Being Aware Of The New World Order... And Wielding Faith To Overcome It

Hank McIntyre

Escape From Sobibor

When you hear that our officials can call anyone a "terrorist" and tuck them away where even their own families won't know where they are, well, suffice to say, we've got "reflexes". The normal human reaction to an overwhelming threat is to prepare, to protect, and to fight. But somehow that doesn't solve this particular problem: far too much surveillance has been achieved for mere "normal human reactions" to succeed. Our private information is everywhere, and today's technology is almost all-encompassing. So is there a "super-human" reaction that will deliver us?

There are laws that God put in place to overcome life's problems, spiritual or physical. "Word of Faith" doctrines explain it like this: We join ourselves to Jesus' covenant with God. This places Jesus as "High Priest" over our lives and gives us the same Anointing that rests on Him. With this anointing, we then "speak to the mountain" and cast out satanic attacks. Since this is how we're supposed to deal with everyday problems, IT'S PROBABLY THE BEST WAY FOR US TO FACE THE TRIBULATION. And yet…

I've yet to hear any of the "faith" preachers talk about this. To a man, THEY SUPPORT THE POLICE STATE that's been established by the present administration. Some of them even try to convince us that we have a born-again Christian ruling our land! These preachers keep themselves comfortably ignorant of the fact that their boy belongs to at least two satanic organizations (Skull and Bones, and Bohemian Grove). Whatever the real intentions of these preachers are doesn't matter to me -- despite their baffling loyalty to politicians and policies that would put them in prison. But WE need to examine this problem with our eyes wide open if we're going to find a way to survive.

We must apply these "Faith Movement" doctrines to the NWO tyranny that's sprouting up. We have to do it shrewdly, as shrewdness is described in Proverbs. This isn't a bang-the-drum attention-getting movement, like some religious and political efforts have been. It's time to grow-up a little, to move with stealth and wisdom - "circumspectly" as Ephesians 5:15 puts it.


That natural impulse we have to "testify" to everyone about something God has done in our lives can backfire on us in today's "Patriot Act" environment: "My family was ordered to report to the train station for relocation to a labor camp… but we've been able to hide out the last 8 months, glory to God!" -- There's a testimony that'll have to wait until the war's over (or the Second Coming). WE IN THE U.S. ARE BABES IN THE WOODS WHEN IT COMES TO LIVING IN A POLICE STATE. Most of us do and say what we want whenever the urge hits us. When you read about how the German underground maneuvered around the Gestapo, you notice how no word was wasted, no "impulse" given into, no stranger trusted. Communication was made up of covert nods and winks whenever you weren't 100% sure of the other guy.

So that they could stand strong in the face of death without betraying their fellow resisters, a CODE OF HONOR had to exist among them. Hard to do when your fellow citizens are being offered cash rewards during a starvation economy for betraying their neighbors - easy enough to make something up for a little butter-and-egg money (the Gestapo didn't care who they hung). Americans are likewise being encouraged to report anything "unusual": a neighbor belongs to the NRA, someone started his car in the middle of the night, that guy's wearing two different colored socks…

Like children seeking approval from the "parental" government, AMERICANS FIND THEIR HONOR IN BETRAYING FRIENDS. Our culture was stripped of the notion of loyalty several generations ago. Of the few who know the word, they think it means "loyalty to the Gestapo," or to the state: not to family or friends.

God is calling us to shed off our childish disloyalty and take on wisdom as a mark of our character. WE'RE A NEW BREED: Believers whom God purposely assigned to be born in this special moment in history. WE WILL TAKE ON THE CHARACTER, THE ICY SHREWDNESS, THE QUIET GOOD WORKS THAT THESE TIMES REQUIRE OF US: God will imbue us with these talents, since there aren't many human examples of this kind of honor that we can look to.

Though we can't see today how all this will work out in the future, we don't need to. We only need to know that it WILL work out, with the hand of God working out the details as we carry out our part. This is the energy of faith, and it's the only force that can see us through at such a time as this.

© Hank McIntyre


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