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[MESSAGE 1, FROM: hankmcintyre - 6/23/01 11:32]

Last Days Survivalist

hankmcintyre (45/male/Western Hemisphere) 6/23/01 11:32 am

Welcome to the Yahoo! Message Board for Last Days Survivalist

[MESSAGE 2, FROM: dellenia_mae - 6/23/01 2:12]

Ideas for the...

dellenia_mae 6/23/01 2:12 pm

Like your site--- just read "The New World Order", kinda strange but it explains alot. Anyone out there got other ideas on how to live when the "lights go out?"

Is there really a survivalist "culture", or will we all be picking bugs off of each other like cave-people? (I've got a few outfits for that) I'll keep checking in to see wat's up. Bye for now. "Dellenia"

[MESSAGE 3, FROM: blackwolf_mda - 6/25/01 6:26]

Re: Last Days Survivalist

blackwolf_mda (46/M/Indy) 6/25/01 6:26 pm

thanks for the invite! i'll be checking back in--i definately believe we are in the "last days"


[MESSAGE 4, FROM: M_DragonKnight - 6/28/01 6:53 pm]

Hello M_DragonKnight (45/M/In the Shadows between da)

Just wanted to say hello. Some may know me as a survivavlist with a moderate point of view, i.e. I don't believe in the "Rambo" approach to survivalism.

I hope to learn lots here and share whatever meager knowledge I might posses.


[MESSAGE 5, FROM: M_DragonKnight - 6/29/01 5:51 pm]

Disaster Prepardness Handbook

M_DragonKnight (45/M/In the Shadows between da)

Thought this might be of interest.


[MESSAGE 6, FROM: ap50702 - 7/23/01 10:30 pm]

new member ap50702 (20/M/iowa)

Finally I found someplace where people have there heads on straight! looking forward to some interesting talk!

[MESSAGE 7, FROM: M_DragonKnight - 7/25/01 5:00 pm]


M_DragonKnight (45/M/In the Shadows between da)

Hello Vickers and AP. Though this club isn't very active, most of us are probably living the philosophy rather than talking about it, this can be an encyclopedia of information.

I'm not a founder but I think I've become the official greeter. If you have any questions please write, I'm sure someone will have an answer if not I'll make one up.


[MESSAGE 8, FROM: suzyladywolf - 8/7/01 4:21 pm]

Online OPEN Preparedness Meeting


Online OPEN Preparedness Meeting


NorthStar Preparedness Network would like to invite you, the preparedness community, to an OPEN, online chat on Thursday, August 9th, from 8-11pm Eastern Time. The meeting will be held on AIM. You can download the AIM program at We will open the room and begin inviting at 7:45pm Eastern Time on the 9th. Add the following screen names to you buddy list and IM us to let us know you'd like to be invited:

NorthStarXO OpsNSPN CommoNSPN IntelNSPN

One of the four of us will invite you in.

This is an opportunity for the preparedness community to get together online and chat about what's important to us.

The agenda will be: Introduction to NorthStar and General Preparedness Issues.

Thank you for your consideration and hope to see you online.

Suzanne Settle XO, NorthStar Preparedness

[MESSAGE 9, FROM: hankmcintyre - 8/9/01 7:34 pm]

Truth is out there...

hankmcintyre (45/M/Western Hemisphere)

The information is our there: It's really a question of whether or not people are interested in it. Most people are scared of the notion that the bankers and government agencies are not all on the up-and-up. A lot of us do our part by spreading the message. But if people don't respond, what's left?

There's no conspiracy out there that's hiding this information. What's happening is that people are ignoring the information. History shows plainly, for example, that the "Federal" Reserve is a private bank, unconstitutionally established, owned by foreign bankers endeavoring to control the US and the world by financial manipulation... but does anyone want to know? This and all the other decisions made quietly behind closed doors have caused untolled bloodshed in unnecessary wars and engineered depressions, all for the sake of "One-World Government" and other ill-conceived ideas of the various "rich-boys' clubhouses".

My own conclusion is to understand the Kingdom of God in such a way as to not be moved by the idiocy and malevolence in this world.

It's good to hear ideas from others on the message board. There's a lot more going on than any of us realize, I'm sure. But independence and preparation are basically the way to go in this life.


[MESSAGE 10, FROM: northstarzone - 8/23/01 2:47 pm]

Re: Online OPEN Preparedness Meeting


Hi, you sound like the kind of folks who could appreciate my website. We even share the same name.

It's Sincerely, NORTHSTAR

[MESSAGE 11, FROM: freetobeshe - 9/14/01 9:57 pm] member!

freetobeshe (45/F/Western Massachusetts)

Hello all! I'm glad I found this name is Mina, and together with my partner Jim, we live in Western Massachusetts. Jim has always been interested in and knowledgable of survival techniques, and in recent light of the terrorist attacks, I've decided to start educating myself.

It's a fact of life, and I'd rather be "safe than sorry" order to survive in the last days. Take care all !

[MESSAGE 12, FROM: nighteyes1991 - 9/15/01 2:47 pm]



I don't know if you're kidding about 'Goodby America' but after what they did, we better waste every one of those bastards. Sure, we'll have a little less "freedom" - so what? It's a WAR! You want terrorists to run around free in our country because your paranoid about some dumass 'conspiracy' you dreamed up?

Waste em all - if you or anybody else doesn't like it - TOUGH SHIT!

[MESSAGE 13, FROM: hankmcintyre - 9/15/01 3:01 pm]

Re: ...

hankmcintyre (45/M/Western Hemisphere)

The terrorists ARE bastards and we need to attack them and disable them completely from attacking us or anyone else. But if you did read my article, "Goodbye, America?",


you'd see that my point was that:

1. - There are some power-hungry people who use times like these to grab more power for their agencies (and that these powers [Read: Tax Dollars] remain long after the war is over); and:

2. - The U.N. will try to have us fight under THEIR flag instead of the Stars and Stripes. This will give them more power to wage future wars without the agreement of the U.S. And:

3. - That these things together will almost eliminate constitutional freedoms for the ordinary American citizen when the war is a distant memory.

There's more going on than what "Katie Couric" and that crowd are telling us. Behind the scenes:

[MESSAGE 14, FROM: northstarzone - 9/16/01 6:23 pm]

You Don't Know the Half of It!


When congress DOUBLED the war budget unanimously without being asked by Bush, you KNOW some money-power behind the scenes is pushing this. (Compare this to "Desert Storm", to which Congress (the Democrats) gave only grudging support.)

And Bush went from timid protest on Tuesday to Raging Warrior by Friday - somebody's whispering in his ear - the world monetary powers are hot for this war! (did they let the attack happen in the first place?!) I think the U.N. is moving in for world control thru all this chaos.

[MESSAGE 15, FROM: knightstar1112 - 9/16/01 6:41 pm]



I can't help noticing how even "patriotic" talk show hosts are blatantly haters of religion. This attitude seems to exist in education also, always referring to "Fundamentalist" Muslims and "Fundamentalist" Christians in the same breath. They talk as if people who actually believe the Bible is true are enemies who are holding back civilization.

The Believers have held together civilization: Their faith has enabled them to endure poverty & hardship without giving up hope and causing a social breakdown: The humanist can only be motivated by material gain or sensual pleasure -

Without that, they could not endure hardship. Then they'd justify any kind of crime to alleviate their misery & call it "Situational Ethics."

Anyway, I can see how the Mark of the Beast could come about soon. The people in power have no respect for the Christian point of view.

And the rest of the people are clamoring so much for "tight security", that implanting chips in people for identification - and buying & selling - will probably be DEMANDED by the unbelieving population. And with their hatred for religion, they would call people who resist this "Mark" terrorists! And THEN what? Head for the hills!

[MESSAGE 16, FROM: M_DragonKnight - 9/18/01 4:36 pm]


M_DragonKnight (45/M/In the Shadows between da)

Ten years ago I was driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It can be a long, bland, boring drive when you take the inland route, with even the smallest towns few and far between.

I was in the middle of nowhere when smoke started coming out of my car. It was a Sunday, too, so even if I found a town, I didn't think anything would be open. I saw a town called King City which, at the time, consisted of a fast food restaurant, a gas station, and little else.

But the gas station was open-even the service area. I walked in to find the cleanest service area I've ever seen. You could have truly eaten off the floors. The owner was middle-eastern, and he fixed my car, then and there, for $8 (when he could have told me I needed expensive parts and I would have believed him).

He had this sign on the wall. I wrote it down and have never forgotten it:

He who knows not and knows he knows not, is simple-Teach him.
He who knows not and knows not he knows not, is a fool-Avoid him.
He who knows and knows not he knows is asleep-Wake him
He who knows and knows he knows is wise-Follow him

. . . . . John Perry Barlow wrote that "The goal of terrorism is to paralyze the American government by encouraging totalitarianism." We can't allow this to happen.


[MESSAGE 17, FROM: rev_tal - 9/18/01 6:41 pm]

Love truth when I hear it!

rev_tal (37/M/B/CS Texas IM me, or e-ma)

Hello, Well that was briliant here is one for you "He who knows does not talk, and talters do not know'.

Peace (the most supernatural meaning of that word)


[MESSAGE 18, FROM: M_DragonKnight - 9/18/01 7:47 pm]

Re: Love truth when I hear it!

M_DragonKnight (45/M/In the Shadows between da)

If you got something to say then say it. This medium is not condusive for saracasm or the like. In fact it's often misread, and perhaps I am doing that now. But here goes...

Otherwise, listen to an older and wiser voice who lives in a state where a man isn't dragged to death because of his color.

NOT everyone of a middle-east descent is a terrorist. NOT everyone of a southern descent hates. This is a club for survivalists, not hate mongers, the two aren't synonomous.

But, as a reverend as you claim to be, you must know the power of an anaology since Christ himself used so many in his teachings.


[MESSAGE 19, FROM: rev_tal - 9/19/01 12:45 am]

Re: Love truth when I hear it!

rev_tal (37/M/B/CS Texas IM me, or e-ma)

Whoa, no sarcasm intended I am in complete agreement. Hope to chat w/ you some time. I personally don't think something like this can happen as totally an outside job, at this stage in the game.

Yes I am a Rev. however I am not religious I believe that religion does not have what people want when they go to "church" or wherever folks go for the supernatural truth.

Sorry don't want to rant. Would like to meet all you club members and I do hope this club supersede the founders vision. Peace Tal'

[MESSAGE 20, FROM: hankmcintyre - 9/19/01 6:25 pm]

"Founder's Vision..."

hankmcintyre (45/M/Western Hemisphere)

What would you like to see on this site? I'd really like to know.

The "Club" is really an adjunct to the Website (, and I put the bulk of my effort into that.

I've posted a lot of material concerning the activities of the One-World-Government movement, and the U.N.'s efforts to scare the world into accepting them as the unquestioned World Governing & Military Power.

I think these events are the core reason for the need for Survivalism. There are very few sources of credible information on these subjects, and most people either don't believe it or they're afraid it's true and want to ignore it.

My hope has been to present this information in a believable way without provoking fear.

Survivalism is the way to face these ugly realities without having to be afraid of them.

I also present Bible prophesy as a comparison to the events of our day. I think that understanding God as a reality in our lives is crucial to survival, for this not only gives us an idea of what to expect in the future, but also avails us of Revelation Knowledge that will show us ways of eluding disaster as the days get darker.

I know religion has gotten a black eye because of some shady individuals, but we're in a time when we're smack in the middle of a battle for the world: The Ultimate Good versus Pure Evil. This is no time to be playing with religious arguments. History is forcing us to take sides: There's no safe, medium ground for us to hide in right now.

I'd still appreciate some feedback on how you think the Club or the Website could be improved.



Development of One-World-Government:

The World Trade Center Attack & Its implications on our personal freedoms:

World Trade Center Attack & some of the Untold Details:

[MESSAGE 21, FROM: mcguirefive - 9/22/01 2:31 am]

Water shelf life?

mcguirefive (33/M/Tyler, Texas)

What is the shelf life of water? and what can I treat it with to prolong its shelf life?

[MESSAGE 22, FROM: M_DragonKnight - 9/22/01 11:49 am]

Re: Water shelf life?

M_DragonKnight (45/M/In the Shadows between da)

Right off hand I would go to a store and look for the expiration date on the bottled water.

But, if I remember right, if properly done (chlorinated, kept in the dark, sealed from air, kept in a sterilized container) it should be indefinite.

The problem with water is that no matter how much it's filtered and chlorinated there seems to be spores in the air that will allow algae to grow inside the water if kept in the light. While I don't know if the algae is dangerous, I can't seem to drink "chunky" water.


[MESSAGE 23, FROM: hankmcintyre - 9/22/01 12:42 pm]

Re: Water shelf life?

hankmcintyre (45/M/Western Hemisphere)

For long term water storage, add 16 drops of bleach - "sodium hypochlorite" - type (such as "Clorox) - per gallon of water.

Water thus treated should be good for 1 year or more. (The bottle must remain sealed).

If after extended storage you need to drink this water and are unsure if it is still good, add 4 drops of chlorine bleach per gallon; 30 minutes later, check for a slight odor of chlorine: this means the water is safe. If you let this re-treated water sit in a sealed container for an additional 24 hours, the chlorine will lose its offensive taste and scent and break down into salt and water.

(More on this:


[MESSAGE 24, FROM: dellenia_mae - 10/3/01 6:27 pm]



Since we seem to be living in the time of Revelations, anybody have thoughts on whether the "rapture" will happen before all the trouble starts, will we go thru it, or whatever... ?

Other sites talking about the "end times" all seem to have different opinions.

Just curious about wot people think...


[MESSAGE 25, "unavailable" ]

[MESSAGE 26, FROM: nighteyes1991 - 10/3/01 6:57 pm]

Re: "Arabs..."


I read youre articles and the messages the last 3 weeks... I concede theres more than meets the eye.

When the World Trade Center blew up, all I could think of was starting a war against whoever was behind the attack. I reread Goodbye, America, the "Bush...U.N." story & a couple of the related articles and i think I can see the mess a little more clearly, though I'm not quick to change my viewpoint on a subject: I just don't like being passive when the 'other guy' (the attackers) think their 'joe badass'.

Either way, still looks like trouble...

Keep it cool & frosty -

- "N"

[MESSAGE 27, FROM: M_DragonKnight - 10/3/01 10:22 pm]

Re: Rapture!

M_DragonKnight (45/M/In the Shadows between da)

First I don't think much of "rapture" unless you're talking of the Blondie song, but as for living in the times of revelation:

Every, every, every generation has days of revelation and we're still here... Course everyone thinks we're living in the times of Nostradamus too... Go figure... Or the time of Roaronoke (sp) or anyone of a countless doomsday prophicies...

By the way what language is the word "wot"?




[MESSAGE 28, FROM: acollins46805 - 10/4/01 11:52 am]

Re: Rapture!

acollins46805 (34/M/Fort Wayne, IN)

Here's a link to a good post-trib/pre-wrath Biblical and last days prophesy site. Pastor Raggio talks about the need for believers to make survival preparations to be able to live "off the grid" when Christians refuse the Mark of the Beast and will not be able to buy and sell commerically.


[MESSAGE 29, FROM: rev_tal - 10/4/01 4:18 pm]

Re: Rapture!

rev_tal (37/M/B/CS Texas)

Hey y'all,

Just had to add my two on this one. (lol)

First we must define what we mean by "rapture".

If we agree that "the Rapture" is the taking up of a physical mortal human being, into the full spiritual manifest presence of Adonai (God), then my beliefs on the subject are as follows.

There have been two documented cases that I know of in the Bible. (Elisha, and Enoc). There will be the 144,000 Messianic Jewish martyrs, told to us by the Apostle John.

There is also the "Pretrib. Rapture" belief in which Believers are caught up in the upper atmosphere following the resurrection of the (dead) Believers, with Christ.

I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me that more people will come to him of there own free will during the tribulation, than at any other time in the history of planet Earth. So you see there is, was, and will be a pre., mid, and post trib. "rapture" This said let me go on.

I believe through my studies of the Word of God that does support a Pre Trib. Rapture,

however Jesus said Himself that it will be as it was in the day's of Noah. Let's look at this a moment. Not one drop of rain fell on Noah's head. The word tells us that God Himself shut the arc door. Noah on the other hand was not removed from the earth or into the full presence of God. In fact it took Noah some 125 years building it on land far from a coast, and at this time as the Earth was covered by the firmament

Gen.1, It had probably not even rained yet. God did however protect Noah and his family through the provision God gave him while being in relationship with Adonai (God).

To sum up and thus not write a novel here, I have a few questions. Have we done at least as well with what God has given us as did Noah even at great personal ridicule and seeming loss for 125 years? I hope so!

Do we have a relationship with God and not just a religion?One more note There is very little (though some) mention of the U.S.A. in last day prophecy as a (let alone the) Super power.

All the others are clearly there Russia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, and Asia as well. Not U.S.A. though. Are we just not around at this time (7 yr. trib. period) or perhaps we are bundled in with Israel of who is the center of this whole struggle. Or do we just go along with the Anti-Christ who manipulates the world via the demonic control of the U.N. Well what do y'all think?

I wonder what list this bit of truth has put me on?

Peace Tal'

[MESSAGE 30, FROM: da_wrath_of_god - 10/7/01 12:33 pm]

If I were the President............


I'd find out what mountain bin Laden is hiding in and nuke it.

And as for those Taliban troops amassing at the border of Uzbekhistan, I'd do the same.

Maybe use a neutron bomb--it wouldn't be as messy.

[MESSAGE 31, FROM: osram007 - 10/8/01 12:02 pm]



I looked at some of "Protocols of the New World Order". I've heard a little about them here and there, but this sounds pretty fierce.

I guess the religious crowd would look at this as the "anti-christ" or something. I'll have to check it out some more before I figure out what to make of it all.

(If they really DO take over the world, what's a good site for a "survival" retreat? Mars?)

- O.R.

[MESSAGE 32, FROM: hankmcintyre - 10/8/01 3:34 pm]


hankmcintyre (45/M/Western Hemisphere)

There's probably several thousand "protocols" by old clubs (or "societies") that declared themselves the baddest dudes on the earth; It's just human nature (the desire to create a conspiracy does not indicate the ABILITY to create one). They only have power if they can fool people outside their group into believing it.

Apparently the New World Order members have fooled a few bankers and politicians enough to make them carry out their agenda (and keep quiet about it in the process.)

These "world-controlling" societies always think that the other societies are their unwitting dupes: (the Jesuits think the NWO are on their leash, the New World Order think they've pulled the wool over the Freemasons, and so on).

They're all basically trying to scam the world. If you can't be seduced by greed or intimidated by threats, they've got no hold on you.

If you can read stuff like this without getting anxious (or laughing), then you can get an idea why the world is going the way it is.

["Protocols of the New World Order":


Our job then is figuring out the best way to elude them & survive.

("Therefore keep watch and always pray, so that you will be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come, and to stand before the Son of Man" - Luke 21:36).

[MESSAGE 33, FROM: rev_tal - 10/8/01 3:48 pm]

U.S.A. in prophecy!

rev_tal (37/M/B/CS Texas)

Greetings all,

As the events of the W.T.C. have evolved I have been in much study over are part in latter day prophecy. This is what I have found so far.

Most of the days current governments are clearly mentioned. Russia with a Middle Eastern ties that will bring Russia into the Middle East. Europe as a united Union. Chine and Asia, even Africa.

The disturbing thing I am finding is very little mention of the good ole' U.S.of A. Hmmmm I have a few theories. 1 Perhaps something very bad happens to us before the next world war which proceeds the battle in the valley of Medigo (Armageddon).

Or maybe Our Government just falls in suit with the U.N. , which is what the rising world leader will use as his platform to rise to world domination. There is a mention however of "the young lions" giving a word of protest over troupe build up by Russia and there Middle Eastern ties.

Great Britain in days past had a red lion on their flag young would prob. refer to someone that comes from, or "child" of Great Britain. The math is easy from there that is us. I am not joyous as I write this. I believe in America.

It is disturbing that growing up in public school years back, they taught that the difference between and the then evil U.S.S.R. was that there the leaders controlled the press. That they were the bad guys because in a socialist leadership every one was equal, except the leaders of the country who were very well off while the citizens lived in poverty.

Now that I am a man the truth is that our Government is just the same except our leaders lie to us about it. You know I can handle the fact that there wolves about, but how do I teach my children that some wolves have sheep costumes on.

A mean m****r F*****g servant of God.

[MESSAGE 34, FROM: osram007 - 10/18/01 12:28 pm]

Re: U.S.A. in prophecy!

osram007 (34/M/Oregon)

I'm sure the U.S. falls in line with the U.N. as the power behind the UN's One World government.

You seem to know what you're talking about, and I'm finding out much on the present political "conspiracies" and all that from various sites.

It's all well & good to know this, but... What do we do now?

[MESSAGE 35, FROM: knightstar1112 - 10/19/01 1:16 pm]

Survivalism & Denial


Probably no point in writing or discussing Survivalism or One World government. Everyone seems to realize on some level we're on the verge of WWIII or something... but as soon as they catch themself saying it, they change the subject suddenly, as though they're afraid they're right.

Look at history: WW II - what did the movies and literature of the time show? Abbot & Costello? the Depression: the Marx Bros & swing. People don't want to look at the problems of the day when they believe there's no way out.

But if people keep publicly expressing their resistance to UN dominance over America & the world, & of flimsy government explanations of disasters that lead us into wars that have no clear purpose --- that in itself will slow down the problem, if not stop it entirely. This time we need to keep the faith...



[MESSAGE 36, FROM: northstarzone - 10/19/01 1:55 pm]

Protocols of the New World Order


Protocols of the NWO are the same as the "Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion", with a few changes in the wording. I think it clarifies the subject matter (this version) because the plans are clearly being acted out by the governments of the world (and the bankers).

Removing the "zion" terminology brings it into reality, I think. You can see the events without the racial bias. Like you say, it was probably written that way to throw the world off the scent as to the true authors.

Protocol 5:10 - " put public opinion into our hands, we bring it into bewilderment by expressing all sides of contradictory opinions... until the public, from sheer fatigue, sees the best thing is to have NO OPINION AT ALL ON POLITICS..." - Incredible!

[MESSAGE 37, FROM: hankmcintyre - 10/19/01 3:18 pm]

Re: Protocols of the New World Order

hankmcintyre (45/M/Western Hemisphere)

You're right, "The Protocols of the New World Order"

( originally were issued as the "Protocols of ... Zion". Since the agenda detailed in the text accruately reflects the agenda of the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, the demolition of National Sovereignty (which is now officially a U.N. principle!) and all the other crazy events that crop up on a daily basis in today's world, it helped me make sense of what's going on.

I felt it would be a good idea to produce a version of the "Protocols" free of the references to "Zion" (which had nothing to do with the political goals outlined in the text) and replace them with the more obvious terms (i.e., "New World Order") , and also help clear up some of the out-of-date phrases existing therein.

Having been written over 100 years ago, it was frought with racial references. I believe this was done to divide the public against each other - as people began to see these "World Control" plans taking place. In this way, the true perpetrators could move about undetected while the world tore itself to pieces with wars and political upheavals.

I thought a version of these "Protocols" that was free of the misleading racial rhetoric would let people see what was being planned by this behind-the-scenes body, without being blinded by distracting emotions resulting from inflamatory terminology.

- H.M.

[MESSAGE 38, FROM: osram007 - 10/22/01 1:36 pm]

Good Survival Locations

osram007 (34/M/Oregon)

Colorado, Idaho, Montana & that general area seem to be the best for weathering the storm ahead. Texas might be a problem in a crisis due to the international border with Mexico, its being an easy entry point for "terrorists" (or whatever you want to call them) from any country.

Basically, the cities and most of the Eastern U.S. look like goood places from which to keep ourselves scarce these days.


[MESSAGE 39, FROM: dellenia_mae - 10/22/01 2:18 pm]

Re: Rapture!

dellenia_mae (39/F/Texas)

Thanks for the site. Got a lot out of it. Like to see "survivalism" & prophesy fit together. I believe it's all on the same page anyway.

Thought "Believers & One World Government" was interesting also. The idea of "interceding" for government to keep believers free from tyrrany, whether our "everyday" rulers or the End-times "Beast" is a useful concept, I think



[MESSAGE 40, FROM: knightstar1112 - 10/22/01 3:29 pm]

Silver as a Survivalist currency


Silver coins & bars are supposedly a good cash "substitute" in a survival economy (if our paper money becomes as worthless as it really is). Since our currency has no precious metal behind it, gold & silver are always valuable. Silver is probably the most practical, at about $5 an ounce it can be used for small trade items. The price has come down somewhat since the "Y2K" hording environment of 1999, so it's probably a good time to take a look at it. (The end of the world was postponed by about 21 months).

"Barter" items are good currency in a crisis as well, so in storing up supplies for the Big Day, a few extra pieces set aside just for swapping in an underground market seems like a good idea. (Maybe a few cases of bourbon?)

[MESSAGE 41, FROM: rev_tal - 10/23/01 2:11 am]

Re: Silver as a Survivalist currency

rev_tal (37/M/B/CS Texas)

We know that the next/last world war will bring about many different aspects for instance,famine,plague,massive destruction to plant life, water, in short all things living.

I am reminded of another famine written of in the Bible. The famine that took place during the time of Joseph (Gen.), since that time there had been a tomb unearthed which the remains a woman, (with much treasure buried w/ her), was found w/ an inscription which in short spoke of this famine. She lived outside of Egypt and on two occasions sent servants (she was apparently very wealthy, the wealth of that time being measured in gold, silver, jewels, livestock etc.) to trade these various commodities to purchase grain. Due to the severity of the famine she was turned down, and eventually died of starvation. The point being the only thing worth any thing was food.

The Bible tells us that in the times that are most certainly coming that "a piece of bread will buy a bag of gold."

P.S. As I am in the process of moving I am not on line as much as I would like to be. At a later date I will be able to give more info on any of my posts if any one desires it. I have more posts to answer and am behind. I believe that this is my fav. club please do not be offended if I have not replied to anyone in a timely manner... Lord willing I will get to it. rev_tal

[MESSAGE 42, FROM: rev_tal - 10/23/01 2:21 am]

Re: U.S.A. in prophecy!

rev_tal (37/M/B/CS Texas)

What can we do now?

Well if I may speak from personal incite and vision, there will be various groups of people who survive and in fact thrive, through bartering, working together. It would be fruitful I believe to start meeting others with the necessary skills that can work together and help one another during these times. I have some ideas of these skills but am interested in reading what others have to say on this topic as well. rev_tal

[MESSAGE 43, FROM: rev_tal - 10/23/01 2:28 am]

God Bless America

rev_tal (37/M/B/CS Texas)

God bless America?

I am seeing this and hearing this every day now due to the current world events. I can't help but ask my self, what do folks mean by this when they post, speak, or display this message ........ Does it mean the individual believes that America is worth of this blessing? What do we mean by bless? I am just wondering what you all think please send some feedback. I will post my two cents very soon .... still studying, meditating, and praying on this one myself. The supernatural peace of Christ be on you, rev_tal

[MESSAGE 44, FROM: rev_tal - 10/23/01 2:44 am]

Worth checking out

rev_tal (37/M/B/CS Texas)

I have been checking this out, Just interesting.

Don't worry! even though Noah was here through the flood, not a drop of water fell upon him. Whether we are here when the antichrist/UN led forcing Jews and believers or not we will be in God's covering.

Below we have reprinted an article from the 'Wall Street Journal'. It reveals that Saudi Binladin Group, the conglomerate owned by Osama bin Laden's family, has invested in:

"Carlyle Group, a well-connected Washington merchant bank specializing in buyouts of defense and aerospace companies." ('WSJ,' 27 September 2001)

Through his lofty position at Carlyle and as a consultant, George Bush Sr. is closely linked to the bin Ladens. As are other powerhouse U.S. politicians.

Given that Carlyle's business is "defense," the Bushes and bin Ladens may well profit handsomely from the current war.

There has been no outcry in the mass media about this. No U.S. newspaper has picked up the WSJ story. Nor has CNN or Fox.

[NOTE: The connection between the Bush and bin Laden families is also discussed in 'More on Bushladen Carlyle Group' at

and 'Bush/bin Laden Connection "has now turned into a scandal!"' at

- Jared Israel and others at Emperor's Clothes ]

[MESSAGE 45, FROM: hankmcintyre - 10/23/01 6:45 pm]


hankmcintyre (45/M/Western Hemisphere)

I've been getting a lot of questions concerning the articles on WTC, the media-inspired hysteria over that the United Nation's involvement, AND the NEW WORLD ORDER... people questioning the validity of the comments and my sources and such.

So I've been spending a lot of time posting "PROOF" of the allegations made in these articles, so as to put people's minds at ease that they are not just reading made-up conspiracies. I'd rather get back to basic survival talk & preparation issues... but at least now I've got answers for the critics, so now hopefully I can move on.

What I ended up with was "Protocols of the New World Order", which I mentioned a couple of times already on the messageboard. I wasn't sure of the best way to present it, but it seemed important to make it available, since it covers a lot of the "disaster" scenarios we're witnessing today. The problem was that the original version is written in racist language. I believe this was done to distract the public away from the actual writers of the document, whom I believe to be the New World Order.

So, I "translated" the document, replacing the racial terms with "New World Order" & related terminology, allowing the document to be read without distracting emotions. If you're already familiar with the original version, read this one: some of the vague, out-of-date phraseology has been made clearer, though none of the meanings have been changed.

It's worth a look if you are at all interested in behind-the-scenes explanations of what makes governments do the crazy things they do. I think it's good to look through these things, not to get fearful of the perpetrators of these plots, but for us to be aware that such people exist and to not get shocked when we see changes taking place in our world, as has happened recently.

Anyway, I'm done with that. To pick up on an idea posted no the messageboard (by "rev_tal"), we probably ought to work on (or at least discuss) pooling talents for survival off-the-grid. Issues would include: To what extent would one live & work outside the market economy (i.e., work without salary, strictly for survival); Should it be a "community" effort or just individual work, each taking care of his own little acre, and just occasional trade or barter as situations come up?

Some have inquired about a "personals" page on the club site. I always thought the messageboard would be enough to handle any connections of that type, at least as a starting point. Any ideas?

Are the "political" articles too far beyond "survivalism" to be of any interest? I thought this kind of information would fire-up a sense of urgency about preparing for the times ahead.

I know there's more survival issues to discuss & write about; it's probably time to focus mainly on those. A lot of good input on the messageboard lately. Let's keep the dialog going.

- H.M. [MESSAGE 46, FROM: northstarzone - 10/24/01 11:58 am]



Survival topics are good, but your site has enough of those. I like finding out the REASONS for the need for survival: The "EMERGENCIES" the media keep talking about. I'm more interested in the facts behind the so-called "news".

I like to share what I've found out and keep it to the point. Maybe we can get some discussion going.

[MESSAGE 47, FROM: scout_8062 - 10/28/01 8:04 pm]

Thanks, Hank!

scout_8062 (32/M/Southeast Indiana)

Thank you for the link. I'm looking forward to reading more in the future.

[MESSAGE 48, FROM: osram007 - 11/25/01 2:14 pm]


osram007 (34/M/Oregon)

Your site is preoccupied with the idea that some "conspiracy" is trying to establish a world government. But have you ever considered that a "conspiracy" may be comprised of logical, clear-thinking men who are trying to bring order and prosperity to a chaotic world?

I used to have the same views that you and others express on your site & messageboard: that world government is a horrible thing & will take away our "sovereignty" (whatever that means).

But after perusing a lot of material, I'm persuaded that humankind's brightest day lay ahead of us, as the best & brightest take charge of our planet's affairs via a United Nations Government.

I hope others can realize that this is nothing to be feared, but rather embraced. It is the next evolution of human society & it's been a long time in coming!

I invite all who are interested to check out our new "Group" site:

I hope you can join us!

[MESSAGE 49, FROM: acollins46805 - 11/25/01 9:00 pm]


acollins46805 (35/M/Fort Wayne, IN)

2 Thessalonians 2:11,12 (NIV):

"For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness."

You are seriously deluded, my friend!


[MESSAGE 50, "Unavailable" ]

[MESSAGE 51, FROM: nighteyes1991 - 11/27/01 1:16 pm]



Stuff it, "OSRAM"! I hope your the first one the UN sends off to the slave camps, you fink a--hole.

You read all these articles on the New World Order and the UN, and you can still write shit like that in your messages?

If I ran this Club, crap like yours would never be seen. Yeah, we're living in a "New Age" all right - its called the Last Days. The war between Good and Evil... and I just might find you in my crosshairs when that battle comes up.

P.S. - "OSRAM": Your website looks like it was put together by a 2 year old. If all of you One-Worlders are as dumb as you, we got nothing to worry about.

[MESSAGE 52, FROM: ap50702 - 11/27/01 4:11 pm]


ap50702 (20/M/iowa)

The whole problem with a one world government is that there will have to be a one world religion.

This religion will of course be false, probably headed by the pope, and will persecute the true saints of GOD. That is why I have a problem with it.


[MESSAGE 53, FROM: rudybugs - 11/27/01 4:57 pm]


rudybugs (45/M/Fort Wayne)

Hello, it is conspiracy. That is no secret. The U.N.- Its founder or [Father] as it was known was Alger Hiss. Later to be convicted of being a communist spy.

Globalism dates back to the 19th century. Why it is a conspiracy is because the element behind it is anti-Christ in its views and idealogy. Its goal is to set up a Global Government in an Humanistic approach until it prevails. Humanism is the opposite of Christianity.

The Globalist know that there are 3 elements of conflict in the world that they must bring under their control to bring about there dream of a communistic world. The 3 elements are

1. Religion-

2. Independent Nations=Land Grab-

3.Economic unequality=poverty.

Their solution-

1. A one world Religion under one banner that follows a global ethic

2.One world government includes a world army

3.A one world economic system=the eventual personal marking system commonly refered to as the mark of the beast. " Will not be able to buy or sell unless he has the mark" [Or I.D.]These are the great elements of WAR.

This Global System will eventually come against the people of God. Conform or be driven out of the Global Community.

You see sir, we are not against the concepts of peace or prosperity for all. However, we know what humanism brings. Death!

Ask the murdered children of U.N. sponsored resolutions on terminating the life of unborn [not fetuses]children. WE know that altering termanology will desensatize the masses!!

Ask the 500,000 children in Iraq who have died because of U.N. resolutions prohibiting necessary medicenes and formulas. There attempts are a last grasp at some hope for peace and tranquility in a world that is headed for jugdement!

You see, when we rationalize the killing of the innocent and the helpless we have ourselves have become that great evil!!

Judgement is coming! Put your trust in the U.N. or you can put your trust in the Great Liberator,and Redemmer. "Choose this day whom you will serve, whether it be good or evil." That Liberator being King Jesus!!

[MESSAGE 54, FROM: hankmcintyre - 11/28/01 10:47 am]


hankmcintyre (45/M/Western Hemisphere)

I'm not sure what material could have led you to the conclusion that World Government is preferable to individual freedom, but I suggest you give it some more thought.

I've taken a look at your site & your "Group", & I can only conclude that whatever information you've been looking at is borderline fantasy and even delusional.

Whenever any one group attains anything like "absolute power", those outside the ranks of power ALWAYS become slaves, subjects of torture and death: EVEN IF THAT'S NOT THE GOVERNING BODY'S ORIGINAL AGENDA. This is just human nature.

By nature, human beings despise those weaker than us, and whoever ends up ruling the planet will start demolishing anyone who looks at them crosseyed. (Look into the Nazi slave camps, for example: given absolute authority over their charges, the guards couldn't resist busting the heads of their internees, even though they were turning-out work for them & it would to be their benefit to keep them alive & well).

Man's psychology is just too frail & wispy to assume the role of God.

The "highest evolution" of human society can only be the "Government that governs least", and doing so over a people who are self-disciplined enough to govern themselves.

[MESSAGE 55, FROM: osram007 - 11/28/01 6:53 pm]

Re:SURVIVALISTS... (Link Correction)

osram007 (34/M/Oregon)

"Group" URL should read:

(Just in case...)


[MESSAGE 56, FROM: hankmcintyre - 11/29/01 12:42 pm]

Re: Osram (Link Correction)

hankmcintyre (45/M/Western Hemisphere)

"Just in case"? In case of WHAT? It doesn't look like anyone here will be double-checking to see if they got your URL right.

Debate is good; but you've already made your point. Don't expect to use this messageboard to hawk your site.

This isn't a game - these are serious issues, life & death. The U.N. tyrants are trying to put us in a position that will force us to engineer ways to survive under conditions that have never existed before on this earth. Every one of us is going to have to make a choice. You think you've chosen the safe side, but there is no safety in this conflict: The "Beast" will devour its "friends" as well as its enemies.

Sometimes a choice has to be made on sheer Faith - especially when the world's not giving us all the facts. This is one of those times. Think FAST!


[MESSAGE 57, FROM: mcguirefive - 11/29/01 2:47 pm]

Man, I go away for a while and.........

mcguirefive (33/M/Tyler, Texas)

... look what happens. This guy is seeking pease, this is true, but look at all the tempers flare at his ideas.

I will not get pissed at his ideas of false hope. But with one world goverment our "Last Days Survivalist" skills will come in very handy. For some funny reason, George Orwells "1984" comes to mind, since I read all of his post and visited his group/site. He is advertising in the wrong club! As a member I would like to say "GO AWAY!" and dont look back. Bombs away!

Tim McGuire

[MESSAGE 58, FROM: mrfitman4u - 12/1/01 7:16 am]



Great points!!!However,did 500,000 children die because of UN sanctions or Saddam??

[MESSAGE 59, FROM: rudybugs - 12/1/01 9:17 am]


rudybugs (45/M/Fort Wayne)

I would say the U.N.-Saddam-and the U.S. is at fault. The U.N. knows and done nothing, Saddam caused it, and the U.S. did not finish it!!


[Msg. #60: osram007: Where's Support for U.S.?] 12/5/01 1:59 pm
I can't help noticing the distinct unpopularity for the UN, (including the vociferous comments on this messageboard) calling it "world enslavement" and such. But if Americans really want to be free from UN intrusion, what is it doing to strengthen itself? If the U.S is not going to restore its military and industrial strength, the UN becomes stronger by default as a world power.

If Americans are serious about getting rid of the UN, shouldn't there be a politial action to prod Congress to support policies that encourage our companies to manufacture domestically, and to fortify our military?

I don't see these things happening. My interest in the UN is mainly based on observing what appears to be the trends of the future & trying to make the best of it.

[Msg. #61:hankmcintyre: Re: Where's Support for U.S.? ] 12/9/01 2:22 pm

Your message appears to be an effort to bait people into bickering over idiotic points. You're right, there's not enough desire in the American public to push Congress into getting rid of the U.N., and we all know it's because people are comfortable, that the media hides the truth about the U.N., and many more details such as this that have been gone over in the "Last Days Survivalist" website and countless others.

It looks to me that you're scared, and you want to convince yourself that the U.N. tyrants will turn out to be good dictators when they take over. But it's all been prophesied: They create terror on the earth FOR A TIME, then the Power who created all things returns to demolish the whole mess... and your "heroes" then face eternal death.

You may have a distaste for the metaphysical, but if anyone can scan the lines in "Revelation" and not see that it's describing the world we currently see before us, they have to be suffering from a profound delusion.

Whatever "chocolate cookie" you think the U.N.'s going to give you for kissing their hindquarters, it's not worth an eternity in hell.




[MSG 62: Nighteyes1991: U.N. & Hatred for Americans] 1/7/02 7:03 pm

Looking at all these "UN" messages, I can't believe the ignorance. Has anyone read the UN Charter & compared it with the Communist Manifesto? Maybe people don't mind Socialism. In that case, has anyone read what the world thinks of "US"?

The world HATES Americans. Europeans, Austrailians, Asians... 80% of them ALL want Americans to be bound to the UN because they see the US as a Financial Tyrant. But they don't differentiate American citizens from Wall St. & Washington: They want to take their rage out on all Americans.

They support the UN solely because they see it as a way to enslave America. They talk about the rights of poor Africans, Indians, and Asians... but they are only motivated by HATE for Americans. And you best believe this is the ONLY reason they are in favor of the UN. As a man of God, I hold no hatred for anybody. But I will not allow ignorant, jealous, hate-filled people to attack me. If people do not respond peacefully to my right to live freely, I will wield whatever force is necessary to eliminate whatever threat they pose to me. I won't live any other way.

A righteous man will not accept abuse without standing up for himself: What kind of coward would passively let abusers take control of his life?

So: now I can read the comments of the UN and its twisted supporters with an attitude of confidence, poised to fend them off if they try to perpetrate any harm or take away my freedom.

The UN was founded by Communists and their agenda is to subdue the individual into a powerless vassel of the New World Order. I HOPE ALL TRUE, SELF-RESPECTING MEN AND WOMEN WILL WAKE-UP TO THIS FACT AND COMMIT TO RESIST THE U.N. IN ALL ITS ATTEMPTS TO CONTROL OUR GOVERNMENT AND OUR LIVES. They speak "peace" while plotting to debase and enslave all decent people around the globe.

Let's say with one voice: IT ENDS HERE!


MSG: [Message 63 patrikfallervik: some pages]


1/9/02 4:40 pm ( Death Camps )
love, Patrik

Message 64: knightstar1112: "Replace the UN" article]

1/22/02 1:56 pm

I pretty much agree with the point, but I think you might need to go into more detail.

( I don't think the world will see "self-management, responsibility and being one with God" as a replacement for the UN!

[Message 65: hankmcintyre: U.N. "Snakes"]

1/27/02 4:22 pm

The more searching I do for information about the U.N., the more clearly I see the twisted way it has woven itself into our politics. The "twistedness" is clear just in the way that pro-UN books are written. They spend 1000 or more pages describing the way the U.N. was founded, yet not in ONE PART of that pile of words is there a list of names of those people involved in it. (It is well known by now that most of the U.N.'s founders had communist ties of one kind or another - obviously the "pro-U.N." people want to disguise that.) [One of these abominable books: "History of the United Nations Charter" by R. Russell, Brookings Institute].

The writing style itself is twisted: each subject goes round-and-round for several pages, then finally ends, leaving you with no more information than when you started. They'll discuss how a particular meeting was cancelled because of bad weather - that'll eat up 9 or 10 pages - and how one of the people involved "wrestled with his conscience" over a decision, and 8 pages later find he caved into the group consensus just like you expected. It just waltzes the reader through a jumble of meaningless words, revealing nothing.

Their poisoned intellects just want to wear the reader down in fatigue, making people think of themselves as "intellectual" for reading this dreck, and then come away form it knowing NOTHING, but feeling as though they've been taken into the confidence of these snakes. And snakes is the word: The twisting, aimless verbiage they churn out can only be compared to a snake's contorted, insidious movements.

The public accepts it and doesn't want to hear any different. They've been seduced by the witchcraft of the Illuminati. They enjoy feeling that people "smarter" then them are running their world for them. The more I read this stuff, the more convinced I am that concentrating on basic survival is the only way to go today. Politics is hopeless.

Message 66:hankmcintyre: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?]

1/27/02 4:26 pm

A site calling itself the "Patriot Alliance" [] is asking patriots to "sign" their document, (with full name, address, etc...) and people are actually DOING it!

I guess people are so eager to prove they've got guts they'll sell their souls to the Feds by falling for a transparent stunt like that. I think the government's just itching to start calling Patriots "terrorists" and eliminate "due process" altogether. A lot of new minefields are out there since "9-11", new government "emergency powers" and such. We need to keep an eye on this nonsense.


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