Hank McIntyre

The adamancy with which the news media are going after the Catholic Church reveals something that's going on behind the story.

Why is it always the first story on the nightly news, for weeks on end?

Why do they focus on ANY person with a protest - while never letting the person they're vilifying give their side of the story?

This kind of abuse by the Catholic Church has been going on for decades or longer. Why is it being reported NOW, with such tireless resolve?

I'm looking at the media's motives now. It's true that the Catholic church has an ugly history with regard to priests abusing kids. I'm not defending them.

What I AM doing is trying to determine the incentive on the part of the devils in the news media and the government to push this story so energetically. Since 9-11, everything the news programs have presented as being a "crisis" have ALWAYS been an attempt to get the public to develop a new fear so that we will accept the idea that the government start policing that organization as an "anti-terrorist" measure.

To get to the point, I believe the relentless harping on these church abuses is meant to get the public to accept government monitoring of ALL churches: Catholic, Protestant, temples, mosques... EVERYTHING.

The One-World agenda of the U.N. requires there be no pockets of independent activity. Religion is viewed by every dictatorship as a renegade political body which poses a threat to that government's desire for absolute control. Religion is always forced to submit - or be crushed - under tyrannies (i.e., Communist China, the former Soviet Union, etc.) The U.N., being the ultimate dictatorial government, is ambitious to implement the ultimate tyrannical repressions against the world's citizens. Everything our government has done since 9-11 has been done to place more constraints on individual freedom. It is following the U.N. principle of eliminating the political power of the individual in order to prevent any interference to an all-controlling world government.

The Catholic church has its problems. But I see a far greater evil in those forces who would "protect" us by monitoring our membership in private religious organizations. Once they successfully defeat a large institution like Catholicism, it will be child's play for them to use the resultant new laws against all of the smaller and politically weaker denominations.

After all, if the media and the government were REALLY bothered by pedophilia, could they not find enough examples in public schools, government foster care programs, children's recreation centers - any government institution staffed by adults who are assigned to supervise minors?

Beware the snake who deigns to "rescue" you from your own freedom.

© Hank McIntyre


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