A Meeting of the
Survivalist Brotherhood

Hank: We're agreed, then, that the world is set for a total shift to One World Government through a Third World War in the very near future.

Ed: No doubt about it. The U.N. is poised to usher in the New World Order at any moment.

Carl: There'll be chaos, that's clear enough. Food, water, electricity... That'll all be cut off. The end of the "grid", that's for sure.

Hank: Good. We're all on the same page on this. In that case we can assume we've all got survival plans in place.

Ed: Absolutely. Plans. Ready to go at a moment's notice.

Carl: Stocked up, ready to go. As soon as I sense there's trouble coming.

Hank: So, what are your plans?

Carl: Oh, I've got plans, don't you worry about that. Big plans.

Ed: Been preparing for this for 5 years. I'm right on top of it.

Hank: OK, so suppose you find out the nearest city has been nuked. What's your plan of action?

Ed: Well, just use your common sense. What kind of a plan do you need for that?

Carl: Guess I'll drive out to the woods. Got myself a road atlas. Even figured out what route I'm going to take.

Hank: Maybe we ought to be living the "survival" life right now, BEFORE any trouble starts. Maybe we can get some of the bugs worked out of our plans before it's too late to do anything about it.

Carl: Well, why don't YOU go ahead and do it, then?

Hank: Don't you think it would go a lot better if we pooled our talents? We could avoid duplicating a lot of work.

Ed: I don't believe in jumping the gun. When I smell smoke, THEN I'll know there's a fire. Until then, why not enjoy civilization while we can?

Carl: Maybe it'll be too late to escape the crisis if we wait that long.

Ed: Geez - what kind of a crisis do you expect? You really believe we won't be able to drive from point A to point B? There'll be time to buy all those things when I first see trouble coming.

Hank: You ever see a supermarket just 10 minutes after a hurricane warning? What do you think it'll be like after a nuclear attack?

Ed: I don't know. I'm not going to sit around worrying about it.

Carl: Good. Then you can move around and prepare for it.

Ed: I don't want to talk about it anymore. Does anybody know if they still have those cheese fries at the bowling alley?

Hank: Sure, Ed. You better run over there before FEMA confiscates them for their underground food-storage bins.

[Another member of the group enters.]

Roy: Hey! I forgot the secret knock... Alright if I come in anyway?

Hank: I'm not sure. Did you bring any beer?

Carl: If you didn't bring any cheese fries for Ed, he's going to rat us out to the New World Order.

Ed: Real funny.

Roy: I just heard on the news they're classifying anyone who owns a gun as a "terrorist". I mean even a squirrel gun.

Carl: THERE'S a surprise. Anyone who doesn't crawl on their face before the U.N. is called a "terrorist" these days.

Ed: So what are you gonna do? They're in control.

Hank: They THINK they're in control. We can't afford to let their propaganda infect our thinking. We know what's right. It's just a matter of us being ready to ACTUALLY pull ourselves out of society and live independently of that demon-inspired world government.

Roy: "Demon-inspired." That sounds about right.

Carl: I just wish I knew about this stuff 10 years ago. We could have built our own off-grid TOWN by now.

Hank: The question is: What are we going to be thinking 10 years from NOW? What are we going to wish we had done today while there's still a little time left to prepare?

Carl: Sure. It would be great if we could stock an entire warehouse with supplies. But how much money are we working with here? A thousand? $2000?

Ed: Look at these "survivalist" supply lists you see in books & on the internet. They mention every product on the face of the earth and then tell you to buy 5-years worth.

Roy: AND a vacation house in the country!

Hank: It's too far-fetched to expect to have everything we'll need. I know we don't have the bucks to build an "End-Times Supply Depot." But I think we need to scope out a piece of land somewhere, turn over the soil, plant a few seeds, camp out a couple of times, and just get a feel for what it'll be like so it won't be such a shock when the time comes.

Ed: But you don't even know where you'll be living. You're basing your whole future on a hunch. "Scope out some land." WHAT land? The whole thing just doesn't sound solid enough for me to give up what I have now.

Roy: What we have now is the U.N. putting I.D. chips into everyone and snatching resistors, calling them "terrorists", and then lock them down somewhere where no one ever sees or hears from them again.

Carl: Right. The "survival" plan might not "sound solid enough" for you: But the U.N. Plan is as solid as a steel door and a concrete cell.

Ed: I know you're right. I just can't get myself to believe the world could turn against ordinary people so viciously. I mean, all of us were raised to believe we could trust the authorities. You know: generally. I'm not talking about the corrupt ones.

Carl: We COULD trust the authorities... THEN. But the authorities changed - and trust has to be earned. These authorities are doing everything that The Book of Revelation describes as the acts of the anti-christ. The authorities are on the side of the devil. Who's side are YOU on?

Roy: Woah! You been taking drama lessons?

Ed: That's it, I guess. OK, great - it's the end of the world. So what do we do now? We've got a few supplies, we've got some plans. So when do we start putting it into action already?

Carl: I think he's got it!

Hank: Either we build up our cash reserves and lay-in a better supply stockpile, or else bug-out now before it's too late.

Roy: We don't have that much to work with right now.

Ed: I don't even have a job!

Hank: That's what makes you so valuable to the team: You're the last guy anybody'd suspect of being part of a survivalist group!

Carl: Wait a minute. If we can't afford everything we're gonna need, where does all this "survival" come in? Survive just long enough to watch our supplies dwindle down to nothing?

Hank: The supples are just a head start. After that we'll grow what we need, forage, hunt, fish, and so forth.

Ed: Alright, alright. The picture never gets any better no matter how often we talk about it. It's going to be ugly, that's all. Just have to get used to it.

Roy: Ugly. But better than slaving for the U.N. with a Red Chinese "Peacekeeper" poking a bayonet in your backside while you spend 18 hours a day in some quarry.

Carl: Or taking the "chip" and going to hell.

Ed: The theologian adds his two cents. Alright, if we're going to do this thing, let's get it on. It's not going to get any better.

Hank: Roy - checked on the trailers lately?

Roy: 3 weeks ago. Underground, above ground - both stocked and secure. ...

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