Hidden In Plain Sight

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Creationism: Hidden in Plain Sight

Why the Theory of Evolution was Created
The Creation And Its Creator

Dating The Earth
First Cause
The Water Canopy
Harmonious Design
Instant Life
The Flood
Polystrate Fossils
The Ark
The Continents Divide
Explaining the "Ice Age"
The Renewed Earth

Does Creationism Make Sense?

I used to take evolution for granted. Everyone agreed with it. Even the plastic overlays in the schoolbooks "proved" to us - layer by layer - how the amoeba went social-climbing through the food chain until it finally decided to become a man. And I didn't argue with it because "who cared" anyway? We didn't waste time questioning the law of gravity or whether water seeks its own level. So why doubt this "fact"? What difference would it make anyway: We're all here now and whatever happened to bring us here happened. Why bore ourselves with it any more than we have to?

Later in life, as I studied the Bible, I discovered the importance of harmonious design. With evolution, life has no purpose: No "Greater Power" engineered it. Life just plopped up from the ooze after millions of years of sun-baked bubbling mud and water. If we accept that view, then there is no "mechanic" behind the works who can tell us how to best maintain the machinery he created (us). Instead we're free to pursue any herbal intoxicants, orgasmic rubbing, or biological rearrangement of the human design in the lab -- that strikes us at the moment. "Truth" becomes whatever produces the most ego gratification for the "expert". Then the most boisterous and eloquent among them can persuade the rest of us that they've decided that some unnatural sexual practice, or a behavior-altering drug, or an engineering of the genes, is really the result of a now-greater understanding of the natural design. And if the sexual practice produces more disease, the psychotropic drug causes the patient to blow-up like a balloon, or the lab's genetic tinkertoy creates a bacterial off-shoot which is harmful to man, the clinician concludes that, "Well, the human race is just going to have to evolve until it can adjust to the ill effects of our profound conclusions."

Life exists only to the degree that its internal design and its outer environment are in harmony. Evolution declares that millions of beings over millions of years arbitrarily formed out of each other, with a myriad of different features. The ones who, by chance, could handle the environment (and were not eaten) survived. So, for each plant and animal that exists today, there would have been millions of odd-shaped weeds and critters which popped out of another creature's eggs, surveyed the earth for a couple of hours before it finally got stomped on and became mulch. And the three-legged, headless elephant that stomped on it ultimately joined the millions of toothless alligators, pouchless kangaroos, plaid chameleons and finless dolphins as it ran off a cliff to pursue its evolutionary instinct to fertilize the land with its carcass.

Science is reliable when it reveals what exists now. It is less reliable when it speculates on conditions which cannot be observed today. At that point, it is no longer "science" and becomes scientism: a religion which bridges the gaps in its theories with assumptions wherever facts cannot be found to fill them. Some assumption is necessary during the study process. But unproven assumptions cannot be allowed to stop the examinations of other explanations, such as creationism. Those assumptions will also reveal the basic prejudices of the theorist. The Evolutionist is biased toward arbitrary formation of life and matter. The Creationist is biased toward a harmonious design in the origin of life and matter.

It is ultimately up to the beholder to decide which assumption makes more sense.

Based on what I've come to learn on the subject - the creationist assumption explains our world far more credibly than evolution. Why?

  1. It is scientifically possible.

  2. Each part of the creation would complement and sustain every other facet of the design.

  3. It explains many of the gaps which exist in evolutionist theory.

  4. It corresponds to the Bible's account of creation.

That the Bible was penned by people with no knowledge of modern science only adds to the significance of their account. Now that we have made discoveries which support the technical possibility of the Bible's account of creation, it is far more difficult to assume that Moses took a lucky shot at creating a mythological fantasy which, just by chance, would correspond to physical laws which were to be discovered thousands of years later:

[Example: Sound-and-water producing light: God's voice upon the water-covered-sphere that was earth, sonically producing light as he commanded, "Let there be light..." It has been determined that waves existing within light are the ultimate cause of all physical formations (Google results on this) "...the earth was formed out of water (2 Peter 3:5) "Let there be light...let the waters under the heaven be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear (Genesis 1:3, 9) And many more examples which are presented in the text that follows.]

And it means that there's a reason life exists. It was made on purpose. We have a reason for being here. And that reason isn't for us to scramble around with our healthy design in order to gratify momentary urges.

Evolution is so highly touted because it frees the adherent to do whatever gratifies him (since life has no clear purpose to their way of thinking). Academics have too often shown themselves to be particularly drawn to perverted lifestyles, and evolution provides them with paper justification for their amoral proclivities.



Man's ego is so huge that he'd rather believe a futile, defeatist theory of his own than a life-saving truth of his Creator's making.

The factors that allowed Darwinism to take root in 1859 were:

  • Boredom with the biblical account of creation within the academic community.

  • The fundamental arrogance of the "upper classes" which populated academia, in addition to the perverse pleasures they were given over to.

  • Their frustration of not having "solved" the mystery of creation.

The thinking of the pro-evolution community at that time was:

"The origin of the species is not fully provable. But since the biblical view of creation lacks physical evidence (to the academic), then we'll 'make' our theory true! Even though we cannot prove it, we, as 'scientists,' have decided that this theory sounds right."

Since they can only believe what they see at present, they operate from an assumption that the development of the earth occurred at presently known factors of temperature, gravity, atmospheric conditions and the like.

Now consider: The physical conditions that would have had to exist for a seven-day creation of earth would be unfathomably different from any known earthly phenomena of man's recorded history. How then, today, could we measure the amount of time that a fossil existed when the levels of heat, radiation, air currents, and the earth's internal stresses of that time are impossible to ascertain at present?

Evolutionists refuse to make the more logical conclusion that the formation of the earth is beyond the known boundaries of our present environment, and therefore must have been created in an environment substantially different from anything known to us. No matter how many layers of text they add to their theory, they will never be able to prove it - because they are dealing with an eternal unknown.


The Creation And Its Creator

Psalm 119:90-91 - Your faithfulness continues through all generations; You established the earth, and it endures. your laws endure to this day, for all things serve your.

True science will correspond to the Word of God

2 Chronicles 28:9b - ...but you have slaughtered them in a rage that reaches to heaven.

Man's actions affect the physical universe: this "heaven" being the "Second Heaven" - that is, the stellar heavens. Man's discord reaches into the heavens, and produces discord.

2 Samuel 22:8 - ...the foundations of heaven moved and shook, because he [God] was angry. (v10:) He bowed [altered the shape of] the heavens also.

Psalm 18:9 - He parted the heavens...

This describes the stretching apart of the planets, so that the disharmony occurring on Earth (caused by The Fall) would not disrupt the other bodies of the universe. The Fall affected the Earth in such a way that structural disintegration began beneath the surface of the planet. Originally there was an organized Radiational Disbursal from the Earth's core to its surface, a system which nourished the planet's living systems. Eventually the crustal plates ruptured, and a sequence of disintegration took place which brought about the Flood. There's a principle of Quantum Mechanics which states that an action in one part of the universe affects an action in another part

The Mind of Man Affects the State of Atoms Within its Environment

Carl Baugh of Creation Evidences Museum states that an experiment in France had schoolchildren directing their mental focus onto materials in the environment. The decay rate of those materials was measurably altered.

Man was generating a discordant violence within the Earth after The Fall and before the Flood.

Romans 8:22 - The whole creations groans as in the pains of childbirth... as we wait eagerly for our adoptions as sons...

The creation "groans" in physical discord for man to give off love, temperance, meekness, and all other Godly actions. It needs us to set an energy into motion which will bring harmony to the rest of creation.

Debrov of Russia and Becker of the U.S. discovered that all biological systems depend on cellular communication that is electric. [Electromagnetic forces and life process. Technology review, December, 1972] . All senses and actions depend on electromagnetic energy. Without that electromagnetic communication, life ceases, and if it is damaged we lose optimal genetic expression and destroy the orchestration of our biological structure.

(Creation Evidences Museum has created a model "biosphere" by which the Gauss (magnetic radiation) level of the pre-Flood Earth could be determined. Link to their site for more information. )


In the Masoretic Text (the original text) the letters of the words had a numerical meaning in addition to their literal meaning. Each sentence added up to "7". When this text was computerized, one could jump from one letter to the third, skip the second and have a "3-dimensional" mathematical structure which would reveal additional information. these numerical meanings could, for example, reveal dates of events, birthdates of prophets, etc.

Point: All living things are three-dimensional in structure. The Word of God, which identifies itself as being "living," shares this characteristic with other living systems.

Why Evolution Was Promoted:

Julian Huxley (a descendant of Thomas H. Huxley [1824-1895], called "Darwin's bulldog" because of his aggressive promotion of his theory) is quoted as saying, "I suppose the reason we leaped at the origin of species was because the idea of God interfered with our sexual mores." - Julian Huxley, President of the United Nation's UNESCO organization. (Quote can be found in "Troubled Waters of Evolution" by Henry Morris)


The Problem With Dating

The greatest problem in dating the Earth is in assuming the environmental, atmospheric, and radiational factors were always identical to today's conditions.

Nature is not a perfect text for us to observe life's origins. Nature is contaminated by the decay patterns initiated after the Fall of Man. Nature is wearing down.

ENTROPY is affecting nature. A gradually increasing rate of aging or decay - so that measurements made by reference to today's levels would misrepresent the conditions of the past - and therefore misrepresent the age of the object being examined.

Dating The Earth:

When you do the math, evolution doesn't add up

Granite Model

Mica in granite records the radioactive rates of decay in isotopes (radioactive matter) contained within the granite. "Pleocroic Halos" are rings found on this mica which reveal the radioactive history of those isotopes.

Two such isotopes are Polonium 214 and Polonium 210.

Polonium 214
0.000164 second [one-hundred and sixty-four millionths of a second]
Polonium 210
22 days

The half-life is the amount of time it takes for a material's original radioactive level to decrease by one=half. It continues to decline by one-half of each subsequent level for each following half-life period. After seven "half-lives," it is effectively inactive.

In the case of these two isotopes, their half-lives would be far too brief to be recorded in that mica formation if it had developed over millions of years. Now, this shows the intensity of the Instantaneous Creation: The mica could have recorded that radioactivity only if both the mica AND the Polonium had been created at the same time - instantly. Then the mica could capture the "picture" of the Polonium 214's milliseconds of radiational duration


Often when someone wants to argue that the Bible is a mythological book, they'll point out the verses about Leviathan, the fire-breathing aquatic "dragon" referred to in four places in scripture:

Job 41:19-20 - Firebrands stream from his mouth; sparks of fire shoot out. Smoke pours from his nostrils as from a boiling pot over a fire of reeds.

Psalm 74:14 - It was you who crushed the heads of leviathan and gave him as food to the creatures of the desert. [referring to leviathan's extinction]

Psalm 104:26 - There the ships go to and fro, and the leviathan, which you formed to frolic there.

Isaiah 27:2 - In that day, the Lord will punish with His sword ...leviathan, the coiling serpent; He will slay the monster of the sea.

Getting a Grip On Leviathan

There are six fundamental conditions which, occurring together, will produce a controlled fire:

  1. Controlled humidity - a seal of some kind which will control the air-to-moisture ratio.

  2. Friction - or vibration - to initiate fire.

  3. A supply of electrical energy - Electricity is present in all organisms (such as the electromagnetic energy which enables cells to inter-communicate).

  4. A supply of oxygen,

  5. Sulfur.

  6. Phosphorus.

Now: the above 6 conditions as they could have existed in leviathan:

1. Controlled humidity: Seals, airtight chambers.

Job 41:15 - His back has rows of shields tightly sealed together. [Controlled humidity within the chambers of his upper respiratory system].

2. Friction and...

3. Electricity: Job 41:18 - His sneezing throws out flashes of light; his eyes are like the rays of dawn.

  • Reptiles commonly have a guttural his (friction). This trait in leviathan's case could be responsible for his "flashing sneeze."

  • There are many bio-luminescent creatures: fireflies, certain worms, bottom-dwelling marine life, the eyes of certain animals.

4. Oxygen. He is not said to have "breathed fire" while under water, but when he raised his head flashes of light appeared - when he was exposed to oxygen ("sneezing" [necessarily above water] - Job 14:18.

"When he raises up, the mighty are terrified..." - Job 41:25.

5. Sulfur. Job 41:31 - "...he stirs up the sea like a pot of ointment."

Ointment at that time had a sulfur base - and because of this, had a very distinctive odor, which in this verse is identified with leviathan's underwater state.

6. Phosphorous. Job 41:32 - ...He leaves a glistening wake;

Phosphorous glows. Phosphorous, in this description, would have emitted from his pores, causing a glow to appear in his wake as he moved about underwater.

This combination of characteristics would have enabled leviathan to produce a controlled flame.

But is it likely that all these conditions existed in one creature?

Here are some other examples:

Bombardier Beetle: Has organs which produce hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinones. It has a central chamber which serves as a combustion chamber. It jettisons this mixture when it is handled or attacked - but with a third chemical - an inhibitor - which prevents combustion. This mixture is then shot through a tube, which it can aim with precision at 2000 pulsations per second. As this is being emitted, a catalyst is simultaneously emitted ahead of the combustion chamber, which neutralizes the inhibitor chemical, and causes combustion - flame - outside of the beetle's body.

Firefly: Contains luciferase and luciferans. With excitement, electricity raises the molecular activity of these two chemicals to a frenzied pitch - and then drops it to an extremely low level. this process is repeated several times a second, creating a nuclear reaction within a controlled design, and a photon is emitted, which we see as light.


  • If a firefly can exist with a controlled nuclear reaction...

  • If a bombardier beetle can exist with controlled combustible molecular and atomic reaction...

Then a fire-emitting reptile cannot be relegated to mythological status, but is in fact plausible.


First Cause

By the nineteenth century, the aim of physics was to give "first causes" and "natural causes" for all physical phenomena. Looking to presently known causes, physicists had derived assumptions as to how things were originally caused. This limited view on the part of these scientists caused them to overlook some of the more fundamental characteristics that would be necessary features of a first cause:

• A principle of "Cause" is: A limited power cannot produce an unlimited product.

Each atom is in perpetual motion. No technology exists which can produce perpetual motion. The phenomenon of perpetual motion governing the atoms could not have occurred without a cause that had the dynamic of perpetual motion within it. It could not have "evolved" from a lesser energy. A limited-duration force could not impart the power of perpetual motion to its fallout: it is a physical impossibility.

  • The First Cause of perpetual motion must be eternally powerful: omnipotent.

  • The First Cause of the unbounded variety throughout the cosmos must be omnipresence: it would have to exist, in some manner, in all the phenomena it created in order to effect continual change.

  • The First Cause of the infinite complexity in nature must be omniscient - all knowing - in order to engineer an infinite design.

Infinite in extent

Eternal in duration

Omniscient in intelligence

Omnipresent in the phenomena it created

Omnipotent in power

In this universe you find consciousness in man and animal.

  • The First Cause of consciousness must be personal - a "personality" - as opposed to an arbitrary motion.

Within the consciousness that exists in man, you find characteristics of thought which define the force which set it into motion:

  • The First Cause would have to be moral - as morality is a primary characteristic in man's thought - no matter how screwed-up it may become from its social influences.

  • The First Cause would have to be spiritual - as man universally seeks out spiritual understanding in some form or another.

  • The First Cause would have to be aesthetic - as aesthetic appreciation exists in man's consciousness

  • The First Cause would have to be just - as justice is a primary characteristic of man's (uncontaminated) thought.

  • The First Cause would have to be living - since it created life>

Point: These "First Cause" characteristics correlate to and describe the God of the Bible.

Everything in existence has a three-dimensional characteristic to it:
Future... cetera

...yet they are all one entity. So, a feature of the First Cause of life - the Creative Force - is that it has this three-part - "Trinity" - characteristic.

Of Moths and Men

Cladism and Evolution

In the early 1950's an experiment was done by Bernard Kettlewell, a zoologist at Oxford, to show "natural selection" working in nature. This has often been referred to by Darwinists as evidence of evolution. Hundreds of British peppered moths were given an identifying mark and released. They are of two types, light and dark. Those that were released in an unpolluted forest (a light background environment) had higher numbers of surviving light-colored moths. Those that were released in a polluted woods (a dark-background environment) had higher numbers of surviving dark moths. It was simply a matter of the insects' natural camouflage letting them blend-in with their respective environments.

There was certainly no evolution taking place — since both species already existed! Yet this is frantically pointed to as "evidence" of evolution by its fans.

Similarly, insects have been observed to develop "new" species when settling in a new environment. In Hawaii, several hundred unique species have seemingly "evolved" from two original colonization's of the fruit fly Drosophilia. But the degree of change that can be induced in living systems is always limited by a distinct barrier beyond which further change is impossible. Gorges Culver, a nineteenth-century French biologist, observed:

Every organized being forms a whole, a unique, and perfect system, the parts of which mutually correspond and concur in the same definitive action by a reciprocal reaction. None of these parts can change without the whole changing.

While there is always controversy over various issues in taxonomy [biological classification], it is significant that since the time of Aristotle the living world has been generally perceived as conforming to a hierarchical system of distinctly differentiated classes. Furthermore, as biological knowledge has grown, the tendency to see life in terms of clearly defined classed has also grown.

Cladism is a new approach to taxonomy which aims only to discover the pattern of nature as it actually is, without taking into account any presumed evolutionary claim regarding the descent of a species. Gaining momentum currently, cladism observes that no species can be considered ancestral to any other based on any available evidence, particularly considering the great distinctions between the categories of life forms on this planet and the orderly appearance existing in nature. Cladism is, at the least, highlighting a fact that has arisen in classification schemes ever since Aristotle: that ultimately, nature's order is not sequential [each lifeform evolving from another], but distinctly divided.

Waterworld: Earth as a Sphere of Water

Exodus 20:11 - For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them...

Genesis 1:1-2 - In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was without form and was empty, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

  • The earth was entirely water when "without form and empty."

2 Peter 3:5-6 - ... the earth was formed out of water and with water. By water also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed

Genesis 1:3 - "And God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light.

Now, all that existed so far:

  1. The Space-Time Continuum

  2. A sphere of water

Where did the light come from?

  • A UCLA experiment: A flask of water was bombarded with sound, which then caused a vibratory bubble within that encapsulated flask of water. As the bubble pulsated and collapsed in vibratory response to the sound, the bubble generated the full spectrum of light. Here was light, created by sound that was directed to an encapsulation of water.

  • "And God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light."

This vocal pronouncement from God could have been sonic waves potent enough to effect the resonance necessary to have created this light-generating phenomenon.

  • Light was created. Science has determined that waves within light have caused all physical formations. The light was originally the Glory [power, weightiness, luminescence] of God.

  • Psalm 104:2 - "[God] stretches out the heavens like a tent."

Since the heavens were expanded as time went on, it is conceivable that the above-mentioned light would have illuminated all of creation, it then being smaller in size than it is at present.


Water Canopy

Water molecules operate in a random fashion. Each molecule is bi-polar - positive and negative - and has an electromagnetic charge around it.

  • "The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters."

Water molecules are random unless overridden by another force. the Spirit of God here superintended the waters which brought order to the otherwise random water molecules.

  • When you line up all the molecules in a volume of water - as in an electrically charged container of water - the ENTIRE BODY of water takes on the sum of ALL the individual molecular electromagnetic charges - and then an ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD of that strength emanates from that entire body of water. God's hovering over the waters created an electromagnetic field around the entire sphere of the earth - of that exponential magnitude.

  • It has been recently found out by use of the Hubble telescope that whenever there is activity involving radioactive energy and water molecules, automatically hydrogen atoms are generated.

Thus we have a sphere of water plus electromagnetic activity, which then created FREE HYDROGEN... which brings us to the second day:

Genesis 1:6 - And God said, "Let there be a firmament"

  • We need the electromagnetic field in order to survive. BUT: an electromagnetic is in free decay. So we need something to envelop it in order to maintain it.

  • "Firmament" is its original Hebrew, raqiya, has multiple meanings: "The (apparently) visible arch of the sky"; implies a substantial presence, as in matter. Also, "metallic sheets" and "crystal" are implied. "To compress, pound together and stretch out the arc of heaven in thin, metal sheets" describes the full meaning of the word.

Laurence Livermore National Laboratories put hydrogen under cryogenic [below freezing] temperature conditions, then compressed that hydrogen and added electromagnetic energy. the hydrogen bonded into a crystalline lattice which took on the characteristics of a metal. Though transparent, it became opaque and superconductive in the parts where it was compressed the most.

  • Superconductive material levitates before a magnet. (The earth's highly charged electromagnetic field caused this Free Hydrogen to levitate and form itself into a spherical layer in the earth's atmosphere).

Thus we have:

  • the earth's electromagnetic field repelling this free hydrogen, forming it into a crystalline-metallic lattice and holding it in suspension in the earth's atmosphere, creating:

  • a thin, crystalline firmament

  • transparent: Mid-spectral and Long-wave radiation can come through it (the non-damaging rays of sunlight), but it assimilates the Short-wave radiation (UV rays, which are damaging to skin and other organic matter) which re-energizes this crystalline firmament.

Creationism: Water Canopy


Earth's Harmonious Design

Jeremiah 51:15 - He made the earth by His power; He founded the world by His wisdom and stretched out the heavens with His understanding.


Jeremiah 10:12 - But God made the earth by His power; He founded the world by His wisdom and stretched out the heavens by His understanding.

c The design of the Earth is aesthetic.

Day Three - The dry land appeared. The layers were perfectly laid out from the surface downward, according to each material's purpose. these layers were not broken up until the time of The Flood.

Job 38:6 - [God describing His works to Job] ...who had laid [the Earth's] cornerstone...

This "cornerstone" refers to the Earth's core. This core maintains the orientation of the Earth's electromagnetic field.

  • All biological organisms are unable to function without the electromagnetic field to maintain their orientation.

Geophysicists have published that within the inner earth:

(Based on an undisrupted original design, and using this as our pre-Flood model:)

  1. The core and the surrounding layers are comprised of radioactive and moderating elements

  2. Above that there is a swaddling band of asphalt

  3. Then there is the great layer of water

  4. Above that, near the surface, there is granite

  5. And finally, the sands and clays for vegetation

This design was a perfectly balanced nuclear reactor which provided thermal energy for the band of water beneath the Earth's surface. This would bubble up to the surface and gently warm the roots of the plants to a few degrees above the ambient temperature.

Creationism: Harmonious Design

The Harmonious Design

The Earth's internal elements were laid-out to provide ideal heat transference to the surface.

The Water Canopy:

  • Maintained Earth's electromagnetic field;

  • Absorbed short-wave (U.V.) radiation from the sun, recharging the canopy & filtering out the damaging rays

  • Passed on long-wave radiation (life-sustaining light) to the surface.

The heat caused the water to maintain a hydrologic cycle, meaning the springs of the deep gently bathed the earth on a regular basis.

This design -- the thermal radiation from the inner earth to the surface, combined with the presence of the Water Canopy in the upper atmosphere, maintained an equal temperature throughout the earth.

The Flood was the culmination of a breakup of the internal order of the Earth which had been occurring since man broke off from God at the time of The Fall. Man's disharmony with God had many "side-effects;" Man's discord and rage brought disintegration to nature and the structure of the planet he was given stewardship over. The radioactive elements lost their perfect placement, which had originally produced the ideal heat transference from the core to the water-layer & and up to the flora-producing sands & clays.

Some of these isotopes (radioactive elements) were broken up and forced upward to the surface. Evolutionists conclude that, for example, since the half-life of Uranium is 4.5 billion years, that this must reflect the age of the Earth. But these varied isotopes had their respectively differing half-lives as part of a precise chain of radiational transfer. the stronger elements are analyzed in terms of higher half-lives, thus placing emphasis on time as a characteristic of the isotope rather than seeing its radiational duration as an indicator of its placement in the original chain. Some layers required higher duration radioactivity, while others required less. These differing half-lives do not reveal the age of the earth.



Latter Part of DAY THREE - Life - vegetation - was created. It was immediately young and immediately mature. "Plants bearing seed..." - They were fully formed - not gradually evolving. No age and no immaturity.

Evolution in Living Systems is an Impossibility

The basic structure of every cell in every living organism has 4 basic entities:

  1. The "brain" - the center of the cell, which is the DNA.

  2. The Protein Synthesis Mechanism which produces the proteins for the DNA.

  3. The Energy Synthesis Mechanism which energizes the Protein Synthesis Mechanism according to the requirements of the DNA.

  4. The Cell Membrane which holds it all together.

All of these entities are separate in structure but interdependent upon the other systems of the cell. The Protein Synthesis Mechanism (2) is dependent on the DNA (1) to tell it which proteins it needs to produce, and the DNA (1) is dependent on the Protein Synthesis Mechanism (2) to supply it. The Protein Synthesis Mechanism (2) is dependent on the Energy Synthesis Mechanism (3) to energize it to provide the protein needed by the DNA (1). Both the Energy and Protein Synthesis Mechanisms are dependent on the DNA to inform them as to what is needed. And the Cell Membrane (4) is dependent on the other systems to sustain it; and the other systems are dependent on the Cell Membrane to contain them and allow them to function and survive.

All of which serves to make a very important point:

The "evolutionary" argument is impossible, because in the most basic living system (which is a component in ALL living things), all four of its systems had to come into existence simultaneously in order for life to exist.

The action of one living thing evolving into another life form wouldn't allow for all the necessary components to be in place to sustain life: not even the most basic cellular life as explained above. One system of that cell could not have "evolved" from another because they cannot exist apart from each other. They had to be created simultaneously in order to live!

No Variables to the Genetic Code

The genetic code is perhaps the most fundamental of all the adaptations of the living world. It is the crucial system upon which the function of every living cell on earth depends. As a result of one of the most remarkable discoveries in molecular biology, it is now known to be a unique and invariant system of rules which is identical in every cell on earth.

No cell has ever been found that departs in any significant way from the universal pattern of the code. Apart from artificial language used in computers and human language itself, the genetic code (or the language of life as it has been called) is without any analogue in the physical universe. Like so many of the characteristics found in living things on earth, the genetic code is not led up to gradually through a sequence of transitional forms.

It is a remarkable testimony to the almost perfect correspondence of the existing pattern of nature with the typological model that, out of all the millions of living species known to biology, only a handful can be considered to be in any sense intermediate between other well-defined types.

Above from "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis", by Michael Denton

The Mystery of the Dying Cell

The renewal process which takes place in the cellular structure of every living organism suggests that a perpetual, or "eternal", design was present at one time. Cells in all living things are replenished every seven to eleven years. All other things being equal, every living thing would be sustained in perpetuity. But cells die even when there are no destructive intrusions to cause damage to them. This reveals a disharmony that is not explainable by the physical evidence. But if we recognize the nature of the separation between man and God as a result of sin, we can comprehend one of the practical effects of sin: the severed connection between the lifegiver and the lifeform: the cause of death. The Bible identifies sin with death:

Genesis 2:17 - ...for the day you eat therefrom you shall surely die.

Romans 6:23 - For the wages of sin is death.

What is sin, if not an action which breaks man apart from synchronicity with the tempo and motions of the Lifegiver? And what could be the natural consequence of that breaking-apart than the absence of the life-sustaining energy continuously issued forth from the Lifegiver? When one comprehends harmony to be behind the origin of life, then the questions left by the study of the physical world have a way of being answered.

At the core of the creation of life, the creation of the universe, and the answers to the mysteries of life and death is HARMONY. The isotopes were harmoniously arranged in the inner earth for a healthy radiational transfer which served the earth. All living things had harmonious interplay. The heavenly bodies resonated with each other in harmony to sustain a perfectly balanced universe.

Evolutionism is based on ARBITRARY DEVELOPMENT. It fantasizes that multiple millions of odd life forms popped out of other species, each of which occurred by chance, and then became extinct as the process of natural selection decided what makes up the global menagerie we have before us today. Man looks at today's fractured creation and concludes that disharmony is a characteristic of nature that has always existed. With no Great Designer behind it, life has no fundamental purpose to it other than what we choose to do with it at the moment.

Evolution assumes arbitrary development. Creationism assumes harmonious design. It is up to the observer which to choose. No video tapes exist showing the origin of the planet, so we can only attempt to figure out which assumption makes the most sense. Life survives only to the extent that it operates harmoniously. It would make sense that the First Cause of this life would also be a harmonious, balanced force.

Stretching The Heavens

Day Four.

Genesis 1:14, 16, 17 - And God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky..." He also made the stars. He set them in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth...

The universe was not as large as it presently is, as it was later to be subject to the process of being "stretched out": [God] stretches out the heavens like a tent. - Psalm 104:2.

  • Astrophysicists have found that there are seven separate shells of star-clusters in the universe. They have mapped three-dimensionally, in the North Galactic Area and in the South Galactic Area, 7 separate layers of stars. They are symmetrical. Between these shells of star-clusters there are almost NO STARS.

Point: This is a Harmonious Design. The "Big Bang" theory would have resulted in a random arrangement of stars and planets throughout the universe.

2 Peter 3:13 - But in keeping with His promise, we are looking forward to a New Heaven and a New Earth, the home of righteousness.

This describes a restoration of the order which existed throughout the universe - and in man- before sin disrupted that harmony. That disharmony is what necessitates God's destruction of this present Heaven and Earth and His subsequent creation of a new one, "the home of righteousness [the Right of man to stand before God, in good favor]" - The home of Good Order and Harmonious Interplay between man, earth, and the universe. The universe would then be in harmony, and its influence would produce gravitational and radiational balance. Likewise, the "new" sinless mankind's influence on the earth and upon heavens would be harmonious, as man's desire would now be in harmony with the God who created him and his physical universe.

Planetary and Stellar order affect biological order within man. Quantum Mechanics establishes that an action in one part of the universe has an effect (of some kind) upon another part. The ecosystem, the harmony of the organs in our bodies, the cell structure within living systems, are influenced by galactic vibrations, which are picked up through the "antennae" of the DNA.


Initially, the influence which affected us most was the alignment of the planets of our own solar system. Originally there were TEN planets: one had existed between Mars and Jupiter: Phaethon , where there is no an asteroid belt. This asteroid belt is an elliptical orbit, which would give us a proportional distance between the planets. They would have a proportional "mean": the figure at which one planet's orbit is increased in size when compared to the orbit of its neighbor planet. The vibrations generated by each planet as they orbit correspond to the musical scale. By these vibrations the times and seasons are programmed and felt innately.

The Color of Stars

Job 38:7 - While the morning stars sang together...

Stars give off vibration. The monitoring of stellar radio waves has detected a "musical" harmony emanating from combinations of stars.

The metallic characteristic of the firmamental Water Canopy could have acted as a relay for these stellar vibrations, producing a gentle, audible harmony in the earth's atmosphere.

One of the characteristics of the "crystalline lattice" (which was formed when hydrogen was put under cryogenic circumstances in an experiment mentioned earlier) was that when light passed through it, it was given a slight pinkish-magenta hue. (Remember, this experimental hydrogen lattice shows us the nature of the Hydrogen-Water Canopy which originally existed in the earth's atmosphere). This is the color we see in the sky just before sunrise. There are two reasons why the sky has this pinkish glow to it in the early morning:

  1. The excitement of hydrogen and water molecules (of which there is a buildup at that low angle) by the sun's rays;

  2. At that angle, the sun's rays go through a greater volume of air and water vapor, so the red waves (Long Wave radiation - the "safe" kind) get through, whereas the blue waves (Short Wave radiation- UV - the harmful type) are scattered. These are the characteristics of the Water Canopy.

A red filter must be used to determine a star's "light-vibration": I.e., color. although they are all observed through the same color filter (red), the stars are of multiple colors: violet, indigo, red, yellow, gold, white, black. When the water Canopy was in place, the pink-magenta hue that it added to the light which passed through it would have allowed us to view the stars in their individual colors!


That pink-magenta tint has another interesting characteristic to it: Eyeglass lenses are given a light tint of this color as a means of reducing anxiety. Also, some prisons paint the walls with a pinkish coloring, as it has been shown to reduce violent behavior. This color causes the brain to produce noripenephrine, a neurotransmitter. This reduces the amount of electrical energy required to transmit brain waves between the synapses, and results in a state of calmness. This is another example of the harmonious design which originally existed throughout creation: psychological, as well as geological, biological, and astrophysical.

Stretching Out the Stars

[God] stretches out the heavens like a tent. - Psalm 104:2

When man first committed an action which was out of harmony with the one who created him (the original sin), it set a pattern of conflict throughout the earth. This occurred because man had been given legal title to the earth (Genesis 1:26 - "...and let [man] have dominion... over all the earth...). Because of this, that which man possessed was condemned along with him. Geological disharmony caused a rupturing of the crustal plates, and turbulence within the inner earth. This altered the radiational and electromagnetic energy emanating from the earth out into space. This affected earth's harmonious interbalancing with the other planets - the orbits of the planets, and the way their gravity affects our earth, would be altered by this. It is a principle of Quantum Physics that an action in one part of the universe will affect an action in another part. Given this, it is theorized that the Bible's references to God's "stretching out" the heavens was an act of preservation. So that the earth could be kept from destruction long enough for this "Age" to reach fulfillment, the heavenly bodies had to be stretched out in such a way that their discordant energy fields would not accelerate the destruction beyond what the earth could endure until the return of Jesus and the establishment of "new heavens and a new earth".

H. Russell Humphries, of San Dian National Laboratories, applied Einsteinian, pre-Einsteinian and post-Einsteinian equations form Quantum Mechanics. He found that, using those equations, if you stretch out space-time itself, you dilate time. What this means is that, if the heavens were stretched out over a brief period of time (that is, brief in terms of earth time), the heavenly bodies that ere stretched out aged at a proportionally greater rate. The further they were drawn out at this accelerated rate, the more they would be affected by the aging process - since, from the planet's perspective, it did exist for that length of time (in practical terms of how it was physically effected by this "stretching out" phenomenon).

Now - even if Humphries' theory is false - you still have a similar aging effect taking place as the planets were stretched out, because of the physical effects of that disruptive phenomenon, and as a result of the discord which necessitated it. Because man was the steward over the physical world, man had been creation's connection to God. With man now severed from that kind of energy which only a creator can provide to the thing he created, the whole physical realm fell victim to the effects of man's separation from God. Without that sustaining energy, catastrophic changes (sudden and large-scale disruptions) in nature, like the stretching out of the heavens, would have amplified the effects of aging in the matter that it affected. (The appearance of "aging" would affect geological formations here on the earth - such as the Great Flood - which are read as being millions of years old because they estimate the effects of decay, such as erosion, to have taken as long as it would under the "normal" conditions of today.)


Hosea 2:21-22 - And it shall come to pass in that day, I will hear, says the Lord, I will hear the heavens, and they shall hear the earth; And the earth shall hear the corn, and the wine, and the oil; and they shall rear [the Restored Israel].

  • The vibratory emissions of each part of the creation will again complement each other and perpetuate harmony throughout the whole of the creation in the "New Heaven and New Earth".

  • Man has an aura which causes our fellowship to have a beneficial effect on each other: physical and mental health, and spiritual strength, are all improved during positive human interaction. This goes beyond physical evidentiary explanation! Certain creatures - electric eels, sharks, lobsters - sense conditions in their environment without seeing them by use of the electromagnetic characteristics of their bodies: an "aura" of a particular type, which is observable in their basic movements.

  • These are examples of this principle of vibratory influence and harmony, which existed between man, animal, our immediate environment, throughout the earth and out into the stellar heavens. This was God's ideal design, and it remained in place until it was disrupted by the disharmony of sin. The Restored Heaven and Earth will be in perfect harmony, as described in Hosea 2:21-22.

  • Also: diseased cells emit discordant vibrations in relation to the vibrations of the healthy organism they inhabit. These cells would be restored to health if they were brought in vibratory harmony with the wholesome organism.

2 Chronicles 28:9 - ...but you have slaughtered them in a rage that reaches to heaven.

Here man's rage is depicted as:

  1. being "perceived" by heaven, and

  2. that it was an influence of disharmony beyond his immediate environment.

Genesis 6:5 - ...Every inclination of the thoughts of his [man's] heart was only evil all the time.

  • Left unstopped, this discordant thought and action of man would destroy the earth and the stellar heavens.

  • A French experiment involving schoolchildren ( whose minds are more focused than adults') were, by their presence, able to speed up and slow down the decay rate of radioactive material.

    (Remy Chauvin (October 10, 1913 - ) conducted the experiment in which children were able to influence the counting rate of a Geiger counter. Each counting event was displayed on a panel by flashing lights which the children tried to speed up or to slow down. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as Psychokinesis).

    Remy Chauvin's experiment referred to in this paper on Psychokinesis
    Google search: Remy Chauvin

Now, when the whole of man's thoughts is committed to evil, the impact on the environment can only be wholly destructive - leading eventually to the annihilation of the physical universe.

Thus "The Flood" was necessary to preserve the physical universe - by eliminating the destructive, discordant (sinful) emanations that mankind was affecting the universe with.



Genesis 7:11 - ...on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens [the Water Canopy] were opened.

Internally, the earth was arranged like a type of nuclear reactor. With the radioactive elements in their proper place, it produced a balanced field of electromagnetic energy and a beneficial transmission of warmth to the planet's surface. But: any time one part of a nuclear reaction is disrupted, eventually the whole system will fall apart.

  • this disruption of nuclear reaction increased the heat of the waters beneath the granite layer. For the water to build up enough pressure to make a fissure in the granite layer, the eruption would reach a height of seventy miles into the atmosphere.

  • The firmamental Water Canopy was ten miles above the earth's surface.


  • The fountains of the deep were opened up

  • The "Windows of Heaven" were opened up (the collapse of the Water Canopy into rain)


Disruption of the Heavens

Simultaneous to that, there was the disruption of the Crustal Plates of the earth, which released radiation of the microwave energy level, which then went out into space.

2 Samuel 22:8 - The earth trembled and quaked; the foundations of the heavens shook;

  • The "foundations of the heavens" would include the nearest heavenly bodies, the planets adjacent to our own.

  • One planet - Phaethon - actually shook until it ruptured, leaving only an asteroid belt where it once held orbit.

With this breakup of planets, there is now debris in space which did not previously exist.

  • The moon shows greater pock marks on one side than the other. Also, other planets and satellites where meteor hits are visible likewise show a greater volume of marks - craters - in one area.

What this means is, Those meteor hits which created the craters and pock marks on the moon - and other planets and moons - would have occurred at one time from one source event. Otherwise, they would have left randomly - spaced marks on the planet's surface, arbitrarily disbursed. this shows us that these meteor hits did not occur over eons of time.

Meanwhile, back on earth...

  • Ice Caps: the Water Canopy would have collapsed at the poles because of the magnetic pull (remember, it was a crystalline metal, and it was held in suspension by repelling the electromagnetic field of the earth). The Canopy fell to earth as "Super Ice" because of its unique hydrogen/water composition. In this way, the polar ice caps were first formed. In addition to this, the even temperature that had been maintained throughout the earth now ended with the destruction of the Water Canopy

  • Shift of Magnetic North: The earth's crust now encapsulated the disrupted internal components. This compares illustratively to an egg: when it is exposed to microwave radiation, an egg will become internally unstable, roll over on its side and finally rupture. The disruption of the radiational balance within the inner earth produced an ongoing shifting of the internal structure. The magnetic north and south poles became limber - no longer in a fixed position. When you lose energy in a magnetic field, the parts within it "become loose". With the binding energy reduced, things became more flaccid and stretched - out. the poles veered (and continue to shift) from true north and south as a result of this breakdown.

Creationism: Crustal Plates

During The Flood, the global waters were in resonance with the moon. The earth was now totally covered in water. Upon the land beneath the floodwaters, there were the remains of the millions of humans and animals who did not survive the flood. Now, with the great eruption of the waters from the inner earth (which broke the Water Canopy), a massive volume of minerals, molten lava and radioactive elements from beneath the earth's crust were also forced up along with it. During the course of the flood, these minerals settled into sediment upon the surface. The ocean-like floodwaters were drawn - area by area - by the gravitational pull of the moon. As the moon caused a crest at one area of the globe, there was a resultant trough at another point. This continual shifting of water pressure upon the settling minerals, (and shifting of the water currents that this lunar pull created) shaped the patterns in which the sediment was layered over the remains of the man and animals that were done in by the Flood.



Creationism: Ploystrate Fossils
Today, fossil remains are sometimes found intersecting these sedimentary layers! The result is a "Polystrate Fossil". Evolution insists that each layer of rock had formed over a period of millions of years. But, of course, any animal's remains would have decayed into dust long before a million-year-old layer could have formed around it. This is one of those impossible gaps in the theory of evolution which adherents choose to overlook. The layers had to be laid down rapidly and systematically in order for the same fossil to extend into multiple layers. It could only have occurred if the layering took place over a brief period of time, before the remaining portion of the beast could decompose.

It was during the process of the flood that these layers of sediment were formed. It is within these layers that today we find the fossiled remains of the man and animals who were left on the earth's surface as the flood began.


The Ark...

The Ark: (dimensions: 86 feet wide, 52 feet high, 500 feet long).

In order to account for all the existing and extinct life forms that ever inhabited the earth, all you would need are 17,500 lifeforms. (This takes into account the additional species which would later develop from these 17,500 species as a result of interbreeding [primarily within the lower lifeforms, such as insects]). In pairs, male and female, this would bring the ark's occupancy to 35,000. Averaging out the sizes of the animals - from the dinosaur to the mouse - you would have an average animal the size of a sheep. Given this average size, there would be enough room on ONE LEVEL of the ark to get all 35,000 on board.


Continental Divisions

With the cresting and troughing of the floodwaters, mountains were formed and rifts developed in the land, as it responded to these tremendous shifts in the water pressure.

  • With the destruction of the Water Canopy, the earth lost the ability to assimilate the short-wave (UV) radiation in a way that would maintain the earth's electromagnetic field (which was a function of the Water Canopy). Our planet's electromagnetic field was in decay from that point on.

  • With the disruption of the nuclear-reaction-like processes of the inner earth since the time of The Fall, there began a gentle buildup of disruption. Over time, it destabilized to the point where it exploded in a "Chernobyl-like reaction. One of the effects of such a disturbance is that, from the core of the explosion to the surrounding layers, a bulging occurs. From this disruption (which caused the Flood) the earth bulged - it expanded in its surface area.

Prior to the Flood, the land of the earth formed one great continent - (a "Pangean Supercontinent"). There were, however, fissures and rifts within that land formation, due to the ongoing disruption of the crustal plates beneath the surface.

  • Prior to The Flood, the earth was about 90% of its present diameter. now - (at the beginning of The Flood) - the earth was expanding. These fissures and rifts in the continental mass became the points at which the land was pulled apart . . . as the layers beneath the land "swelled".

This was the Time of "Peleg:"

Genesis 10:25 - Two sons were born to Eber: one was named Peleg [division] becausein his time the earth was divided.

  • "Peleg", in its Hebrew implication, means: to divide by "streaming" - with water.

The land pulled apart as the inner earth expanded, just as an eggshell ruptures as its innards - when exposed to microwave radiation - disrupt and expand. Geophysicists universally recognize that there was great turbulence responsible for the formation of the continents and their features (mountains, chasms, faults, etc.). During this continental division, magma - a semi-molten layer beneath the solid crust of the earth - forced parts of the individual continents upon themselves. Pressure on North America pushed the land in a way which caused the formation of the Rocky Mountains. This formation produced a pressure which resulted in a buckling in the center of the continent - which then drew-in eastern land, creating the Smokey Mountain area.

It was the magma moving forcefully beneath the continents that produced the land's surface features - mountains, valleys, canyons - as it forced the land AGAINST ITSELF.


Defrosting The "Ice Age"

While all this was going on, a THERMAL EXCHANGE was naturally occurring. Whenever refrigeration is taking place, a corresponding heat discharge is also going on (like the front and back ends of an conditioner). There was a transfer of heat energy, which created areas of peak warmth and peak frigidity: the Climatic Zones. During this process, the polar ice caps were formed.

Where you have heat, in exchange you have to have cold. the magnetic poles "pulled in" the Water Canopy when its structural integrity was destroyed by the great eruptions of water from the inner earth. Because of the metallic properties of this crystalline lattice (remember that it was the earth's electromagnetic field that kept it in suspension by magnetically repelling it - like two magnets of the same polarity), it was drawn to the magnetic poles as it collapsed. Due to its unique composition of hydrogen and water, it fell to earth as ice - "SUPER ICE" - and this established the Ice Caps. the expansion of mass in the continental formations caused a transference of heat to those areas. The land was still driven by the turbulent action of the semi-molten magma beneath it. And the land itself was in violent motion as well.

The transference of heat to the surface from the magma, and the heat generated by the turbulent motion on the surface, established a global "warm area" while the ice caps were forming at the poles. These newly formed ice caps, with their sudden and overwhelming quantity of ice, initiated a dissipation of heat from the north pole downward and from the south pole upward. It continued like a chain reaction, bringing the frigid zones - gradually - toward the center.

This Hydrogen-Water Canopy collapse was a freak occurrence, and it made an overwhelming impact upon the natural order of things upon this earth. It was something that the earth was not designed for. Because it goes outside the usual laws of nature, it has caused a misinterpretation of the "clues" it left behind geologically> When these formations are examined today, we assume the earth's environmental states that we know of today were always in place. Therefore, a catastrophic occurrence - like The Flood - will leave marks that would require millions of hears of erosion, solar radiation and other "aging" factors under today's known environmental conditions.

After this few-hundred-year-old "Ice Age" took place, the "Super Ice" of the "Water Canopy" began losing momentum. The chain-reaction of heat-loss which had caused the spread of this Glacial Ice was now succumbing to hundreds of years of solar exposure. And since there was no new source of frigid energy that could create another "freak" climatic change, the Glacial Ice began to recede.

The End of the Electromagnetic Field

The electromagnetic field has been in a continual state of decay since The Flood. Because all life depends on this electromagnetic field in order to survive, life spans have shortened considerably since the time of The Flood - from 900-plus years to a maximum of 120.

Our present globe is in decay.

Scientific American (spring 1995) concluded that the earth's electromagnetic field would be totally gone in 1500 years!


Renewed Earth

Isaiah 35:10 - The ransomed of the Lord shall come to Zion with songs of everlasting joy upon their heads>

Job 38:7 mentioned the "morning stars singing together..." This perception of the vibrations of the stars was enabled by the presence of the Water Canopy, which was a conductive crystalline-metal, and was therefore sensitive to the electromagnetic vibrations of the heavenly bodies.

This is similar to a crystal radio, where a germanium crystal will issue audible vibrations of ambient radio [electromagnetic] vibrations in the air. Isaiah 35:10 paints a scenario whereby "songs" are issued "on the heads" of the redeemed (which was a routine occurrence before The Flood). That would call for the reinstatement of the Water Canopy.

Isaiah 11:6-8 - The wolf will live with the lamb, leopard with the goat, the calf and the lion will feed together, and a little child shall lead them... and the lion will eat straw like the ox. The infant will play near the hole of the cobra, and the young child will put his hand into the viper's nest.

In order for these conditions to come about, animals will no longer have a need to feed off of each other. Their poisonous qualities will be transformed into a harmonious interaction with other living systems.

For These Things To Happen:

  • We need to recharge the earth's electromagnetic field.

  • We need to fulfill the conditions which are prophesied about the New Millennium.

  • We need the perfected environmental conditions of the original earth in order for the conditions described in the above verse (Isaiah 11:6-8) to occur.

1 Corinthians 15:52 - In a flash... the trumpet shall sound, the dead will be raised imperishable...

When the Lord returns He will have great radiance:

Revelation 21:23 - ...the glory of God gives [the New Jerusalem] light, and the Lamb [Jesus] is its lamp.

This light was seen by John in Revelation 1:14-15 [blazing fire, glowing like a furnace] but it was not harmful to him. This light, then, would be in the mid-spectral and long-wave radiation range (without the damaging short-wave [UV] radiation in unfiltered sunlight.)

In order for the Water Canopy to be reinstated - so that the earth can survive during The Millennium - the electromagnetic field has to be recharged. Just to illustrate the point, if the sun were brought within the atmosphere of the earth, its radiational energy would recharge the earth's electromagnetic field. Sunspots, for example, "pinch" the EMF, and give it a small boost of energy. Light of the medium and long-wave type (not the harmful short-wave UV radiation) would recharge it.

NOW: The return of Jesus as described in the Bible includes references to His radiance. Since His resurrection, He has been "glorified" with the energy of God the father, the force behind the creation.

  • Isaiah 60:20 - ... the Lord shall be your everlasting light...

  • Habakkuk 3:3,4 - [God's] glory covered the heavens... and His brightness was as the light...

  • Ezekiel 8:2 - ...the hand of God fell upon me, I looked, and I saw a fiery figure: from his loins downward, fire; and from his loins upward, his appearance was one of brightness, as the color of amber, as bright as glowing metal.

  • Acts 9:3, 5, 8 - Suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. "Who are you, Lord?" Saul asked. "I am Jesus..." Saul got up from the ground, but upon opening his eyes he should not see.

  • 1 Corinthians 15:52 - In a flash... the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable...

  • 1 John 3:2 - ...when he shall appear, we shall be like him;

This tremendous light may recharge the earth's electromagnetic field. When he returns "in a flash," this radiance will fill the atmosphere. And those of us who are a part of him "shall be like him" when he appears - as his light will come through us and illuminate the world. This energy field will also fill the atmosphere with free hydrogen molecules (water, charged with radiational energy, will produce this effect). The renewed electromagnetic field will then draw this free hydrogen into a Water Canopy.

  • Revelation 8:7 - The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth.

Hailstones of great size are described in the prophetic writings about "The Tribulation" - the three and a half year period of turmoil following the Catching Away of the believers and preceding the Second Coming of Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 4:17, 5:9; Luke 17:30, 34-35.) During this Tribulation, volcanoes and earthquakes fracture the earth. a great amount of debris will be emitted from the inner earth and into the atmosphere - so much that the sun will be darkened and the moon will appear blood-red.

Along with this debris, tremendous volumes of water will also erupt from the inner earth. The "blight" of these prophesied hailstones will actually cleanse the atmosphere of this debris - as a hailstone has to form around a dust particle; in this scenario, this gargantuan amount of debris will yield "hailstones... about one-hundred pounds each" (Revelation 16:21). As the skies are cleansed, the volumes of water emitted from the earth will form into the new Water Canopy. (Remember that this water is emitted after the electromagnetic field has been restored).

So now we have:

  • A restored electromagnetic field

  • Large volumes of water in the atmosphere

  • Free hydrogen in the atmosphere

This is no the conclusion of the Tribulation period. Then, the final return of the Anointed Jesus (Revelation 19:11-16), with his followers )and those here on earth who become saved during the Tribulation), bring a new charge of God's energy upon the earth, revitalizing it to its original energy fields and causing the Water Canopy to fully take form again, and a perfected earth - the earth as it was originally meant to be - is finally brought into glorious fulfillment.

The Real Power

Of all the miraculous phenomena we can discover about the creation of life, the most miraculous is God's enabling man, through the blood sacrifice of His Anointed One, to have a direct relationship with Him, and become a part of His Kingdom. Through this personal connection, God has energized man's spirit with intimate revelations of His Power.

This glimpse into perfection is the dynamic that has allowed the human race to survive all the abuse and discord that has afflicted life on this planet. This is the power that has kept life going on as our physical world deteriorated. This is the power that delivers us from eternal destruction in hell. This is the power that will deliver us to the Perfect Heaven, the model on which the idyllic original earth was based, and is the only environment in we were designed to live in the first place.

© John Erickson


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