economic prosperity. Wine grapes were grown in England and Nova Scotia, the climate was so mild.

BUT: Following this thriving Medieval Warm Period, the temperature plunged to 58° F. The climate got continually colder, and by 1650 the temperature hit a low of 57 F. This is regarded as the coldest point of our present geological epoch. (The era between 1650 and 1850 is actually known as the Little Ice Age.)

During this time, mountain glaciers advanced in Switzerland and Scandinavia, forcing farms and villages to be abandoned. There were serious crop failures, famines and disease due to the cooler climate. In America, New England had no summer in 1816. It wasn't until 1860 that the temperature sufficiently warmed to cause the glaciers to retreat.

This "Little Ice Age" is vitally important for us to understand:

The 1.5 F temperature increase over the last 150 years (mistakenly cited as evidence of man-made warming), is actually a return to normal temperatures following a 400-year period of unusually cold weather!

Even the UN's Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), (the chief proponent of the Kyoto global warming treaty) concludes that: "The Little Ice Age came to an end only in the nineteenth century. Thus, some of the global warming since 1850 could be a recovery from the Little Ice Age rather than a direct result of human activities." A grudging reference to a scientific reality that is so obvious that even they couldn't bury it.

  • we may be in for an additional 1.8 F of warming over the next few centuries, regardless of man's activities.
    - (Dr. Hugh Ellsaesser, climate scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

The result would be warmer nighttime and winter temperatures, fewer frosts and longer growing seasons. Since CO2 stimulates plant growth and lessens the need for water, we would experience more bountiful harvests over the next couple of centuries. Not bad news for a world struggling to feed third-world populations.

Global warming is the result of natural, BENEFICIAL changes in the Earth's climate. Far from being "disastrous", it promises to yield fertile lands and prosperous living conditions. After examining history, global warming should be seen for what it is: A gift!

Global Warming: Facts vs. Hysteria

  • In 1988, climatologist James Hansen told Congress that temperature would rise 0.3° C by the end of the century:
    It actually rose just 0.1° C.

  • He also declared that the sea level would rise several feet:
    It actually rose just one inch.

  • The increased use of oil (creating higher CO2 levels) does NOT correspond to any present climate changes. Yet the climate DID warm greatly between 1880 and 1940 (before CO2 increased significantly).

  • In the two decades since 1979, weather satellites and balloon-borne radiosondes reveal that climate has NOT warmed even though CO2 levels rose.

  • U.S. Government satellite and balloon measurements show that the temperature is actually slightly COOLING - by 0.037° Celsius.

  • "POLAR ICE CAP MELTING": Of course: it has been melting since the end of the ice age when ice covered most of North America and Northern Europe.


  • 180 billion tons of carbon from CO2 enter the atmosphere FROM NATURAL SOURCES. Only 6 billion tons are produced by human activity.

  • CO2 is a very minor part of the earth's atmosphere -- less than 4/100ths of 1%. Compared to earlier times, today's atmosphere is actually "CO2-Challenged."

  • CO2 nourishes our ecosystem. Plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen, so that man and animals can survive. It is life-giving.

  • CARBON DIOXIDE IS A NUTRIENT, NOT A POLLUTANT. All living things -- plants and animals alike -- benefit from more of it. All life on earth is carbon-based, and CO2 is an essential ingredient. WHEN HORTICULTURISTS WANT TO STIMULATE MORE PLANT GROWTH, THEY INTRODUCE MORE CARBON DIOXIDE!

  • CO2 that goes into the atmosphere DOES NOT STAY THERE: it is CONTINUALLY RECYCLED by terrestrial plant life and earth's oceans -- the great retirement home for the earth's carbon dioxide.

  • The total elimination of man-made CO2 would have NO effect on global climate!

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