NOTE: It's a vitamin in dozens of foods like spinich, millet, and fruit seeds. It's a proven antioxidant, killing cancer cells observably under the microscope (while being harmless to healthy tissue). Yet pharmaceutical companies have spread vicious lies about this vitamin in an attempt to scare away public attention before we get ALL the facts. In this article I've studied multiple sources, both "pro" & "con", to take a sane and balanced look at the facts behind vitamin B17.


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  • TROPHOBLAST Cells are released as an everyday function as a healing response to trauma and stress. Under certain conditions, these cells develop into cancer cells.

  • Trophoblast cells are designed for TEMPORARY conditions like healing & pregnancy. They develop in reponse to the presence of estrogen. Besides pregnancy, estrogen is also present where there is damaged tissue, (possibly serving as an organizer or catalyst for body repair). Pancreatic enzymes dissolve trophoblast cells when they complete their function. If this doesn't occur, trophblasts continue developing, and this instigates cancer.

  • Cancer, therefore, can be triggered by any prolonged stress or damage to the body - whether it be smoking, or chemical additives to food, or certain viruses: for these are what trigger the production of estrogen as part of the normal healing process.

  • Nature, fortunately, has provided a metabolic BARRIER - a complex mechanism to limit and control the growth of these trophoblast cells. Many factors are involved, but the most DIRECT-ACTING factor seems to be PANCREATIC ENZYMES and also: NITRILOSIDE: VITAMIN B17, a unique compound that destroys cancer cells while nourishing all others.

  • Pancreatic enzymes dissolve the trophoblastic cells' electrostatically charged protein coat, thereby exposing the cells innards to white blood cells which destroy the trophoblast cell.

  • BUT: If the pancreas becomes weak, there's another line of defense: Vitamin B17.

  • B17 contains an "incomplete" form of cyanide that stays "locked" molecularly so that it is not toxic to the body. Beta-glucosidase, the enzyme in trophoblast and cancer cells, "unlocks" the cyanide from the B17's "barrier". The cancer cells read this cyanide as "sugar", which they crave, and then receive the cyanide, which then destroys those cells.

From: The Ultimate Cancer Conspiracy: Vitamin B17 and Laetrile
by Joe Vialls

[from: ]

During 1950 after many years of research, a dedicated biochemist by the name of Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., isolated a new vitamin that he numbered B17 and called 'Laetrile'. As the years rolled by, thousands became convinced that Krebs had finally found the complete control for all cancers, a conviction that even more people share today. Back in 1950 Ernst Krebs could have had little idea of the hornet's nest he was about to stir up. The pharmaceutical multinationals, unable to patent or claim exclusive rights to the vitamin, launched a propaganda attack of unprecedented viciousness against B17, despite the fact that hard proof of its efficiency in controlling all forms of cancer surrounds us in overwhelming abundance.

In his brilliantly researched 1974 book World Without Cancer,[ ISBN 0912986190 ] researcher and author G. Edward Griffin explains the trophoblastic [trophoblast : the membrane that forms the wall of the blastocyst (embryonic development when a form of cell division takes place;) "after implantation of the blastocyst the trophoblast divides into two layers, the chorion and the placenta] trophoblastic theory of cancer proposed by Professor John Beard of Edinburgh University, which states that certain pre-embryonic cells in pregnancy differ in no discernible way from highly-malignant cancer cells. Edwards Griffin continues:

"The trophoblast in pregnancy indeed does exhibit all the classical characteristics of cancer. It spreads and multiplies rapidly as it eats its way into the uterus wall preparing a place where the embryo can attach itself for maternal protection and nourishment."

The trophoblast is formed in a chain reaction by another cell that Griffin simplifies down to the 'total life' cell, which has the total capacity to evolve into any organ or tissue, or a complete embryo. When the total life cell is triggered into producing trophoblast by contact with the hormone estrogen, present in both males and females, one of two different things happens. In the case of pregnancy the result is conventional development of a placenta and umbilical cord. If the trophoblast is triggered as part of a healing process however, the result is cancer or, as Edward Griffin cautions: "To be more accurate, we should say it is cancer if the healing process is not terminated upon completion of its task."


Pregnancy Tests Detect (Some) Cancers

Stunning proof of this claim is readily available. All trophoblast cells produce a unique hormone called the chorionic gonadotrophic (CGH or HCG) which is easily detected in urine. Thus if a person is either pregnant or has cancer, a simple hCG/CGH pregnancy test should confirm either or both. It does, with an accuracy of better than 92% in all cases. If the urine sample shows positive it means either normal pregnancy or abnormal malignant cancer. Griffin notes: "If the patient is a woman, she either is pregnant or has cancer. If he is a man, cancer can be the only cause." So why all of the expensive, dangerous biopsies carried to 'detect' cancerous growths? One can only assume that medicare pays doctors a larger fee for biopsies than pregnancy tests.


hCG is elevated by GREATER THAN >10 mIU/ml, in gynecological cancers: testis, uterus, ovary; but also in colorectal, seminoma testicular, bladder, liver, stomach, pancreas, lung, brain, and kidney cancers. [hCG usually is associated with tumors that develop from an egg or sperm ("germ cell tumors")]. hCG may also be produced in response to certain conditions that are not cancer. Non-malignant elevations may be observed in ulcers, duke's disease, and cirrhosis. [ ] [ ] Gynecomastia [breast enlargement] combined with elevated estrogen and hCG titers (levels) should prompt a search for a primary tumor.


Pregnancy is a condition where cells need to multiply, and one hormone responsible, Chorionic Gonadotrophic Hormone (CGH), is detectable in home pregnancy tests ["HCG" - "Human Chorionic Gonadotropin" is the same as - CGH - "Chorionic Gonadotropic Hormone" - Ed.].What is not generally known is that such urine tests show some men to be pregnant, those with cancer, because cancer is runnaway growth associated with CGH. When cancer goes into remission, (HCG/CGH) levels immediately drop, as do a woman's after giving birth.

["HCG" and "CGH" are the same. CGH = "Chorionic Gonadotropic Hormone" & is alternately named "Chorionic Gonadotrophic Hormone". HCG = Human Chorionic Gonadotropin] Over the counter and point of care pregnancy tests rely on the detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The levels of cGH can be misleading in cases of where the pregnancy is lost very early. So called "chemical pregnancies" represent approximately a third of all positive results of tests before or soon after missed menses.

Some drugs contain hCG or are used in combination with hCG (such as Humegon [for menopause], Pregnyl , Profasi, Pergonal , APL [for infertility]) and can effect pregnancy test readings. [These drugs are all related to reproductive conditions, and as such would necessarily contain HCG. Other drugs would not effect HCG/CGH readings]

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG/CGH) is expressed by many histological types of cancer and may play an important role in tumor maintenance and progression. Greater than normal levels of HCG may indicate ovarian cancer and other types of cancer in some cases

CGH (HCG/CGH) style home pregnancy tests are stocked by most pharmacies.


So how is it that any of us gets cancer in the first place? Is it exposure to cigarette smoking, intense sunlight or perhaps the effect of toxic food additives? Dr. Krebs thinks not. All of the hard biochemical evidence points to the fact that cancer is a simple deficiency disease of vitamin B17, long ago removed from our highly refined, western diets. Krebs postulates that the so-called 'carcinogens' are merely stress triggers that finally expose the B17 deficiency with devastating effect.

The proof Krebs has presented over the years to support his claim is impressive. Centuries ago we used to eat millet bread, rich in B17, but now we chew our way through wheat which has none at all. For generations our grandmothers used to carefully crush the seeds of plums, greengages, cherries, apples, apricots and other members of the botanical family Rosaceae, and diligently mix them with their home made jams and preserves. Grandma probably didn't know why she was doing it, but the seeds of all these fruits are the most potent source of B17 in the world. In the tropics, large quantities of B17 are found in cassava, also known as tapioca. When did you last eat some?

Independent research has also proved that a Himalayan tribe known as the 'Hunza' never contract cancer of any kind so long as they stick to their native diet which is exceptionally high in both apricots and millet. However, once exposed to western diets they become as vulnerable as the rest of us.

The implications of these findings are staggering of course. If we managed to control Scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) centuries ago, how is it we cannot do the same for cancer (vitamin B17 deficiency) today? The fact of the matter is that we could if our respective governments would allow it. Unfortunately most governments have buckled under the pressure exerted by the pharmaceutical multinationals, the American Food & Drug Administration, and the American Medical Association. All three have mounted highly successful 'scare' campaigns based on the fact that vitamin B17 contains quantities of 'deadly' cyanide; conveniently forgetting that vitamin B12 also contains significant quantities of cyanide, and has long been available in health food shops world-wide.

Dr. Kreb's B17 Laetrile was derived from apricot seeds and then synthesized into crystalline form using his own unique process. Suddenly, the American FDA bombarded the media with a story about an unfortunate couple who had poisoned themselves by eating raw apricot seeds in San Francisco. The story made headline news across the U.S.A. although several suspicious journalists never managed to establish the identity of the unfortunate couple, despite many determined attempts. But the multinational pharmaceutical/FDA boot had been put in with a vengeance. From that point onwards eating apricot seeds or B17 Laetrile became synonymous with committing suicide...

Back in the fifties Dr. Ernst Krebs proved beyond doubt that B17 was completely harmless to humans in the most convincing way possible. After testing the vitamin on animals, he filled a large hypodermic with a mega-dose which he then injected into his own arm! Drastic perhaps, but the adventurous Dr. Krebs is still alive and well today.

The vitamin is harmless to healthy tissue for a very simple reason: Each molecule of B17 contains one unit of cyanide, one unit of benzaldehyde and two of glucose (sugar) tightly locked together. In order for the cyanide to become dangerous it is first necessary to 'unlock' the molecule to release it, a trick that can only be performed by an enzyme called beta-glucosidase. This enzyme is present all over the body in minute quantities, but in huge quantities (up to 100 times as high) at cancerous tumour sites.

Thus the cyanide is released only at the cancer site with drastic results, which become utterly devastating to the cancer cells because the benzaldehyde unit also unlocks at the same time. Benzaldehyde is a deadly poison in its own right, which then acts synergistically with the cyanide to produce a poison 100 times more deadly than either in isolation. The combined effect on the cancer cells is best left to the imagination ["imagination?" Salesmanship - Ed.].

But what about danger to the rest of the body's cells? Another enzyme, rhodanese, always present in larger quantities than the unlocking enzyme beta-glucosidase in healthy tissues has the easy ability to completely break down both cyanide and benzaldehyde into beneficial body products. Predictably perhaps, malignant cancer cells contain no rhodanese at all, leaving them completely at the mercy of the cyanide and benzaldehyde.

Any physician reading this article will probably be shaking with self-righteous indignation at this stage, muttering to himself: 'Yes, but where is the PROOF???'

Right here! Most people have heard of 'spontaneous remission', where the cancer simply goes away, hopefully never to reappear. Spontaneous remissions are exceedingly rare and vary from one form of cancer to another. One virulent variety known as testicular chorionepithelioma has never been known to produce a single spontaneous remission. Perhaps for that precise reason, Dr. Krebs singled it out for special attention when proving the effectiveness of B17 Laetrile in providing total control for cancers. As Edward Griffin recounts:

"In a banquet speech in San Francisco on November 19, 1967, Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., briefly reviewed six such cases. Then he added:

Now there is an advantage in not having had prior radiation, because if you have not received prior radiation that has failed, then you cannot enjoy the imagined benefits of the delayed effects of prior radiation. So this boy falls into the category of the "spontaneous regression... "

And when we look at this scientifically, we know that spontaneous regression occurs in fewer than one in 150,000 cases of cancer. The statistical possibility of spontaneous regression accounting for the complete resolution of successive cases of testicular chorionepithelioma is far greater than the statistical improbability of the sun not rising tomorrow morning."

Wisely perhaps, Griffin notes that because of the adverse publicity against B17 Laetrile, and because of the difficulties in obtaining the 'banned' substance, most cancer sufferers turn to the vitamin as a last resort, long after they have been burned by radiation therapy, and/or poisoned by chemotherapy. He points out that once the body organs have been savagely damaged in this way, there is little if any chance of B17 Laetrile being able to effect a cure [ An excuse? - Ed.]. The body is simply too far gone.

When World Without Cancer was written back in 1974, B17 Laetrile was freely available in Australia. It is not now. A recent check with the Australian Cancer Foundation and health authorities revealed that nowadays Canberra considers each individual case on its merits, then decides whether the patient should be allowed to import sufficient of the material for his or her own personal use. If he or she manages to jump that hurdle, it is then his or her own responsibility to find a doctor prepared to inject it. Seemingly the multinational pharmaceutical lobbyists managed to get to our politicians before Dr. Krebs could get to the Australian public. Radiation and chemotherapy are highly profitable, and oncologists have to make a decent living...

Only a few months ago Australian nationwide television carried the delightful information that two out of every three Australians can expect to suffer skin cancer at least once during their lifetimes. On the massive evidence provided by Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr. and G. Edward Griffin, that figure could be crushed to a tiny percentage of the anticipated numbers if we were allowed freedom of choice where B17 Laetrile is concerned. It is time for people to take a stand on this lethal issue.


FAQ - "World Without Cancer"
- B17 & Laetrile

"The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are provided for information only and are not to be considered a diagnosis or suggestion for treatment."

The original questions came from:, but I have expanded on them after studying multiple sources, both "pro" and "con". (URL's are given where outside information is used). The book "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin (ISBN 0-912986-19-0), is the major reference, and is used here where "[WWC]" follows the answers. It is probably the best starting point for seriously delving into this subject.

Vitamin B17 is not perfect, but neither is any nutrient (and certainly not chemotherapy drugs, which are far more toxic). However, B17 has much evidence in its favor. It's definitely worth informing yourself on ALL sides of this topic.

Q &A:

How much can I take... ?

(A) If cancer is present:

It is most important to eat the seeds. The seeds must be chewed and kept in the mouth for as long as it takes for them to practically liquify. One or two seeds per hour is what should be eaten when you have cancer. The best results have come when the person eats 3-5 seeds per waking hour.

Vitamin B17 is water soluble and non-toxic. It is as safe as sugar or salt. Some people get nauseous if they take too many seeds at one time. The same as one would if one drank too much salt water at one time. If this is the case, take less amounts of the vitamin B17 tablets at one time but more often throughout the day. If you presently have cancer, you can have ten of the 500 mg tablets per day for the first month. If you find that you are getting nauseous, cut the tablets in half and have 1/2 every waking hour, slowing building up to the ten per day. It is a good idea to have a little food in the stomach just before taking the vitamin. When you reach the maximum dosage of vitamin B17, you need to maintain on that dosage for 21-30 days. After the initial 21-30 days, a maintenance dose of 1 - 3 tablets per day for the following three months is the proper protocol. My opinion is to eat the seeds for the rest of your life. See Prevention below.

(B) As Prevention:

If you do not have cancer, one or two of the 100 mg tablets per day is fine. Dr. Krebs states the whole food is the best. This means you MUST eat 7-10 seeds (kernels) a day no matter how bitter you think they are. Is your life worth saying "They are too bitter, I won't eat them?"

(Editor Note)Remember, only the apricot kernels have the enzymes that make the laetrile work in your body. If the apricot kernels make you sick or you absolutely will not eat them, then you will have to supplement with several other vitamin/enzyme tablets to make up for what you loose with not consuming the apricot seeds (kernels).

Can I take B17 and chemo together?

It's not always a good idea to take chemo alone. It is often better to take chemo and the b17 together. It is best to take the b17 (seeds) and other herbal formulas for healing and: STUDIOUSLY QUESTION your doctor on the PROVEN effectiveness of EACH ELEMENT of the chemotherapy he is proposing to give you. Research it yourself, pray about it, and proceed only with what strikes you as the most sensible approach.

Can I have the seeds and the vitamin together?

Of course. There are many components of the seeds that are not included in the vitamin. The seeds have vitamin B17 in them as well as many other vitamins and minerals that help the actual vitamin B17 assimilate into the body. Remember, our scientists have only identified about a thousand vitamins and minerals. They say that there are hundreds of thousands that are still not identified yet. That means that you cannot just be a supplement person. One study shows scientists feeding one group of rats all of the vitamins and minerals known. The second group was given garbage. The vitamin and mineral eating group was skinny and sickly after a couple of weeks but the garbage eating group was, of course, strong and healthy. At the same token a garbage eating group with supplements added can be even stronger. This study means always eat the whole foods along with the vitamins as the great Dr. Krebs states.

What should I take along with the Vitamin B17?

If you have cancer, it is recommended by Dr. Manner (one of the pioneers of the B17 treatment) to take pancreatic enzymes and vitamin C. They can both be found in your local health food store. Just ask the manager for pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatic enzymes occur naturally in pineapple and papaya amongst other foods. "Pancreatin" is a commonly used enzyme supplement. Their job is to help burn away the negative protein cell wall of the cancer cell for the B17 to get in and fully destroy it.

Dissolving cancerous tissue requires enzymes.

Dietary supplements containing the ten or more pancreatic enzymes are helpful, with the most important enzymes being trypsin and chymotrypsin [Both of these are in Pancreatin].

[] Without sufficient zinc in the body, vitamin B17 cannot function. Also, results are better if the vitamin B17 is taken together with nutrients such as vitamin C, the other B vitamins, vitamin A, manganese, magnesium, and selenium. Doctors prescribing vitamin B17 will generally use it as part of a total nutritional program consisting of diet, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids. Soy foods are not recommended because they have the effect of inhibiting the body's ability to absorb certain minerals including calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc.

Please Note: Clinical tests have repeatedly shown that vitamin B-17 is only truly effective when used in conjunction with pancreatic enzymes to break down the pericellular coating of the malignant cell. Vitamins A and E in their emulsified form, along with high doses of vitamin C, vitamin B-15, antioxidants, and other nutrients are then used in combination with B-17 to attack the cancer cell. Clinics administering Metabolic Therapy to their patients always use these supplements. []

B17 produces hydrogen cyanide in the tissues of the body, which attacks and destroys cancer cells. [ ]

Besides killing the cancer cells, one's organs might be damaged due to cancer development. It is very important to nurture the rest of your body back to working condition. Remember beets strengthen the kidneys. Joint Fuel (health food store), Bone Meal and Bovine cartilage will build up the bones again if you had bone cancer. Shiitake mushrooms (Price Club and certain stores) are the most scientifically studied mushrooms, and have been found to have an antiviral substance called lentinan, which stimulates the body's immune system, and deactivates viruses. Noni Juice form Tahiti is known to stop cancer, diabetes, arthritis and nervous system failures by itself. (We can help you get this, 231-269-2111). Kombucha tea, grape seeds( the actual seeds, not just the extract), Maitake mushrooms fights cancer, lowers blood pressure, helps control diabetes, and aids weight loss. There are many different foods and herbs that have healing properties. It is common knowledge among scientist and holistic doctors that combinations of therapies are more effective than just one. Put together what you can with, of course, the key center, middle core...the seed.

Can I take vitamin B17 with chemo therapy or radiation?

Absolutely. Please find out if there is any success rate with chemo with the cancer you have. If the doctor says yes then ask him if he means success as in cured, or success as in it might extend your life for a few months. If you are about to have an operation where the cancer cells are going to be disturbed, it is imperative that you take the seeds and the vitamin B17 to kill any of the free cells. Vitamin B 17 can only help. It lowers blood pressure and is one of the healthiest foods on earth; it strengthens the arteries and heart and of course targets the cancer cell.

How long does it take for the cancer to die out?

The cancer cells start dying immediately. In certain cases, as with bone cancer, it takes a little longer for the vitamin to absorb deep into the body. Skin cancers react the quickest, within one week a notable difference is seen and in many cases complete tumor regression is achieved in less then three weeks. Carcinomas can take a few months to shrink and cervical cancer has been noted to completely regress in less then three weeks. If you would like to speak to others that are completely better, please call our office for those that had your specific type of cancer. You must already be in the program for these numbers.

Can it help me?

If you have first been diagnosed and you're starting B17 therapy without chemo or radiation treatment, you should be fine. Dr. Krebs claimed a 98% success rate and the Del Rio Hospital of Tijuana claims nearly a 100% success rate with virgin cases. A virgin case is an individual that has not had chemo or radiation. In cases where the individual has had chemo and /or radiation, it depends on how far the cancer has spread and what damage has been done by the chemo and radiation. In either case, it is imperative for one to implement vitamin B17 into their daily consumption.

Why don't medical doctors use vitamin b17?

Doctors are taught from the beginning that Laetrile is not effective. On their own they are not allowed to use it and can only refer to their book which holds the two false studies on Laetrile and not the many positive true studies. If a doctor does use vitamin b17, he risks losing his license and even imprisonment. After attending years of medical school, internship and finally working in a hospital, most doctors only want to hear of the treatments that they're allowed to administer, even if they are not successful. Only researchers can know the truth, those that seek knowledge. Start with Mr. Griffin's book "World Without Cancer". This book is one of a few that tell the true story of vitamin B17 and will guide you in further research that proves the simple answer to cancer.

What is the attitude of the food and drug bureau of the State of California regarding B17 and/or laetrile?

In 1971 Grant Leake, Chief of the fraud section of the food and drug bureau of California said: "We're going to protect them even if some of them don't want to be protected". Ref. WWC, pp18

Have any charges been brought against Medical Doctors (M.D.) for treating their patients with B17 and/or laetrile?

YES - In early 1974 the California medical board brought formal charges against Stewart M. Jones, M.D. for using Laetrile in the treatment of cancer patients. It was learned later, however, that Dr. Julius Levine, one of the members of that board, himself had been usine Laetrile in the treatment of his own cancer. When Dr. Jones' case came up for review, the political pressures were so great that Dr. Levine felt compelled to resign from his post rather than come out openly in support of Dr. Jones and his patients.

Ref: Laetrile Tiff. State medic Out, San Jose Mercury (Calif), April 10, 1974. Ref: WWC, pp18

Why does the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) make it difficult to get B17 and Laetrile (and the real facts about them)?

With billions of dollars spent each year in research with additional billions taken in from the cancer-related sale of drugs, and with ever-increasing government-paid health programs, we find that, today there are far more people making a living from cancer than are dying from it. Ref. WWC, pp19

Has Laetrile ever been tested by the FDA?

NO - On September 1, 1971, the FDA announced that the AD Hoc Committee of Consultants for Review and Evaluation of Laetrile had found "no acceptable evidence of therapeutic effect to justify clinical trials." And then it announced that, because of their findings, Laetrile could no longer be promoted, sold, or even tested in the USA. Ref. Press release, HEW/FDA, Sept. 1, 1971 Ref. WWC, pp 44


The FDA uses shadowy, false and misleading verbal trickery to persuade the public that Laetrile, B17, and apricot kernels are "toxic" when they are virtually harmless. No one has died from taking B17. Yet thousands die from taking "orthodox" FDA-approved chemotherapy. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT PEOPLE ARE MADE AWARE OF THIS. There have been no deaths from Laetrile.

How does the FDA convince the public that the opposite is true? Deceptive wording. Look at their "official" statement on vitamin B17:

"There are no published clinical studies which demonstrate that laetrile is safe and effective and cancer patients who take it sometimes forgo conventional therapies to their detriment."

Look at this statement: "Safe AND effective". This does NOT say laetrile is UNsafe. Their use of "AND" in this sentence is a crucial piece of deception: When it links "safe" to "effective", it only means that laetrile MAY not be EFFECTIVE (in the FDA's eyes) - but it does NOT state that laetrile is not SAFE.

On the other hand, "ORTHODOX" chemotherapy treatments CAN be declared TOXIC and LETHAL - something that cannot be said of laetrile.

There's one more "and" in that statement that fuels this deception: "'AND' cancer patients who take it sometimes forego conventional therapies to their detriment." This means that the FDA only claims B17 is "unsafe" if it persuades a patient to forego toxic conventional chemotherapy.

- Ed.

As of 1974 was anyone taking Laetrile on a daily basis after all the publicity on the subject?

YES - There are now several thousand persons in the USA taking Laetrile daily. M.D.'s by the hundreds are studying or even taking it themselves, and certain hospitals are now undertaking its study. FDA or no FDA, NCI (National Cancer Institute) or no NCI, obfuscations or no obfuscations. Ref. WWC, pp45

How did Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. discover that B17 and/or Laetrile could fight and control cancer? Why is it called B17?

By 1952, Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., a biochemist in San Francisco, had advanced the theory that cancer, like scurvy and pellagra, is not caused by some kind of mysterious bacterium, virus or toxin, but is merely a deficiency disease aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modern man's diet. He identified this compound as part of the nitriloside family which occurs abundantly in nature in over 1200 edible plants and found virtually in every part of the world. It is particularly prevalent in the seeds of those fruits in the Prunus Rosacea family (bitter almond, apricot, blackthorn, cherry, nectarine, peach, and plum), but also contained in grasses, maize, sorghum, millet, cassava, linseed, apple seeds, and many other foods that, generally, have been deleted form the menus of modern civilization.

It is difficult to establish a clear-cut classification for a nitriloside. Since it does not occur entirely by itself but rather is found in foods, it probably should not be classified as a food. Like sugar, it is a food component or a food factor. Nor can it be classified as a drug, inasmuch as it is a natural, non-toxic, water-soluble substance entirely normal to and compatible with human metabolism. The proper name for a food factor that contains these properties is a vitamin. Since this vitamin normally is found with the B-complexes, and since it was the 17th such substance to be isolated within this complex, Dr. Krebs identified it as Vitamin B17. Ref. WWC, pp52

What happens to animals that are in zoos when they are deprived from their natural diet in the wild?

In the San Diego zoo.... animals are almost totally devoid of nitriolosides...over a 6-year period, five bears died of cancer. WWC, pp54

How does cancer and other diseases compare in modern man and primitive man?

All the diseases known to modern man are unknown in primitive societies. WWC, pp55

Don't all the foods that we buy have the vitamins put back? I see "enriched" on all the labels, doesn't this mean that the food contains all the vitamins we need to be healthy?

NO - These are not the same as the original. As the June 1971 Journal of the American Geriatric Society reported: "Vitamins removed from food and returned as "enrichment" are not a safe substitute, as witnessed by the study in which Roger J. Williams, PH.D., reported that rats feed enriched bread died or were severely stunted due to malnutrition...." Even senility has been proven to be caused by a deficiency of Vitamins B and C. Ref: WWC, pp58

Don't all our foods have all the vitamins we need including B17?

NO - In the past fifty years, the foods that once provided the American people with ample amounts of natural vitamin B17 gradually have been pushed aside or replaced altogether by foods almost devoid of this factor. Significantly, it is during this same time span that the cancer rate has moved steadily upward to the point where today, one out of every four persons in the USA is destined to contract this disease. Ref. WWC, pp59-60

I have heard something about the Hunza. What is this about?

In the remote recesses of the Himalaya Mountains, between West Pakistan, India and China, there is a tiny kingdom called Hunza. These people are known world over for their amazing longevity and good health. It is not uncommon for Hunzakuts to live beyond a hundred years, and some even to a hundred and twenty, or more. Visiting medical teams from the outside world report that there never has been a case of cancer in Hunza.

... It is interesting to note that the average Hunza diet contains over two hundred times more nitriloside than the average American diet. In fact, in that land where there is no such thing as money, a man's wealth is measured by the number of apricot trees he owns.

... The prince happily confirmed it and then described how it was not uncommon to eat 30 to 50 apricot seeds as an after-lunch snack. These often account for an excess of 75,000 International Units of Vitamin A per day as well as over 150mg of Vitamin B17.

The women of Hunza are renowned for their strikingly smooth skin even into advance age. Generally, their faces appear 15 to 20 years younger than their counterparts in other areas of the world. They claim that their beauty secret is merely the apricot oil which they apply to their skins almost daily.

... It is important to know that when the Hunzakuts leave their secluded land and adopt the menus of other countries, they soon succumb to the same diseases and infirmities, including cancer, as the rest of mankind. Ref. WWC, pp65-67

What is a trophoblast?

The layer of extraembryonic ectoderm that nourishes the embryo or develops into fetal membranes with nutritive functions. Ref. Websters College Dictionary, 1997 Also known as a cancer cell Ref. WWC, pp89

What happens with our body system if:
(1) our pancreas is weak, or
(2) if the kinds of foods we eat consume almost all of the pancreatic enzymes for their digestion leaving very little for the blood stream, or
(3) if due to surgery or radiation, there is scar tissue around the cancer which inhibits circulation and prevents the enzymes from reaching it, or
(4) if the rate of cancer growth is so high due to massive tissue damage that the pancreatic enzymes can't keep up with it? Then what?

Nature has provided a backup mechanism, a second line of defense, that has an excellent chance of doing the job even if the first line should fail. It involves a unique chemical compound that literally poisons the malignant cell while nourishing all the rest. It is Vitamin B17 which is found in those natural foods containing nitriloside. It is also known as amygdalin and has been used extensively for well over a hundred years.

In a concentrated and purified form developed by Dr. Krebs specifically for cancer therapy, it is know as Laetrile. Ref. WWC, pp97-98

Who developed the trophoblastic thesis of cancer?

Professor John Beard suspected that there was a nutritional factor in addition to the enzyme factor. In 1952 this "extrinsic" factor was discovered by Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., and his famous father of the same name. Ref. WWC, pp98-99

What are the qualifications of Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr.?

He completed three years of anatomy and medicine at Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia. Then he pursued his undergraduate work at the University of Illinois between 1938-1941. Specializing in bacteriology, he received his Bachelor's Degree at the University of Illinois in 1942. He did graduate work at the University of California from 1943-1945 and later at the University of Mississippi, researching mostly in pharmacology. He is the author of many scientific papers including "The Unitarian or Trophoblastic Thesis of Cancer", and "The Nitrilosides in Plants and Animals". He was the science director of John Beard Memorial Foundation.

He is the discoverer of Vitamin B15 (pangamic acid) By 1950 Dr. Krebs, Jr. had identified the specific composition of vitamin B-17, had isolated it into crystalline form and gave it the name Laetrile and had tested it on animals to make sure it was not toxic. Ref. WWC, pp100

Does roasting apricot seeds impair the Vitamin B17?

NO - Roasting does not impair the vitamin B17, but it does destroy the unlocking enzyme. By roasting we lose whatever benefit there may be from chemical activity from the enzymes in the mouth, stomach and intestines. Ref.: WWC pp120

How much B17 does a normal apricot contain, on the average?

In the USA about 4-5mg. Ref.: WWC pp122

Have medical doctors used Laetrile on their patients?

YES - There have been at least twenty-six published medical papers written by well-known physicians who have used Laetrile experimentally in the treatment of their own patients, and who have concluded that Laetrile is both safe and effective in the treatment of cancer.

Ref: A complete list of these papers is contained in "The Laetriles", pp 84-85 Ref.: WWC pp129

Has any medical doctor specifically endorsed the use of Laetrile for treatment and control of cancer?

YES - Dr. Hans Nieper, MD, Director of the Dept. of Medicine at the Silbersee Hospital in Hanover, and is listed in the Who's Who in World Science and is the Director of the German Society for Medical Tumor Treatment, during a visit to the USA in 1972 told news reporters.

"After more than 20 years of such specialized work, I have found the non-toxic Nitrilosides, that is, Laetrile, far superior to any other known cancer treatment or preventative. In my opinion it is the only existing possibility for the ultimate control of cancer." Ref.: WWC pp130



What's The Real Story On B17 & Cyanide?

[Regarding the supposed "Toxicity" of B17][ ] The pharmaceutical companies say that apricot kernels are a lethal toxin, yet every example of a toxic reaction reported is that of a malnourished African eating cassava roots. There are many thousands of people eating apricot kernels, but there seems to be a real shortage of dead ones.

Cyanide can be highly toxic and even fatal if taken in sufficient quantity. However, locked as it is in this natural state, it is completely inert chemically and has absolutely no effect on living tissue. Ref. WWC, pp102

[NOTE:]Dr. Krebs says "For some patients in whom gastric acidity is deficient, side reactions of weakness or headache following oral administration may be avoided by taking citrus juices or grape juice, or hydrochloric acid tablets such as betaine hydrochloride to prevent these unpleasant reactions". []

How did Dr. Krebs, Jr. determine that B17 (Laetrile) is not toxic to humans?

There was only one way to do that, of course. So he rolled up his sleeve and injected into his own bloodstream. Just as predicted, there were absolutely no harmful or distressing side effects. Ref. WWC, pp101

What is B17 composed of?

The molecule contains two unit of glucose (sugar), one of benzaldehyde, and one of cyanide, all tightly locked together within it. Ref. WWC, pp102

This "locking" thing. Is there any other compound like this?

YES - Chlorine gas is also know to be deadly. But when the chlorine is chemically bound (locked) together with sodium forming sodium chloride, it is a relatively harmless compound known as common "table salt".


On September 4, 1972, the Los Angeles Examiner ran a UPI dispatch titled: FRUIT PITS CAN CAUSE CYANIDE. 6 days later, the New York Times ran a story: APRICOT KERNELS LINKED TO POISONINGS ON COAST. The story stated that a Los Angeles couple were treated for "cyanide poisoning" after eating thirty apricot kernals.

Suspecting there was more to the story, the author of WWC sought details from the Department of Health, including the names of the couple in question. But the department claimed "confidentiality" prevented them from releasing any details.

Dr. Dean Burk of the National Cancer Institute got more information, and in a letter to WWC author, stated:

This couple from Los Angeles... really got sick and were treated in an emergency hospital, following ingestion by mouth of an overnight brew made from apricot nuts, apricot fruit, and distilled water - a concoction that probably fermented somewhat overnight, and was undoubtedly very bitter, and which brought on the illness (nausea, vomiting, etc.) after "about an hour", which is rather long for cyanide, which usually acts within minutes of being swallowed. Mr. Murray [of the Los Angeles County Health Department] was not willing to commit himself that cyanide was the chief cause of the illness, from which it would appear they promptly recovered. He said, "that under the circumstances... you don't want to leap to conclusions and say that their illness was definitely due to the ingestion of amygdalin... I don't think I could personally say that I proved that their illness was due to apricot kernels."

Also, in another letter dated Dec 20, 1972:

A considerable number of people eat 10 - 20 apricot kernels a day, and after awhile, even 50 - 100 kernels safely, though hardly all at once as the ... "Angeleno gastronomes" [the L.A. couple] actually did. The same general situation holds with respect to strawberries, onions, shrimp, and many others, that are never removed en masse from store shelves as was done with apricot kernels.... pp95 - 97 WWC (Ed.)


[From: ]

A doctor from the U.S. FDA once said that Laetrile contains "free" hydrogen cyanide and, thus, is toxic. I would like to correct that misconception:

There is no "free" hydrogen cyanide in Laetrile. When Laetrile comes in contact with the enzyme beta-glucosidase, the Laetrile is broken down to form two molecules of glucose, one molecule of benzaldehyde and one molecule of hydrogen cyanide (HCN). Within the body, only the cancer cell-contains that enzyme.

If the above is true, how did the story ever get started that Laetrile contains "free" hydrogen cyanide? It was the Food and Drug Administration.

A news release said, the FDA had done extensive testing of "Laetrile," and found no evidence that it contained hydrogen cyanide or that any hydrogen cyanide was released in the presence of the cancer cell. Thus, they said, Laetrile was of no value.

When it was clearly established some time later that Laetrile did, indeed, release hydrogen cyanide in the presence of the cancer cell, how do you suppose the FDA reacted? They now proclaimed that Laetrile contained hydrogen cyanide and thus was toxic!

When offered an opportunity to present evidence of Laetrile's toxicity in Federal Court, they admitted that they had none. (See Chapter One, "Alive and Well" by Dr. Philip Binzel, [ISBN: 0912986174 ])

How then does B17 work to kill cancer cells?

There is only one substance that can unlock the B17 molecule and release the cyanide. That substance is an enzyme called "beta-glucosidase", which is called the "unlocking enzyme". When B17 comes in contact with this enzyme in the presence of water, not only is the cyanide released, but also the benzaldehyde, which is highly toxic by itself. In fact, these two working together are at least a hundred times more poisonous than either of them separately; a phenomenon know in biochemistry as synergism.

Fortunately, the "unlocking enzyme" is not found to any dangerous degree anywhere in the body "except at the cancer cell", where it always is present in great quantity, sometimes at levels in excess of one hundred times that of the surrounding normal cells. The result is that the Vitamin B17 is unlocked at the cancer cell, releases its poisons to the cancer cell and ONLY TO THE CANCER CELL. Ref. WWC, pp103

How come the cyanide does not poison us?

There is another important enzyme called "rhodanese", which we shall identify as the "protecting enzyme". (Since about 1965, rhodanese has been identified in the technical literature as thiosulfate transulfurase.) The reason is that it has the ability to neutralize cyanide by converting it instantly into by-products that actually are beneficial and essential to health. This enzyme is found in great quantities in every part of the body EXCEPT the cancer cell which, consequently, is not protected. Ref.: WWC pp116

Is Laetrile toxic to the body?

MODERATELY. It is "toxic" in the way that a vitamin could be called "toxic". Taking an entire bottle of vitamin tablets would be poisonous, possibly deadly. The consumer must have enough intelligence to avoid such ridiculous overdoses. The same is true for B17. No one has ever been hurt by sane and moderate use of B17.

Aspirin tablets are 20 times more toxic than the equivalent amount of Laetrile. Laetrile is even less toxic than sugar.

But like aspirin or sugar, you can't take 20 tablets or eat 1/2 lb. at one time. It would make you quite sick, probably requiring a stomach pump. [Ref: WWC pp126]

Can an overdose of B17 be harmful or fatal?

Only if it is a TRUE "overdose" of ridiculous proportions. And even in such a case, the result is usually nausea and a date with the stomach pump. B17 is as harmless as any substance can be. After all, even life-essential water or oxygen can be fatal if taken in unnaturally large doses. [Ref: WWC pp118]

It's NOT The Cyanide (Directly), but the Benzaldehyde:

A Brief Detail On How It All Works

[From "Alive & Well, Ch 6, from website:]

In 1977 it was thought that the hydrogen cyanide formed in the above-mentioned chemical reaction exerted the toxic effect against the cancer cell. In the past several years there has been much evidence to show that this chemical reaction produces only a minute amount of hydrogen cyanide, that the hydrogen cyanide is quickly converted to thiocyanate and probably has little, if any, toxic effect on the cancer cell. It is the benzaldehyde formed in this chemical reaction that is extremely toxic to the cancer cell.



Should I supplement the intake of Vitamin B17 with any other foods?

YES - Dr. John Richardson of San Francisco suggests: Eat all edible vegetables. Eat them raw preferably or only cooked slightly. Eat all fish as fresh as possible, lightly cooked . Eat skin free poultry. Whatever does not fall within this formula, forget it. Adequate liquid intake with fresh fruit juices plain or carbonated is also required. Vitamin C :1500 to 500mg; Vitamin E: 1200 Internatinal Units; Multi-vitamins. Toxins of all kinds must be avoided including: tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tranquilizers, sedatives, analgesics. Antibiotics are OK . Ref.: WWC pp137-138

What is Vitamin B15 and why should I include it?

Vitamin B15, pangamic acid, detoxifies the liver as a transmethylating agent, and increases the oxygen uptake potential of the tissues, therefore the rationale should be obvious. Think of it as "instant oxygen". It also aids in the detoxification of waste products. Ref.: WWC pp138 & 140


[ ]

The reason for a low-protein diet: Remember, Dr. Krebs et al. had found that the cancer cell had a protein lining, and that if the body dissolves that protein lining it would kill the cancer cell. The dissolving of that protein lining, they said, is done by the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, which are secreted by the pancreas. It is important to understand that it takes large quantities of trypsin and chymotrypsin to digest animal protein. Thus, the cancer patient who is eating animal protein may be using up all, or almost all, of his trypsin and chymotrypsin for digestive purposes. This leaves none of these enzymes available to the rest of the body. [Trypsin and Chymotrypsin are in Pancreatin].

The patient would be on this diet for a minimum of four months. In that period of time, I was attempting to free the trypsin and the chymotrypsin from being used up for digestive purposes and to put these enzymes back into the body in order to restore the body's first line of defense against cancer.

The reason for the fresh fruits and fresh vegetables is because of enzymes. There are some enzymes in fresh fruits and vegetables which are tremendously important in good nutrition. This means a diet that is high in salads.

My patients are encouraged to have as wide a variety of fruits as possible, except for the citrus fruits. Oranges, lemons, grapefruit and tomatoes (Yes, tomatoes are a citrus fruit.) are not to be more than ten percent of their fruit intake. Other fruits such as apples, peaches, and pears contain far more nutrition than do the citrus fruits. My patients are also told that, except for the citrus fruits, they should eat the seeds of their fruits. Apple seeds, grape seeds, apricot kernels, peach kernels, etc. have a high nitriloside content.

With the combined fruits and vegetables, I like for my patients to have about sixty percent vegetables and about forty percent fruits. I do not require that they weigh and measure their fruits and vegetables, but ask only that they keep the vegetable intake a little higher than the fruit intake.

Protein in the diet is very necessary. However, use vegetable protein. Vegetable protein requires nothing in the way of the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin for digestion. The things that they use for their protein content can be cooked. You do not alter or harm a vegetable protein by cooking it.



From WWC, p111

Vegetables: anything generally. All parts: roughage, seeds (if edible in that variety of vegetable/fruit); RAW if possible, or else cooked as minimally as possible.

Meat: Any fish, fresh if possible; SKIN-FREE poultry. Everything else - forget it. No beef, dairy, mutton, pork.

"The LIVER is to neoplastic diseases what the heart is to circulatory diseases. THE LIVER IS CENTRAL."

Vitamins: C: 1500 - 5000 mg.; E: 800 - 1200 IU; Multi vitamins. VITAMIN B15 (pangamic acid), which detoxifies the liver and increases oxygen uptake potential of tissues (which prevents trophoblast cells from thriving in the "fermented" conditions which cause/support them)

Pancreatic Enzyme Supplementation: dessicated pancreas substances are effective (like Pancreatin).

Avoid alcohol; "Discourage" coffee. Rest is important. Exercise should avoid the affected area.


pp152-153: Chemotherapy drugs do not distinguish between cancerous and non-cancerous cells; rather, they distinguish between RAPIDLY-GROWING and slower-growing cells. Healthy rapid-growing cells are destroyed. THIS IS WHY HAIR FALLS OUT: they are among the rapid-growing cells.

The cellular poisons used in orthodox cancer therapy today cannot distinguish between cancer and non-cancer cells. They act instead to differentiate between cells that are fast-growing and those that are slow-growing or not growing at all. Cells that are actively dividing are the targets. Consequently, they kill, not only the cancer cells that are dividing, but also a multitude of normal cells all over the body that also are caught in the act of dividing.

These toxic drugs catch the blood cells when they are dividing naturally, and destroy them, then causing blood poisoning. The gastrointestinal system is thrown into convulsion causing nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, cramps, and progressive weakness. HAIR CELLS ARE FAST-GROWING, SO THE HAIR FALLS OUT DURING TREATMENT. Reproductive organs become sterile. The brain becomes fatigued. Eyesight and hearing are impaired. Every conceivable function is disrupted.

It is ironic that the medical personnel who administer the drugs take great precautions to protect themselves from exposure to them. The "Handbook of Cancer Chemotherapy" warns medical personnel that eye, membrane and skin irritation, dizziness, nausea, and headache result from their contact with these drugs. Also, many chemotherapy agents - alkylating agents in particular - are known to be carcinogenic.

Health care workers have several OSHA regulations they must observe while administering chemo to a patient, including: eye-goggles, disposable gowns and masks, and double latex gloves.

The chemotherapy agents are categorized as "hazardous waste" - yet these same substances are injected directly into the bloodstream of the patient. pp152-153

[Ed.:] Chemo works when the treatment is followed-up by immune-system bolstering action after the course of treatment, nutritional regimens that restore the health and strength as much as possible. It has its level of effectiveness, but the patient must be sensitive to their own body's signals, paying attention to nutritional demands, being aware that there is a toxicity to the treatment, so that they can read the clues their body is giving them; whether it's exercise, nutrients, sunlight, or to hold off a bit on the treatment. The point is, that if it comes to using chemo, it's not the end of the matter. It is rather an issue of the individual being sensitive to the clues their body is giving them, and then acting on them with knowledge and intuition. (Ed.)




  • Vitamin C and a small amount of zinc a few minutes prior to taking the apricot kernels. This will facilitate the absorption of the vitamin B17 in the apricot kernels.

  • Then PANCREATIN just before taking the APRICOT KERNELS.

Pancreatin has enzymes that dissolve the protein barrier around any cancer cells, so this will enable the B17 in the apricot kernels to be drawn into those cells and destroy them. (The pancreas also secretes these enzymes as part of normal body function. Pancreatin just acts as an aid in this process.)

ZINC tablets often have excessively high dosages. General comments: "inorganic zinc is poorly absorbed; picolinic acid, (in zinc picolinate), removes iron from cells & can cause anemia; Avoid this by using zinc monomethionine (a 1:1 chelated complex of the antioxidants zinc and methionine)." As a guideline, 10 milligrams (about 66% of the RDA) or less will get some zinc into your system for the purpose of the B17 regimen. You may need to cut your tablets into quarters (or eighths) to reduce it to this amount.

Take Pancreatin on an empty stomach, so it will dissolve the protein-coating of the "trophoblast" cell instead of being used to digest food-protein.

[ ]
Apricot seeds ( whole food is best ) or Vitamin B17 ( 100 mg ) along with digestive enzymes [Pancreatin] with at least 3 mg of Chymotrypsin [in Pancreatin], the recommended dosage is 1 or 2 tablets just prior to a meal [empty stomach]. The proteolytic enzymes should also be taken on an empty stomach.



Description: The apricot kernel is a high source of naturally occurring vitamin B-17 (nitriloside, amygdaline, or Laetrile), known to lessen the production of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a marker for metastatic cancer. Apricot kernels are also a rich source of benzaldehyde, showing analgesic (pain relief) properties.

Note: Clinical tests have shown that vitamin B-17 is more effective when used in conjunction with pancreatic enzymes to break down the pericellular coating of the malignant cell. Vitamins A and E (emulsified), with high doses of vitamin C, B-15, and other antioxidants and nutrients are combined with B-17 to attack the cancer cell. Clinics administering Metabolic Therapy to their patients use these supplements. []

[ ] ...Phillip Day suggests 40-50 per day, but build up to this amount gradually. People who are free of cancer and want to avoid it should take 8-10 per day. For patients, it is important to consume paw paw and pineapple each day, as the natural enzymes strip the coating on the cancer cells, so that the B17 in the kernels can work. Vitamins A and E are also important for enhancing the work of the kernels.

[ ]

...including high doses of Vitamin B17 (also known as Laetrile) and a regime of highly nutritious food that is largely organic and vegetarian. These included Vitamin B17 tablets, Pancreatic Enzymes and up to 26 apricot kernels a day. "It was very difficult to get so many apricot kernels down each day. I grated them on salads and mixed them into fruit juices, anything I could think of to get them into me." As part of the programme of treatment, Warwick also had daily coffee enemas to help detoxify her body. "I also had to completely rethink my diet. Processed foods, coffee and alcohol were out while vegan meals made from scratch with organic produce and mainly eaten raw, were in. It took a little getting used to particularly losing the coffee, but suddenly I became attuned to healthy eating.

[ ]
Vitamin B-17 - Laetrile - Anti-Cancer Properties? The diet of primitive man and most fruit-eating animals was very rich in nitrilosides. They regularly ate the seeds (and kernels) of all fruits, since these seeds are rich in protein, polyunsaturated fats, and other nutrients. Seeds also contain as much as 2 per cent or more nitriloside. There are scores of other major foods naturally, or normally, very rich in nitriloside.

Vitamin B-17 (nitriloside, amygdaline) is a designation proposed to include a large group of water-soluble, essentially non-toxic, sugary, compounds found in over 800 plants, many of which are edible. These factors are collectively known as Beta-cyanophoric glycosides. They comprise molecules made of sugar, hydrogen cyanide, a benzene ring or an acetone. Though the intact molecule is for all practical purposes completely non-toxic, it may be hydrolyzed by Beta-glycosidase to a sugar, free hydrogen cyanide, benzaldehyde or acetone.

Vitamin B17 is found in most all fruit seeds such as the apple, peach, cherry, orange, nectarine and apricot. It is found in some beans and many grasses such as wheat grass. The hard wooden pit in the middle of the peach is not supposed to be thrown away. In fact, the wooden shell is strong armor protecting one of the most important foods known to man, the seed.

We don't need to make the seed a main course but we do need the equivalent of about seven apricots seeds per day to improve our odd for a cancer-free life. Other foods that contain vitamin B-17 are: bitter almonds, millet, wheat grass, lima beans and more. (The bitter almond tree was banned from the U.S. in 1995.) The kernel or seed contains the highest amounts of vitamin B17.

The rule of thumb when eating seeds is to eat the fruit along with the seeds. For example, you do not want to extract the seeds from 50 apples and eat only those seeds, however eating a few apples every day along with their seeds is perfectly safe.


[Apricot Seeds/Kernels]

[ ]Many people choose apricot kernels for this source of nutrition since these seeds contain among the richest supplies of B17 and are easy and convenient to consume. Krebs and others maintained that 10+ seeds per day for life ensured an adequate B17 intake. Those with clinical cancer however will need to explore the full pharmaceutical B17 Metabolic Therapy options, which provide the necessary full and sustained attack against their condition (see Cancer: Why We're Still Dying to Know the Truth).

Apple seeds, alfalfa sprouts, apricot kernels, bamboo shoots, barley, beet tops, bitter almond, blackberries, boysenberries, brewer's yeast, brown rice, buckwheat, cashews, cherry kernels, cranberries, currants, fava beans, flax seeds, garbanzo beans, gooseberries, huckleberries, lentils, lima beans, linseed meat, loganberries, macadamia nuts, millet, millet seed, peach kernels, pecans, plum kernels, quince, raspberries, sorghum cane syrup, spinach, sprouts (alfalfa, lentil, mung bean, buckwheat, garbanzo), strawberries, walnuts, watercress, yams.
[The following given just as an example of how to obtain Apricot Seeds and what they cost. They're not connected with this site:]

Apricot Kernels (seeds)- 1 Lb.
Description - One pound of apricot kernels (also called pits or seeds). Each 1 pound bag contains 700 seeds. This item is sold for use as a food or spice only! Price: $14.00 Internet, Fax or Mail!
ADDRESS: Rainrock Nutritionals, PO Box 1124 Newark, OH 43058-1124. Phone (Toll-Free):877-204-1953, Phone:740-349-5303

"There is a lot of sales hype from some competitors regarding 'sun drying' of apricot kernels. Some customers have become so confused by this sales technique that they have requested un-dried kernels! Let's be clear on this subject: Our apricot seeds are NOT sun-dried. Almost no one's are. Virtually all kernels available commercially are air-dried unless otherwise stated. Kernels MUST BE DRIED by one drying method or another to avoid mold! Our kernels are air dried just like virtually all other distributors' kernels. They are NOT cooked or steamed in any manner. This preserves the important nutrients and enzymes contained in the kernel without the danger of mold formation which ruins the seeds. Some other pits are steamed or cooked. Avoid these. If you are in doubt, please ASK!"


Cyanide Poisoning: Official Description
(Just So You'll Have All The Facts...)

(Be sure to read about the unsubstantiated "poisoning" hysteria stories above in The Real Story On B17 & Cyanide)

Cyanide Poisoning Symptoms: Cyanide poisoning can be difficult to detect, but certain clues can be useful. The effects of cyanide ingestion are very similar to the effects of suffocation. This is because cyanide stops the cells of the body from being able to use oxygen, which all cells need to survive. So the same symptoms that you can get from climbing too high a mountain where the air is too thin also occur with cyanide.

General weakness, confusion, bizarre behavior, excessive sleepiness, coma, shortness of breath, headache, dizziness, and seizures all can be seen with cyanide poisoning.

Chronic poisoning (over time) from ingestion or environmental poisoning will have a more gradual onset. [Cyanide is rapidly eliminated from the body, so any problems from "long term" exposure would have to be based on the assumption that small amounts of damage occur during each injestion. - Ed.] The skin of a cyanide-poisoned person can sometimes be unusually pink or cherry-red because oxygen will stay in the blood and not get into the cells. The person may also be breathing very fast and have either a very fast or very slow heartbeat. Sometimes the person's breath can smell like bitter almonds, though this can be difficult to detect.

Certain rare plants contain cyanide, including apricot pits and a type of potato called cassava. The cyanide in these plants is different from "free" cyanide, which would be toxic on contact. The cyanide in these plants is "bound" molecularly, so that the cyanide has no toxic effect unless it comes into contact with certain enzymes. It is believed by some that this characteristic allows for the destruction of cancer cells, which contain the "unlocking enzyme" that this bound cyanide responds to, while having little-to-no toxicity to the rest of the body. Only chronic or massive ingestion of any of these plants can lead to serious poisoning.


If you've been munching on seeds for years and have never felt any ill effects, you can safely continue to eat them in similar quantities without worrying. Keep in mind, however, that one gluttonous binge will put you away forever. Sub-lethal doses of cyanide gas are detoxified and passed out of the body rapidly, so it's impossible to slowly poison yourself over a period of time. Symptoms of cyanide poisoning are excitement, convulsions, respiratory distress, and spasms.

The amount of amygdalin varies from species to species. Since "poisoning" does not involve a direct transfer of cyanide from one place to another, "lethal dosages" of the various seeds are hard to verify. Bitter almonds contain by far the greatest amount of amygdalin; it is extimated that 50-70 of these eaten at one time would kill an adult. [Edited from: - a site that's rather hysterically critical of B17 & apricot seeds; I obtained a couple of facts from them, but I don't recommended it for a balanced view. ]



LEGAL: Laetrile is manufactured and used legally in over 17 countries throughout the world, including Germany, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, and Mexico.


We can have a positive attitude and nature's best medicines but still be missing something. Our intuition warns us when it's our spiritual and emotional level that needs healing. We may kick this off with physical relaxation techniques and meditation. But ultimately the release of resentment has to be realized in order for our spirit to be rid of the bitterness that can lay at the root of an illness.

This may require several hours per day of spiritual activities. It may also require enduring considerable ridicule from uncomprehending "friends". There's not much respect for people who don't join in the world's frantic race to achieve nothing. This is part of spiritual growth: enduring the pain of rejection in order to comprehend the truth. To do so without resenting the offending parties is critical to health, for "even if I surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing" (1 Corinthians 13:3).

If one approaches healing with an agitated mindset, he operates from his ego & neglects his spirit -- and is dulled to God's unctions as to how to correct toxic behavior & lifestyle choices. Healing is a work from within. When we realize we are powerless physically to directly control the conditions we deal with, we are then on a platform from which we can commune with God & gradually receive the little nuggets of wisdom that will navigate our spirit to the position He originally intended it to assume. After all, it is His will to heal:

Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits: Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases, Who redeems your life from destruction, Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies, Who satisfies your mouth with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle's. - Psalm 103:2-5



The lymphatic system rids the body of toxic wastes, bacteria, heavy metals, dead cells, trapped protein, and fat globules. It is basically the garbage disposal of the body. The lymphatic system is cleansed by skin brushing. The skin will look healthier because its regeneration capacity is supported. Skin brushing mobilizes circulation throughout the body. Brushing dry skin brings blood to the surface, activates the cells, and helps to remove dead cells which are not removed when the skin is wet. The skin is better able to eliminate toxins through the pores and fend off problems like acne and fungal infections.

Using a loofah or a natural bristle brush, begin at the ends of the limbs and work inward, towards the center of the body and the heart. Start on the right side of the upper right foot making circles, working your way upwards. Brush the soles of the feet, too. Whenever you work on the limbs, brush the outer side first, then the inner side. Press lightly enough to bring circulation into the area and see it redden slightly, but not so hard as to injure or markedly redden the skin. Avoid brushing areas where the skin is broken or inflamed, whether it be due to psoriasis, acne, rashes or a similar affliction. Because of its invigorating effect, skin brushing should not be practiced at night before bed.


pH Balance, Antioxidants, Acids, Alkali. Description of terms, lists of foods in these categories.




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