There is evidence of an elaborate system of internment facilities in America for reasons that are not officially explained. Included in this system are railroad cars with the capacity to ship large numbers of human beings under lockup. The following articles and messages expose this matter. Source URLs given.

Railroad Holocaust, Part 2


Subj: Further Visions from Readers of Guillotines, Concentration Camps, Foreign Troop Occupation / Date: 2/16/02 12:23:26 PM Pacific Standard Time / From: MyTWaryor4JC / To: Jkwisner / CC: Albertoaic

Dear Kerry, I receive so many visions like this from so many people! God IS speaking to His people in this nation! The problem is, so many don't know HOW to interpret such vision, thinking that it might have only been a "pizza dream," because IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE!

I encourage people to REMEMBER "9/11" and to realize that YES, IT CAN HAPPEN HERE! And I go a step further and declare, IT WILL HAPPEN HERE! The evidence is all around us. That is what this website is all about.

The Bible declares that God will speak to His people by His Holy Spirit, with visions and dreams; and word of wisdom and knowledge, plus prophecy, tongues and interpretation. Jesus declared of the Holy Spirit, "And He will show you things to come." Are we listening?

I believe that it is critically important for God's people to fast, pray and listen carefully to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to His Church in this hour in our nation.

Thanks for sharing this vision with our readers! -Pam Schuffert reporting from across America

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Subj: visions I had recently / Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:49:29 PM Eastern Standard Time / From: Jkwisner / To: MyTWaryor4JC

-On 2/14/2002: In a vision, I saw soldiers marching down the street toward me. It was over just like that. I wasn't asleep...just closed my eyes a couple of seconds.

-The next one: The same day (I think,) I saw a guillotine standing upright ready for use. It was as if I were in line looking straight at it. (I was back a little ways.)

-On the 15th, I saw what looked like a concentration camp: big wide place that was grassy, surrounded by a big tall fence with sharp looking stuff on top, all curved inward. I was on the outside looking in.

-Same day: I saw myself being led down a hall. I turned right. It seemed like steel in that hallway, and there were two or three rooms to my left. (Now, all these visions were without being asleep.) -In 1996, I experienced having my head cut off by guillotine, (this time in a dream. I saw it happen to my daughter Miriam as well. I felt at peace.

-Around the same year, I believe, I saw a grizzly bear (seemed like oneand blood was dripping from it's mouth. I thought of Russia: the Russian Bear!

Please talk to me about these things and what they may mean. If you think it should be posted, please do. Kerry, your sister in Christ



Subj: China Arrests,Tortures, Kills Many Christians:Will Chinese Troops To Be Used in US Under Martial Law Do Same?

Date: 2/13/02 10:22:00 AM / From: MyTWaryor4JC To: Albertoaic / CC: no2nwo@muchomail.com

This article should cause Christians in America to respond with compassion, concern and prayer for our persecuted Christian brethren in China. It should ALSO create in our minds the following question, in light of coming MARTIAL LAW. According to THE TRILATERAL ALLIANCE TREATY (a little publicized treaty in which both Russian and Chinese soldiers will be used to help arrest us, fire upon us, seize our weapons, perform house-to-house "search/seizure/arrest" under future martial law) Chinese troops will be unleashed against the American people in the future. What kind of behavior can we expect from them towards Christians, etc., if THIS is the kind of brutal actions now taking place in China???

And let's NOT forget the thousands of CHINESE 40 foot "cargo containers" that have quietly been imported to this nation, which are in fact actually PRISONER BOXCARS equipped with shackles and a modern guillotine bolted to the inside of each? They have reportedly been steadily arriving from China on our west coast, and are being unobtrusively shipped out by truck and train across this nation, prepositioned for the hour of martial law round-up of all resisters.

Do not be surprised if such brutality, now being manifested in China (and in fact repeatedly manifested throughout the past years of a brutal communist regime in China), is transferred to Americans under martial law as the covert Chinese troops are finally unleashed against us.

-Pam Schuffert

Monday, February 11, 2002: BEIJING Chinese authorities have killed 129 people and arrested nearly 24,000 in a crackdown on Christian churches that operate outside government control, a group of Chinese religious activists said Monday.

In a report released in New York, the Committee for Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China published what it said were official documents outlining a campaign that includes torture to stamp out independent worship.

The report accused senior Chinese leaders of approving the violence.

The accusations come at a sensitive time for China, a week before President Bush makes his first official visit to Beijing. A Hong Kong businessman imprisoned for smuggling Bibles to a banned church was released this weekend after Bush expressed concern about him.

China's communist government allows only state-monitored worship. It is struggling to rein in new religious movements that have attracted millions of followers in recent years.

The most prominent target has been the Falun Gong spiritual movement, banned in 1999 as a threat to public safety and communist rule. But other targeted groups span the spectrum from Roman Catholics to Buddhists to newer organizations with unorthodox views.

"The level of persecution aimed against unregistered Christians in China is high," said the report. "The persecution against underground Christians has escalated and originates at the highest central levels of the Chinese government."

The committee is run by Chinese Christians living abroad.

Robin Munro, a British human rights researcher who has no connection to the committee, said he reviewed the documents that it gathered and believed they were genuine. He said it was the biggest quantity of internal Chinese government documents that he had seen assembled by one group.

"It paints a pretty frightening picture of the Chinese security authorities' attempt to suppress a wide range of spiritual groups," Munro said by telephone from London.

Calls seeking comment from China's Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Public Security and the official Roman Catholic and Protestant organizations weren't answered Monday. Most government offices were closed on the eve of the Chinese New Year.

Estimates by foreign religious scholars of the number of underground, or house, church members run as high as 60 million. The official Christian churches have about 15 million followers.

The 141-page report released Monday cites documents that it said were supplied by activists in China and officials who oppose the crackdown.

They include a report that says the United States and Taiwan are using Falun Gong and other religious groups to undermine China's stability.

In addition, researchers investigated house churches in 20 provinces and found that 129 people had been killed, 23,686 arrested and 4,014 sentenced to re-education, according to the report. It didn't say how most of the deaths were alleged to have taken place or how the research was carried out.

The report accused Chinese authorities of using criminal charges against religious leaders to avoid criticism about damaging freedom of worship.

It noted the case of Gong Shengliang, founder of the banned South China Church. Gong was sentenced to death in December on charges of rape and using a cult to undermine the law, according to members of his church and human rights monitors.

According to the report, 63 other South China Church leaders have been detained and some sentenced to up to seven years in prison. It said one was missing and may have been killed.

The report cited statements by followers of other groups who said they suffered rape, beatings, electric shocks and other abuse.

The group claimed to have obtained documents showing that the harsh tactics were approved by senior leaders including Vice President Hu Jintao, who is expected to succeed President Jiang Zemin as China's next leader.



Subj: Source Reveals:"Prisoner Boxcars Already Running 2-3 Weeks: Many Detainees Allegedly Terminated"

Date: 2/7/02 1:07:25 PM

Silent runs of prisoner boxcars were apparently taking place in Virginia, and the victims were expiring in these "boxcars with shackles" at termination facilities in that state. The source revealed that this operation is designed to occur in secret with total news media blackout, to conceal what is really occurring with these detainees from the unsuspecting American people.

Such clandestine operations would also explain the reports I have received nationwide of an unexplained increase of railroad train activity. And WHY a photographer of trains was recently arrested as he photographed them along a railroad track. He was charged with "terrorist activities!" Of course, if the government is running prisoner boxcars operations already, they would certainly not want inquisitive photographers capturing such activity, would they???

Virginia would be the ideal location for preliminary, trial boxcar/shackle runs of such Federal government prisoners to occur. Many of the Federal government's major operating headquarters for agencies such as the FBI, CIA, etc., are all located in or near this area. Thousands of Federal government employees and intelligence community officers in fact live in Northern Virginia and in this region. And as such, many would be picked up and detained in this area as well. And of course, many of your major bases of operation under martial law/contingency government are also in Virginia (Mount Weather, etc.)



Subj: Another Witness of the Multi-level Prisoner Boxcars for Martial Law

Date: 2/11/02 11:04:54 AM

Ron, PLEASE POST this photograph


This is not "The City of New Orleans" below, and the porter will not say "All Aboard"?! The song will be "Swing Low, Sweet Chariots"!

Another Witness of the Multi-level Prisoner Boxcars for Martial Law / You Want Pictures of HUMAN Boxcars? You Have Them! ALL FIRST CLASS... NO COACH RESERVATIONS!

(orig.link inactive - http://www.americanholocaust.50megs.com/Multi-level-SecureRailcars.jpg)

Ron, PLEASE POST this photograph and accompanying email I just received. This helps to emphasize the reality of the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. God have mercy on all deemed to be "resisters of the NWO" or "potential terrorists" (as in Fundamentalist Christians and their organizations) by THEIR NWO definition under martial law!

(Thanks, Kenneth Gunderson , for your role you and Gunderson Steel will play in terminating millions of innocent fellow American under martial law! God have mercy on your soul for somehow believing the government pay-off money is worth all the innocent lives your company's boxcars will help bring to an untimely destruction.)

-Pam Schuffert reporting from across America

Forwarded Message:

Subj: another eyewitness of multi-level secure rail cars

Date: 2/11/02 7:55:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: sterlingda@greaterthings.com (Sterling D. Allan)

Reply-to: sterlingda@greaterthings.com (Sterling D. Allan)

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Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 8:17 AM

Subject: MORE: (not just...) Ranking leaders in Utah National Guard plan to oppose Feds

Some time ago I saw some reports about the German ships entering the NJ area.....and believe it or not, me and a fella here at work actually saw some of these railcars about a month or so ago.....they had 'em parked high up on the tressel so you couldn't get too close to them....when I went back to get photos....unfortunately, they were gone......(or perhaps fortunately!!!)...also, saw a news report the other day talking about the urban warfare training......open exercises in the streets, etc........

---------------------- Forwarded by Dennis Stewart/Cambridge/US/ICENET on 02/11/2002 09:10 AM




Ron, PLEASE POST this photograph


This is not "The City of New Orleans" below, and the porter will not say "All Aboard"?! The song will be "Swing Low, Sweet Chariots"!

Another Witness of the Multi-level Prisoner Boxcars for Martial Law / You Want Pictures of HUMAN Boxcars? You Have Them! ALL FIRST CLASS... NO COACH RESERVATIONS!


-by Pam Schuffert

Take a good look around you, my precious fellow Americans. Look up at the beautiful sky above you, the earth beneath you. Look at the rugged mountain grandeur of the Colorado Rockies to our west, and the lofty Blue Ridge Mountains to our east. Look at the glory of a beautiful sunset off the Pacific coast, and the radiant sunrise over our east coast. Now take a good look at your family members and the people you love in this nation...husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mother and fathers, wonderful friends, beautiful little children, laughing babies. Look at America's churches and places of worship of the Living God we claim to to believe in "...one nation UNDER GOD..." Yes, take a good look!

Think about how much you love them, and how they love you. Think about the heroes of our American heritage who shed their blood and gave their lives to help secure America's precious liberties, her Constitutional freedoms, her precious religious liberties.

Now let me ask you the following questions:

Do you surrender this nation to the foreign forces of the UN/New World Order?

Do you surrender this nation, to abandon her Constitutional freedoms and instead come under United Nations world law instead?

Do you surrender this nation's sovereignty, to instead become a part of the New World Order of nations worldwide?

Do you surrender your religious heritage and freedoms and liberties, to instead come under the control and dictates of a world religious system that openly advocates that "LUCIFER IS GOD" and denies religious freedoms to those who believe in and promote the Bible's teachings as truth? (And in fact, plan to TERMINATE all those who refuse to come under Lucifer's NWO system?)

Do you surrender your family members to become the property of the New World Order under martial law? Do you consent to your family being rounded up by brutal foreign troops under martial law, to be taken to FEMA detention/termination facilities nationwide, all to be separated from one another for various purposes???

-Your wife to perhaps become a sexual prostitute to UN foreign troops? -Your daughters to perhaps become sex slaves to "service the NWO elite?" -Your sons to perhaps be sodomized by the same and filled with the brainwashing of the doctrines of the NWO?

-And many of them ultimately to be systematically gassed, beheaded and cremated at the NWO deathcampsof America under martial law? Or to be used as human guinea pigs in brutal experimentation labs...and THEN terminated in the name of the New World Order???

Do you surrender America's churches to be seized by FEMA and other agencies, to be turned into operational bases for the government and military forces of the NWO under martial law?

Do you surrender your home, your vehicles, your precious family possessions to be seized by FEMAand the government under martial law?

If the answer to all of the above questions is "NO" then I must ask you the following questions in response:

-What kind of quality time are you spending with God and your family, to prepare for this coming martial law Holocaust and to seek God for a plan of protectionfor your family??? Is your relationship with God strong enough that you will have the grace, strength, courage and spiritual fortitude to stand against the forces of hell, as martial law is used to unleash the fury of the anti-Christ, anti-freedom New World Order agenda of persecution and famine and death upon this nation??? Have you received the ultimate safeguard, Jesus Christ, as your Lord and Savior, and prayed the same for your family as well?

Any intelligent America would answer the original questions asked about "DO YOU SURRENDER..." with a resounding and righteous "NO!" And if that is the case, I ask you...

-What are you doing to COUNTER THIS HEINOUS AGENDA???

* * * * * * * * * * *


Words of Exhortation from the Bible:

  • -"And this is the victory that overcomes the world, EVEN OUR FAITH!"
  • -"Faith without works ...is dead."
  • -"Having done ALL, stand."
  • -"RESIST the Devil and he will flee from you."
  • -"Take unto yourself the full armor of God..."
  • -"Pray without ceasing."
  • -"If my people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, THEN will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land."
Nowhere are we exhorted to SURRENDER to the forces of anti-Christ and Satan and ungodliness. Rather, we are called to RESIST THE DEVIL.We are called to CONTEND EARNESTLY FOR THE FAITH.

God is calling for the righteous to take a stand for His truth and righteousness in this land, and to tear down the strongholds of Satan across this nation. "Strongholds of Satan" must certainly include the many horrific modern concentration camps erected across America for the express purpose of terminating all just resistance to this Satanic world agenda. As people from the NWO planning stages admitted to me, under martial law Christians and the God-fearing will be a major target, and it will be "...brutal rape, torture and death" in such facilities once martial law is instigated for ALL those God-fearing who will not cooperate with Satan's NWO agenda.

But God's word declares, "RESCUE those unjustly being led to slaughter! Oh, hold them back and do not let them die!" (From Proverbs 24:11-12, paraphrased)

Just as God-fearing people of compassion and justice did NOT sit back in a previous Illuminati-madness sponsored Holocaust, so also good people cannot sit back and allow this heinous NWO agenda to go unchallenged.

TODAY...it may be your fellow American people who simply "knew too much" who are quietly being arrested, incarcerated and ultimately sent to the camps in boxcars and shackles to be gassed.TOMORROW...could it be YOU!!!

I testify to you, America: your time may only be very short until full-blown martial law is deliberately and violently triggered and openly declared by the NWO forces of darkness lusting for the hour of martial law! Receive God's warning to this nation.

Do what you can...while you can. Tomorrow...it may be too late.

Now...What is YOUR response going to be to: "DO YOU SURRENDER AMERICA TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER ???"

-Pam Schuffert



The Bush "Dynasty of Darkness" and the "Deceiving of the Elect" in America

Date: 2/12/02 12:09:49 PM

As I continue to journey across America and to attend many churches and participate in Christian prayer meetings, I am increasingly disturbed with what indeed appears to be the great deceiving of the American Christian nationwide. In such prayer meetings, I am constantly hearing praise uttered for "our wonderful CHRISTIAN President...how blessed our nation is for the Bush family..." and more.

And when I hear such words, I cringe and my heart aches. While I heartily agree with the exhortation from eternal Scriptures, that prayer and intercession SHOULD BE MADE for ALL in authority, I grieve over the great delusion that has been foisted upon the unsuspecting American Christians in this hour.

Thanks to the magic of Hollywood, the "spin doctors" and of "news media bias" and "news media blackout," this present President has been transformed in the public mind from an absolute dark agent of the New World Order and the Illuminati's "Skull and Bones" indoctrination into a deceiving "angel of light!"

Naive and well-meaning but ill-informed Christians (who have done little or no research into the true nature of the Bush "Dynasty of Darkness" and their horrifying legacy that has brought death and destruction to millions in this nation already) are falling for the great LIE being presented to them by this man and perpetrated through a CFR/NWO controlled news media.

The great LIE that has Christians resting in a false sense of safety and assurance that "our President is a man of integrity and everything is going to be alright" is that "GEORGE W. BUSH is a God-fearing man of faith and integrity and a Christian who has the best interests of the Christian population of this nation at heart. Hence, we have nothing to fear or worry about!"

And resting in this false presumption, they are blinded to the reality that they about to be led as sheep to the slaughter under the coming martial law seige of this nation for the Anti-Christ New World Order. They forget that his father, George H.W. Bush, constantly praised the concept of the NEW WORLD ORDER and gave his full support to such an agenda for this nation.

American Christians do not seem to know that, while director of the CIA, Bush Sr. used his powers to direct, under false "Patriot" Ollie North, the great "arms for drugs scandal" out of South America, in which Bush's own ZAPATA oil barges were used to haul up to North America untold millions of kilos of fresh cocaine into our nation. Such cocaine was then distributed to covert CIA drug operatives, and sold across this nation. This is called from within the CIA, "black ops for black funds," or secret operations for covert funds. Millions succumbed to it's temptations, and their ruined lives and families across America stand as mute evidence to the insidious destructiveness of the NWO and it's total disregard for human life and well-being, in it's mad quest for power.

What were such black funds then used for? As it was explained to me by former CIA black ops participants, it was used to help lay out the dark infrastructure of the coming conquest for America by Bush's beloved "New World Order." In order to deal with all resistance to his NWO agenda for America, MODERN CONCENTRATION CAMPS HAD TO BE COVERTLY ESTABLISHED AND BUILT ACROSS THIS NATION.

"Oh, all of us in the intelligence community know about the concentration camps and their purposes. We ALL know that they are TO TERMINATE THE RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER MARTIAL LAW..."(-Michael Maholy, a personal friend, 20 years Naval Intelligence and CIA working directly under Bush and North for the NWO agenda.)

Tools of termination such as MODERN GUILLOTINES had to be purchased and imported from overseas.

"I have personally been to Japan and seen the place where many of these guillotines have been manufactured for the hour of martial law. I have stood on the loading docks of San Diego and watched as they were being secretly unloaded, and I knew what they would be used for: the termination of resisters of the NWO under martial law." (-Elaine Knost, former high level Satanist leader and CIA assassin under Bush.)

BOXCARS AND SHACKLES had to be covertly ordered by our government for the hour of the hauling away of the resistant masses under martial law to the deathcamps of the New World Order across America.

"My husband is a high level executive at Gunderson Steel here in Portland, and he finally admitted to me that they are under secret contract with the US government to produce these prisoner boxcars with shackles you are investigating and reporting on.." (-Wife of a high executive with Gunderson of Portland, OR.) And much more.)


The Bush "Dynasty of Darkness" has been so in love with the Illuminati's own NEW WORLD ORDER and it's accompanying WORLD LEADER (known to Bible scholars as "the Anti-Christ" or "The Beast,") that Bush Sr's father, PRESCOTT BUSH, provided millions of dollars to the Nazi Party of Germany to help bring Adolph Hitler into power. This is a well documented fact of history.

You see, both Prescott Bush, George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior are all members of the dread, powerful and secretive order of NWO supporters and leaders of Yale's "Order of Skull and Bones" society. It is a known fact that at the end of their initiation rites, they must finally kneel before a black robed and hooded figure seated upon a throne, representing Lucifer, and vow total allegiance to this figure. (See Texe Marrs shocking book, "DARK MAJESTY" and his exposure of the Bush "Dynasty of Darkness.")

The Illuminati and "Order of Skull and Bones" was certain that Hitler was their man to bring forth "the dawning of the New World Order" to the world! In fact, it is documented in author Joseph Carr's book, THE TWISTED CROSS, that Hitler was steeped in occultism and the teaching of the Illuminati and the New World Order from earliest youth, and actually aspired to be the Anti-Christ of Bible fame! He would go into the Bavarian Alps of Germany and scream into the wind for Satan to possess him, to give him power to become the leader of the NEW WORLD ORDER...the dread Anti-Christ of Rev. 13. And PRESCOTT BUSH totally supported the rise of this aspiring Anti-Christ to power!



This report comes directly from Col. Jim Ammerman, former Chaplain and lecturer against the New World Order and guest speaker in the startling video "THE IMMINENT MILITARY TAKEOVER OF AMERICA."

Col. Jim was traveling overseas and was invited to come to Russia. Several Russian generals invited him over for a large dinner with them, and he attended their dinner. Following their dinner, these generals relaxed with copious quantities of Vodka and other liquor. (Of course, Col. Jim politely declined!)

Apparently the old wartime warning of "loose lips sink ships" in this alleged post-coldwar time with America was completely forgotten following such drinking.

One of these generals turned to Col. Jim and said candidly, "You know, Jim, you Americans are constantly downsizing your American military...but at the same time your government is sending us millions of dollars in 'humanitarian aid' every week, AND EVERY CENT IS BEING SPENT ON BUILDING UP OUR RUSSIAN MILITARY MIGHT!'

Looking genuinely puzzled, this Russian general asked, "Are your American people crazy???"

Poor Col. Jim could only sadly hang his head. What could he say? How could he explain to this Russian general that our nation has been betrayed into the hands of foreign enemy powers of world globalism by our very own government??? Or explain that in the rules of military disarmament, American had agreed to gradually reduce their military power, while Russia would quietly expand hers while PRETENDING to disarm...raising Russia to the supreme policing military force in the world which is now uniting with the emerging European economic community?

It is a known fact that Germany's vice president, Fischer, would meet with Clinton to demand that America give more and more financial support to Russia. I uncovered through much research that Clinton's administration was secretly sending millions of American dollars to Russia weekly! And as I recently spent time in military bases in Germany researching such activities, I spent time reading actual military magazines from Europe and Russia. I was shocked to read truths about the Russian military which the American newspapers are actively denying to my fellow Americans: RUSSIAN IS SOARING AHEAD MILITARILY, both in development of high tech military vehicles, weapons and technology, and is deliberately sending the West "misinformation" denying all this and in fact conveying just the opposite impression. Of course, such misinformation is only intended to decieve the common people of the United States: leadership in both the US and Russia know WELL the truth in this matter! It was not hard for me to conclude through much research that AMERICA IS BEING DELIBERATELY SET UP TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THE FOREIGN WORLD GLOBALIST AGENDA AND COOPERATING NATIONS. Germany's Bundeswehr/Luftwaffe will play a major role in subduing the American people under martial law. So will Russian and former Soviet Bloc troops as well.

As Col. Jim Ammermanand Al Cuppett, both lecturers in the coming military takeover of America, have revealed, secret treaties have already been made by our government with such nations to supply their foreign troops to help subdue this nation under martial law to the coming NEW WORLD ORDER. They have revealed that large numbers of foreign troops and military hardware from cooperating nations have already quietly been brought into this nation and prepositioned across America, Canada, Alaska and Mexico for the hour of NWO conquest under martial law. Such troops and military hardware have been spotted by watchdog groups nationwide, including such sources as military insiders, state troopers, and more. I have recieved continuing reports of their foreign/Russian troops being prepositioned in now-restricted access regions of nation forests, secret deep underground facilities, wilderness regions in Canada, Alaska and the US, and desert areas in Mexico.

I have personally photographed rows and rows of functional Russian tanks in New Mexico, and received reports from military watchdog groups of sophisticated modern Russian tanks arriving in this nation which initially arrived in Canada. Eyewitnesses I have encountered in states such as Montana have confirmed stumbling upon these hidden Russian troops while engaging in wilderness hunting expeditions...training with US military counterparts which evidently support the traitorous NWO agenda for our nation.

I am forced to say the following to the Russian General's honest inquiry. "No, sir, the American PEOPLE are not crazy, sir. Rather, it is the AMERICAN LEADERSHIP at the highest levels which has set our nation on the precipice of utter chaos and destruction. We have been betrayed at the highest levels of our government...and America is about to fall!"

Yes...just like Lenin predicted many years ago when he stated that "...someday AMERICA WILL FALL INTO OUR HANDS LIKE RIPE FRUIT!" Indeed...and I perceive that "ripe fruit picking time" may be just around the corner!

-Pam Schuffert



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