The Problem With Patriots

By J.J. Johnson

Published 6. 7. 2002
From: The Sierra Times

For at least the third time this week, we have received a phone call from yet another westerner asking, "What can we do?" This is in regard to the latest cattle rustling that took place in Northern Nevada. It seems too many people (virtually all of them white) are at their wits end over what to do about federal hombres running rampant throughout the range land. From cattle rustling, to just opening fire on cattle, people feel there is no hope against government encroachment. Pay attention, White People. You want change? You want attention? Perhaps a cultural attitude shift is needed. Listen up:

As a person who has traveled to many political hot spots in the west, I see a nation of people who remind me of a wheat field beaten down after a storm, wondering what it will take for those wheat stalks to stand up again. For some reason, too many people have become comfortable being 'the victim', and having a platform to whine about how they are being treated. Sure, there are some willing to stand up and do something, but who'll stand with them - without fear of what they will be labeled?

You remind me of Black People - before some of them found a backbone.

Lets look at Black people for a minute. After the War Between the States, a constitutional amendment was ratified stating the right to vote shall not be denied based on race, religion, or previous condition of servitude. So, what happened? How many black people went running off to the voting booths to elect their own? Answer: Few, if any.

You see, it took over 100 years for just enough Black people to get off their own butts and do something about the fact that in some areas, they were being denied that right to vote. I don't care how you feel about it, but the true credit to Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn't the fact that he took on the 'white establishment', but that he got Blacks off the couch - even though it wasn't even the majority of Black folks (believe me- that WAS an accomplishment). Suddenly, a movement began where folks weren't afraid to go to jail for what they believed in. They had the legal help, and they had a little financial backing. But most of the people involved in the 'Civil Rights' struggle back then knew what they wanted, and didn't stop until they got it.

Don't blow this off. Blacks now have the right to vote nationwide, while white folks are getting their land, their water, and their property taken from them by using a bunch of stupid ESA, and other federal and environmental laws that have "Jim Crow" written all over them.

Now, let's look at this "War on Terrorism":

Look at how this government is acting toward this latest threat. I don't like terrorism or anything these Jihad freaks stand for. To be clear, I hope we wipe them off the face of the earth - here, in Israel, and everywhere else. But excuse my language while I say something that no one dares say publicly. Despite how much I consider these people to be 'the enemy', I must give them credit on one aspect:


That's right. And that's why this government is going nuts. Sure, it was easy to sneak someone into a group, and induce a crime or potential act of terrorism, then make a bunch of arrests under the guise that 'we're fighting terrorism and taking down the terrorists.' Cute, nice feather in their cap. But how does it feel when you have to deal with folks that are dedicated to killing as many of us as possible; people who don't fear the FBI, CIA, DEA, INS, FAA, or concern themselves with things like getting arrested or being called 'anti-government' ? Kinda changes the rules of engagement, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, we have domestic terrorists roaming the land who won't hesitate to torch a few logging trucks, a ski lodge, spike a tree here and there, and anything else they can do to further their own cause.

White People? They bitch, moan, complain, call our congressman, file a few complaints in court, make jokes about the other side, then take the next white guy who's victimized by what's going on and use it as proof that yes - the New World Order is coming. Lord knows they'd never riot over anything. Maybe fussing is enough to cause other white folks in government to become white, and to acquire a bit of common sense and do the right thing. God forbid getting into any 'trouble" over anything' meaningful, or get labeled 'racist' or 'extreme' (Heaven forbid). And they wonder why they are losing...

Well, I for one am fed up with it.

I also should make it clear that I'm just a black guy who runs a news site, and outside of an affection for NASCAR and Real Country Music, don't know a damn thing about being white. We're the eyes and ears out here - we just report the news. We can't tell you that people should converge on a scene in droves when a person is being 'TERRORIZED" by federal authorities. We can't tell people that getting arrested for peaceful civil disobedience just may get you the attention that your cause demands. We can't tell you that sending a message to some federal agent stating that you would rather shoot all your cattle dead before the BLM or USFS get there - instead of turning them over to them. No, we can't tell you that. But we can tell you this:

Despite the disapproval of many in the Klamath Basin, some frustrated ranchers and farmers decided to DEFY federal authority and open up the headgates. Of course, no local politician would endorse such a thing.

But they got the attention they deserved. And over 1400 ranchers and farmers got their water back - and no one is in jail.

Back in 2000, there was a dispute about a road in Jarbidge Canyon, Nevada. Elko County said the road belonged to them. The Federal Government said they owned the road - then closed it. Then they made threats. They took down names of all the hell-raisers. They promised action against anyone who would DARE defy their authority.

On July 4, 2000, citizens came from all over the country to open that road - and they did just that.

Controversial? Maybe. But the Jarbidge Canyon Road is still open, and no one is in jail.

Look at the vote that was taken in Grant County, Oregon. Look at the statement being made in places like LaVerkin and Virgin, Utah. It can be done, people. Look at what HAS worked and how - then copy it in your area.

So what is it going to take, Real America? Cattle rustling makes you upset? You're not alone, but being upset doesn't get the problem solved. Sitting there hoping someone else will make a stand doesn't solve the problem. And no one is asking you to start conducting acts of terrorism. In fact, we can't tell you what to do - we're just a news site, and I'm just a Black guy.

If you've got the water rights, why let them take that away? If you've got the grazing rights, enforce them. Listen carefully, white people:


Yes, get mad. Get an attitude. Despite what you hear, it's not just a 'black thing'. Perhaps it's time for white people to start thinking of themselves as the new political minority, and start acting out as such (and no, that doesn't mean burning down your own neighborhood, either). It means growing a pair, getting out there, and making enough noise that others start paying attention.

If it takes boycotts, fine. If it takes not serving federal agents in restaurants, gas stations, hotels, auto repair shops, etc., fine. Whatever is legal, and what ever causes enough of a disturbance so bureaucrats take notice and get real concerned about their future in office past the next election. STOP picking your candidates based on who has the best looking road sign or who puts together the best ad campaign. In the Rural West, your Sheriff, and your District Attorney are more important than a president, congressman, or even a senator. A good sheriff can protect the county's jurisdiction. A good DA can prosecute lawbreakers, even the state-sponsored ones.

Maybe I'm just letting off steam. Maybe I'm just talking into the wind. But WHITE PEOPLE (yes, I said it) better wake up, get out of the eternal 'guilt trip' mode, quit being afraid of being labeled, and take your land back. As we learned last week, as far as the government is concerned, we're all Indians; we're all Black folks. In other words, we don't have much left to lose. So, there you go. Until white folks wake up, don't call me asking "What can we do?" I just told you - sort of. Will anyone stand up? If not, then you will understand - the problem I have with White People.

America, you will get the kind of government you deserve. What say ye?




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