Hank McIntyre

Just say "Conspiracy Theorist" today and the mainstream public hears "nut." But human nature shows that it's really incredibly naive to believe the world's events are not governed by conspiracies. Anytime two human beings get together a "conspiracy" is going on: an agreement to watch out for a character in their office who's out for your job and similar cautious alliances.

Then the question is: Why would we believe the wealthiest people on earth would not plan things out of earshot of the common mob? The more money a man has, the more paranoia haunts him. The primal human instinct for preservation makes them seek to control geopolitics in such a way as to secure increasing power and protection for themselves.

These people don't meet one another in private salons with brown sacks full of cash. These "conspirators" never make contact - yet the results they seek are assured more certainly than if they had a gun to the person's head:

The Leaders of the New World Order rule over things the way the leader of a 3-Ring Circus runs his show. They don't directly control each individual motion of the performers, they just give cues to each ring in turn, and let the inclinations of the respective performers run their course.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Kings aren't given a promise of privileged position simply because they belong to the right club. Neither are perpetrators of "Terrorist" acts chosen directly by the shadow government to attack some part of the world.

All these players are dogs in a kennel run by the International Bankers. When one dog shows the proclivities of a wolf, the NWO takes notice, and puts his name on file for future use against a target "sheep". In politics, a dog shows leadership within the pack in silly political debates. If he gains the public's interest, the NWO checks for signs that he'll "play ball" if given power. If they're assured that he'll cooperate, they mark his name for gracious press reportage - while burying rebellious opponents in benign obscurity.

When the NWO wants to take away personal freedoms from the citizens, they know they have to shake up the population with a "crisis".

Now here's the mystery:

The Globalists don't conspire with the perpetrators of the attack:

They simply put the "bowl of kibble" where it will attract the appropriate dog.

They know that (for example) Muslim Extremists hate Judaism and Western Capitalists, and that they're willing to die to kill off a few of their enemies. So, all the NWO has to do is "feed the dog," knowing that the animal's instincts will create the disaster. No "conspiratorial" plans have to be communicated. Money gets funneled (by ordinary-looking means) to enable them to procure weapons, planes, and training - then the NWO just lets nature take its course.

At the same time, leaders of Government Security Agencies are circumspectly "clued-in" that they will be promoted & given favor if they "don't pay particular attention" to a certain area of their watch on a given day. This lets the dogs slip beneath the radar "accidently-on-purpose". The dogs are just following their wolfen proclivities.

And the heads of security departments are following their natural proclivities to seek favor from those who can advance their careers - (or destroy them with a phony "scandal"). No direct communication has to be made between these officials and the NWO Financiers. Just a hint or two from a superior about being a "team player".

Neither the Security Department Leaders, the "Terrorists", nor their NWO Financiers have direct contact with each other. Yet they're all chess-pieces in the same game, each being mobilized into his respective role by the "gold" strategically placed in his path by global banking interests who are confident in the greed, rage, and fear that already exists in each of the "dogs" they're unleashing.

So, if you're one of those who laughs when they hear the word "conspiracy", take note that it's not as clear-cut a situation as you may think. The players in these scenarios are blissfully unaware of each other. The Rothschilds and the rest of the Globalist Bankers know world politics moves in whatever direction they place the pot of gold - and the "dogs" take care of the rest.

© Hank McIntyre

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