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Living On The Edge Of Time

For the Believer to survive in these Last Days, we've been given marching orders. Besides "keeping watch" and staying prepared "so that day won't come upon us like a thief", we're required to "fear not". The war and terrorism being engineered today is meant to immobilize the population with fear - making them accepting of "Patriot Act" style police-state controls.

Fear nullifies faith. Faith is a real energy, and it will be the determining factor in getting us through the storm ahead. Faith looks foolish to the worldly eye. So what is the world's definition of a "fool"? Mainly it's someone who doesn't fear them. He apparently disregards all their warnings, threats, and bad news. Yet he goes his own way, as if managing his life by some invisible guidebook. Though he's aware of these things, the faith-mind doesn't meditate on the world's tragedy. He doesn't allow his consciousness to be shaped by the fears of the unbelieving world.

When the world has a recession, he doesn't join it. He avoids paying attention to the emotionally-driven world, and just follows his own "assignment" from God. Any knowledge he needs in order to survive he gets from revelation. And this drives the unbelieving world berserk! They can't stand being ignored. They surround themselves with all those "important" disasters (e.g., news-addicts, the crowd around the water cooler) making themselves feel "important" by association.

The first time you hear news it's information. The next time, it's meditation. News stories are repeated ad infinitum like an unending drumbeat trying to pound your spirit into a state of paralysis. The Enemy wants you to cringe at these reports, to yield to fear, to dance to his chants of futility and frenzied panic.

"Meditate on the Word day and night." Meditation on the Word regenerates faith and produces ABILITY. Meditating on the fears of this world produce futility and inability. In view of this, which outlook is the most productive, the most sensible? The ones bringing us the news have no faith, so along with their "information," they unwittingly transfer a spirit of fear to the devoted listener. Meditating on the Word day and night saturates one's spirit so fully that it blocks out the faithless chatter of the world.

In a nuclear attack, high-potency iodine tablets overload the thyroid -- to prevent external radioactive iodine from entering. In the same way, excessive meditation on the Word and the Kingdom of God will overload our spirit and thus prevent it from taking-in the world's fear and futility.

Meditate on [The Book of the Law] day and night... Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for the Lord will be with you wherever you go. - Joshua 1:7-9

Don't Join In On The World's Disasters

The things we see, hear & feel are not as "real" as the spirit world that operates behind the scenes. As believers, we are instructed to "guard our spirit (heart) above all else, for from it flow the forces of life." (Proverbs 4:23). Our spirit must be stronger than our mind, for the mind is too responsive to the physical world, which is fear-driven & satanically-influenced. We must train our minds to be subordinate to our spirits - especially in these times when our "leaders" are trying to govern us by use of fear.

"Networking" of Survivalists

vs. The "Lure" of the Globalist Bankers

It's not realistic to expect individuals to counter the planned assault by the One-Worlders. At one time it seemed possible that people could get together and survive in a "society within a society" -- an underground economy. But how many people will voluntarily separate from the global economy? Money overrides politics (a fact on which the Globalists depend).

Countries which hate America still trade with U.S. dollars because of its present strength -- despite their political desire to avoid the currency. In the same way, people who want to create a separate gold-based economy still have to master that siren-song of the dollar, Euro (or whatever becomes the world currency du jour in the days ahead).

The Enemy has made long-term plans to take over society. For over 100 years the socialists, one-worlders, and perverts have diligently planned their slow, consistent overtaking of American law, banking, and politics until the independent, freedom-loving citizen rather stupidly finds himself in a strange land where the creeps have quietly taken over.

In contrast, some people think the coming disaster and U.N. occupation will be a time to camp out and toast marshmallows while they each take turns standing guard over the campground.

Most people want results instantly: If nothing changes in a few days they start watching cartoons. After "9-11", everyone was a "survivalist". A week later they all went to Starbucks and forgot about it.

But the One-World perverts aren't forgetting their objectives. The U.N. has been quietly growing into a monster due to the diligence, patience, and determination of the socialist swine who want to enslave us. We are going to have to find the unshakeable determination to press OUR cause regardless of the negative reaction by politicians, the media, socialist academics, and the U.N. monstrosity.


It's true that the Bible has prophesied these dark things about the Tribulation. On the other hand it has also revealed how we are to handle this tyranny: by spiritual warfare, binding the Enemy, interceding for government authority be it good or evil, and in this way prevent tyrants from trespassing on the ground of those of us in the Kingdom of God.

But once that has been done, it is then time to take our faith out into the world arena and put it to work. Do we believe the devil is bound and that "no weapon forged against us can prosper"? Then let's advance and prevent any ungodly intrusion from threatening our way of life. (Just because destruction has been prophesied, that doesn't mean we're the ones who get destroyed.) This is not the time for us to yield to a spirit of futility. We have to be stronger now than ever before. "Churchy" religion won't cut it today. This is the great battle between Good and Evil. This time, we need the kind of faith that isn't afraid of getting knocked around a little before the final victory.

Living On The Edge Of Time


The Fury and Ordinaryness of Last Days Events

There's an air of culmination intertwined with the goings-on of this particular age: a frenzy to compete, to acquire more, to move here, there, somewhere. To the worldly, it's just an unspoken sense of urgency, something they can't quite put their fingers on. But they see everyone else scurrying and feel the need to catch up. There's spiritual warfare going on. The closer we get to the last day of these "Last Days", the more the tempo of time has to be "compressed" in order for prophesied events to be completed by the end of this age. This puts a demand on the Kingdom of God - the Believers, the angelic beings, and even God himself. And all this has increased the tempo of life in a way that can be felt by everyone living in this particular slice of time.

Although God Has set laws into motion to allow the Believer to live in prosperity, he has never intended for us to derive our security from physical provisions themselves. Without stepping onto that invisible ground of "faith", we don't tap into the ongoing energy that is the real source of our survival and wealth. And in the days ahead, the physical sources of our survival will seem less reliable than before. When the powers-that-be in the government and business feel threatened by upsets in the economy, you can expect laws to change to protect (they hope) their wealth, but limits the freedom of the ordinary citizen. And in these ominous times there'll be and increasing absence of physical security, which will push the Believer into the Kingdom of God in a much fuller way.

In the past, living by faith was an exciting luxury - now it's an everyday necessity. The events of this age will make it clearer every day that the center of our government - God - must be directly relied upon on a continual basis. And that the worldly powers will have to be ignored and eluded. Though this may be a disturbing thing to accept, it's something we were not only given the ability to endure - but actually thrive in. For it was God himself who had us born into this time, the same God who is ushering in a New Age. He would not have us here if we were not able to live under these conditions. We may be unfamiliar with some of the things we'll have to face as this era unfolds... but we'll always have access to the Revelation Knowledge from God which will give us what we need to know as situations come up. Every one of us has got the "goods:"

"...God has dealt to every man the measure of faith." - Romans 12:3

Faith: Sustaining Energy. It's like a sheet of electricity, an energy upon which we stand, which supports us when the world gives us no ground to stand on. And as the world gets less reliable, that energy field of "faith" will be the source of our survival. We have to train our minds to avoid the world's "information highways" when we're looking for answers to a dilemma. Instead, we need to develop the reflex of depending on direct power from God when the world has no answers to give. This habit needs to be ingrained before the world's events set off a panic that will infect our emotions and make it more difficult for us to trust our spiritual instincts.




The urgency of our individual missions in this tumultuous time must always be kept at the center of our thoughts.

It is the intent of demonic activity to make the truth seem useless and weak compared to the shrill rantings of commercial propaganda and social drivel. When God reveals a way of protecting ourselves from a crisis that threatens to sweep over the entire globe, you'll be surrounded by people frantically chattering about some moronic game show they watched the night before. And they'll think you're nuts for being interested in larger issues affecting our very existence on this earth.

We have a profound responsibility to completely ignore everyday conversation, because most people are under a blanket of seductive materialism and entertainment. Like a drug, the haze of cell phones, SUVs and Wide-Screen TVs gives them a reassuring "power" that seems more "real" than what's actually going on.

We see things that threaten our freedom - and they say, "So what?" Most people don't get the concept of freedom. Their "freedom" is just a matter of how much money they can take in.

But among the freedom-loving, even someone of low-means has more freedom in his character. Although he many not be able exercise a large degree of financial freedom, his vision of freedom keeps him moving ahead. That "Ponderosa" in our future lingers in our thoughts as the incentive for all the work and planning we struggle with in the present.

The New World Order plans to eliminate that kind of personal freedom. They're against everything that allows the individual to be sovereign over his own land - and his own life. They just want to keep us working slavishly, with no hope of freedom to fuel our hopes. Our laws have been drawing us closer and closer to this bleak condition with each passing year. And the world quietly steals our hopes for future happiness while distracting us with an abundance of stupid consumer toys.

We have to stay focused on our vision, the truth we're able to see, the higher goals that make life worth the struggle. Then and only then will we be able to shed some light for the rest of the people to see the desirability of personal freedom and sovereignty, and arouse enough passion to make a difference in the way our world is run.

© Hank McIntyre


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