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NOTE: THE FOLLOWING IS AN ARCHIVE OF E-MAILS RECEIVED BEFORE THE GROUP'S MESSAGEBOARD WAS SET UP. Some key points were addressed here which make interesting reading.



Q: How Do Elderly, Disabled, & Poor Fit into Survival Preparation?

Your site is interesting and informative. I just have a question: Where do the elderly and disabled fit into the survival plan? We have much knowledge and wisdom to offer others, but our bodies are less than strong. Another question is, what if our only income is a small Social Security check ($550.00 monthly in some cases)? How can we employ the strategies if we require medication for high blood pressure, etc.? Are we to believe God will allow us to be killed off, though He has provided us with many gifts we can use to help others? The age group over 50 is the largest segment of the population. Please address these issues! - P.H.

HM: Survival in a crisis, in a big way, is truly a matter of networking. The elderly and disabled are not unable to survive, even if they may not be as strong as others (and I'd recommend that such people view themselves in light of their abilities rather than their limitations.) We need to link up in small groups where each individual has his or her contribution to make. We need to maintain a social order within the group so that one is not without an "ally" in a crisis.

As to the matter of preparing for survival on a low income ("Survival on the Cheap") ... well, welcome to the club! Most of the people I know of, or read about, who are interested in survival are "low income". This doesn't in any way eliminate our ability to prepare. Month-to-month allotments for storable foods (dried beans & rice, for example) and other fundamental necessities will increase your odds of surviving a crisis over a period of time. And that's the goal: increasing the odds! There are no absolute guarantees to any plan of survival. There's only the matter of "common sense". Wherever you find yourself able to take a step that improves your odds of surviving a crisis, just concentrate on that one step. Don't think about 100 different needs all at once. Just do what you're able to moment-by-moment.

As to medication: I've heard that people have stored up a reserve by one of two approaches: either by telling your doctor that you're using twice as much of the medication as you're actually taking... or - cutting back on your usual dose and squirrelling away the balance [I don't recommend either of these approaches as I am not a doctor. I just pass this on as "hearsay" that I've gotten from others. It's ultimately up to you to decide what to do].

No matter which course you take toward survival, some risk is involved. But I don't foresee so great a risk that I'd be fearful of it. God is not interested in letting anyone get "killed off." More likely, He's trying to free us from dependency on a social structure that hates Him, and to let us see how much ability we actually have. And as far as that goes: without God, none of this survival planning is worth spit in my opinion. It is God within us that will reveal what we need to know as these situations come up. (Some thoughts on this...) We can't allow ourselves to get so focused on the world that we think the only way we can survive is to rely on its institutions.

If you like the idea of freedom, then take survivalism a step at a time, and ideas will come to you, little by little, that will apply to your unique needs and situation. There are some things that no other human being can answer for us.
- H.M.

Q:Where Do You Get Your Facts?

After reading the information about the reasons for WW I, WWII, the creation of the U.N., and the existence of the "New World Order", I am very interested in knowing the sources of such information. I appreciate your help. - P.H.

HM: I recently posted a list of names, dates and statements identifying people who are involved in establishing a One-World-Government, a list which includes presidents and others in high positions of government and finance."New World Order History"

As I state in the introduction, one doesn't usually find a clear statement by a politician or financier that shows that they deliberately started a war in order to advance some personal agenda. What we CAN find are statements that reveal their intentions and personal beliefs, and then we can compare them to the actions they committed while in office; THEN look at the end result of those actions. After that, it's up to us to make an intelligent assessment, as responsible citizens, as to why the events in our recent history unfolded in the manner they did. I think that ultimately one has to conclude, "If it walks like a duck & quacks like a duck, it's a duck."

Another site, www.newswatchmagazine.org , has additional information on this subject.

Keywords "new world order" on a search engine will yield several sources of this information, of varying veracity.
- H.M.

Q:In Search Of Survivalist "Eden"

Where are the best areas to live in terms of survival resources and people who are more down-to-earth and aware of these matters?

"D.H.", Poukipsie, NY

HM: Even in the likeliest rural or semi-rural areas you'll commonly find resistance to any ideas of "banding together in a survivalist culture." Those of us for whom survivalist ideas are relatively new, we sometimes have idealized notions of creating a new society away from urban criminals and socialist government interference. But no matter where you go you'll have to keep on the lookout for the same short-sighted & disinterested people who screwed-up our present society.

There are definitely places where the people have their heads screwed on a little straighter than others. And if you find someplace like that, let me know where it is!


.Q:Is "Survivalism" UnChristian?

I don't understand what survivalism has to do with Christianity. The Bible speaks of having faith and not being worn-down by the cares of this world. I think survivalists are worriers who are putting their faith in physical things instead of in God. Just trust Jesus and have faith that your work will be sufficient unto the day.

"E.G.", Rochester, MN

HM: God does not absolve us from taking responsibility for the physical matters in our lives. "Survivalism" is not a new idea. It's really the way everybody lived until the 20th century arrived. Our responsibilities to ourselves and our families cause us to plan for the future in one way or another: Retirement plans, college funds, home insurance, medical care, etc. And, if you add to that list things like stocking up food for the winter, keeping some gold coins under the floorboards, having a gun to protect your home from those who are less theologically-inclined, etc., then you have a picture of normal life prior to recent times.

Today we just apply the word "survivalism" to this kind of planning, which, unfortunately, has become an emotionally-charged term to those who are less familiar with human history and the common threats we all need to be prepared for in everyday life.

The Bible tells us to keep an eye on things and be prepared: "Therefore, WATCH and pray always, so that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and stand before the Son of Man" - Luke 21:36. This refers to the End-Times tribulation, which appears more likely to occur with each passing day. "WATCH", we are instructed by Jesus. We're not to just focus on our own little chores and then simply trust that everything will work out because "God loves us." Jesus dumped it right in our laps: We have to watch, we have to pray... for a reason: so we can ESCAPE! It is not "faithless" to stay alert and be prepared... rather, it is a requirement: "The foolish ones took their lamps but didn't take any oil with them. The wise, however, took oil along... At midnight the cry rang out, "Here comes the bridegroom." The foolish ones asked the wise, "Give us some of your oil..." "No," the wise replied, "there may not be enough for both of us. Go and buy some for yourselves..." But while they were on their way to buy oil, the bridegroom arrived. Later, when the others returned, the door was shut. ...He replied, "I tell you the truth, I do not know you." Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour." - Matthew 25:1-13

When we have the ability to prepare for the future and "Keep watch", we can take that as a sign that God is enabling us to do what's necessary to be ready when that day and hour comes upon us. We are therefore responsible for taking advantage of the opportunities and revelation knowledge God is giving us now while the milk and honey are still flowing.

Trusting God's word concerning our preparation for those times is also an act of faith. "Faith" isn't just burying our heads in the sand and hoping everything will work out alright. Faith is trusting that God's word is actually telling us the truth about how we're supposed to prepare for the times ahead of us ... and following through on that advice.

Questions About the Rapture


.Q:Survival Ideas...

I've got a small "stockpile" of survival goods. It is my hope to weather a crisis in a way that puts me at a financial advantage over the yuppies and gentry who have all the money now.

The more each of us becomes self sufficient, the better able we will be to do business in a barter economy as times become more threatening. It's better to own a trailer than rent a penthouse.

When paper money become worthless... When banks fail... When there are no jobs... When the government is broke and rounding up the dispossessed for use as prison labor... When the present day middle- and upper-economic classes are roaming a landscape that no longer caters to them...

...That's when those of us who have prepared, who own a few little things that enable survival, and some barterable goods, can call the shots in an "underground" economy. You could hire people for a bag of peanuts!

I'm wondering if anyone out there has their own ideas of the kind of world we can expect in the near future and what we should prepare for?

- "R. N.", Tucumcari, NM

[Reader Response To "R.N. in NM": Absolutely Correct (EOM) "T.L."]

HM: The world as we know it is about to vanish, whether we're talking about weeks or months. The New World will seem like "hell" for some people and like heaven for others. It's a question of attitude and preparation that will make the difference. It's true, we need to stow away some common-sense survival items: food, tools, and "barter" goods. But another big item is finding ways to keep our heads together while we're living in this time of upheaval.

We've got to enjoy life! We need to develop a new culture that will energize our souls while we hammer -out our place in this "underground" New World.

Independence is discouraged in today's world, but it will be a lifesaver in the world that's ahead of us. There are many possibilities in today's headlines as far as potential disasters. We're seeing things that have never happened before. A lot of them may turn out to be nothing, but they're worth keeping an eye on.

(More: Survival "on the Cheap...")

The wise man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it." - Proverbs 22:3


Q:Election Conspiracy?

O.K., try this one on: I think the current [2000] presidential election "mixup" was devised by the United Nations and other "One-World" financial influencers in order to further erode the average American's confidence in his country. In this way, eventually, the United Nations would be welcomed as a "solid, reliable governing influence" by the American people. After all, with the U.N.'s involvement with the Vietnam and Korean wars, Americans saw their country mired in quagmire and defeat for the first time. And our current favoritism toward Communist China which allows billions of trade dollars into their economy, which then bolsters up their arsenal (targeted toward us) pretty much leaves us in a powerless position vis-a-vis the rest of the world.

Either that, or Clinton's just pulled a fast one in hopes of beating Franklin Roosevelt's tenancy record in the White House. With our voting system being as sloppy as it appears to be, it ought to be easy for political confederates across the nation to fudge the voting figures to favor their party's leaders.

Happy Millenium!

"B.T.", Escondido, CA

HM: The more we know, the less far-fetched these theories seem! It's just another incentive to put less expectation in the world of politics and spend more time in the "Kingdom." And although we've got to keep an eye on the antics of the world in order to stay ahead of them, sometimes their attempts to weigh-down the human spirit can seep through. That's when we've got to remember which Kingdom we're living in and leave the rats to fight over their pile of garbage!

And in these ominous times there'll be and increasing absence of physical security, which will push the Believer into the Kingdom of God in a much fuller way... More...


Q:Do You Believe President Bush would approve of it?

(From 10/12/2001)

These terrorists are evil in my belief and should be in everybody's beliefs. They have admitted to their hatred of America and their hatred to anybody who does not believe in there idea of religion.

I get the impression that some people think that president Bush is fighting back in a way that is not in our best interest. Does anybody have a better solution? I think not. Correct me if I am wrong.

Dear NSA

First of all President Bush is an empty vessel who does nothing unless instructed by people of a much stronger will than his, of whom he is surrounded by in spades. (As proof of this, compare Bush's first timid statements on the day of the WTC attack with his unqualified war statements of 4 days later: "A definite, LONG war..." These don't reflect a man's personal opinions: they reflect the certainty of a man who has been assured by voices of power that they will back him in a war scenario. Bush KNOWS he can't make a move without approval from powers beyond his own - primarily the U.N.) Secondly, this two-bit "terrorist" ring has been operating in the U.S., with immigrants from the Arab states planning in basements, in "cells", and there is no way their conversations could have eternally escaped the Intelligence agencies working on our behalf. "THE UNANSWERED QUESTION" remains: Who would benefit by this unfolding of events? All government agencies have increased powers under these emergency conditions. More money is allotted them, more people to staff all the airports and any other buildings and structures requesting "Federal Protection" in their present state of fear.

Then you have the United Nations. They intend to destroy ALL national sovereignty (that means OUR PERSONAL FREEDOM). The only way they could get American sentiment to consent to surrendering personal freedom is to scare the s*** out of them with these overwhelming and outrageous attacks.

Believe what you want: But there's a point where we must make an assessment as to WHY these crazy events are taking place - and take a look at the statements of organizations who have plainly declared their intention to establish a "One-World-Government" at ANY cost.

I suggest:
Protocols of the New World Order for an openly declared statement of the plans of the "New World Order",

The New World Order for some examples of their activity in recent history,

Proof: The New World Order Exists! - A History for a summery of comment s of presidents and prominent people reflecting New World Order goals in their public statements...

...and then I challenge YOU to explain why things have come about they way we see them today.

- Hank McIntyre


Q:No proof & it's just speculation on your part...

I interpret your response on the small groups of terrorists as one where we should have known absolutely about every body who has entered our country illegally and knew there every move and intentions. This problem has existed for quite some time now. Open borders with minuscule restrictions allowed millions to enter our country with no follow up on there status. No government agency can know what every unquestionable bad guy may do.

There are many different interpretations of what will happen in our future. I just received a book in the mail that says the catholic church will be the beast. There are so many views on what will happen hard it is to discern what is right.

The main thing that government is there for is to protect our citizens and that is what is being accomplished. They have admitted there hatred for us so how can we blame anyone but the ones that perpetrated the evil that they do so well. NSA


As you state, these terrorists are evil. But we, (with the U.N.) did things knowingly to agitate them,and empower them with the ability to pull off this attack (if by nothing more than looking the other way.)

The open borders you mention: YES, it was a cause: But who allowed these borders to be open other than our own government, who is there to "protect our citizens" as you put it?

So, what are the government's motives for doing this? How about, so they can convince the American people they need a larger FBI, ATF, NSA, CIA, FEMA, etc., to police the public (more funding). They would be able to arrest anyone at will without regard for constitutional rights, by simply calling him a "terrorist" (without trial or other proof). As of now, the DEA can "confiscate" a person's cash & possessions simply by declaring that they are "suspicious" of him - and KEEP the money even if the person proves his innocence. Now, these emergency "Terrorist" laws enable ALL government agencies to seize property in the same way, with no need for proof. So how's THAT for a motive?

. You asked, what other response could Bush have taken?

1. Act WITHOUT the U.N. - under our own flag. This would prevent the aggrandizement of the U.N.'s already excessive & intrusive "sovereignty" as a world-wide military power. (They already officially do not recognize any nation's sovereignty - they will send troops into ANY country at their discretion.)

2. Provide some credible PROOF that Bin Laden is the actual perpetrator of the WTC attack. Without this, we appear to be ducking-out of examining the unanswered suspicions of the 9-11 attack. Government agencies can increase their powers secretly while public's attention is diverted with an attack on a relatively defenseless country (Afghanistan).

3. Issue a statement of a Clear Objective, at which point we will declare that we have achieved our stated purpose and cease military operations. (Right now Bush is merely reiterating that this war could go on indefinitely). Failure to do this in the Vietnam war resulted in a prolonged & confusing defeat.

4. Bush must make an unqualified statement that Americans' Constitutional Rights will not be nullified by any of his proposed "Emergency Powers" acts. Much chicanery can be perpetrated by government agencies while taking advantage of the fear of the population ensuing from being hammered with panic-laden propaganda day and night.

(Of course, none of these things will happen, because Bush's current approach to the war is being done PRECISELY for the aggrandizement of the U.N. I merely mention this as an answer to the question you posed.)

You're right, there are many different views concerning these events. I have not made it my intention to persuade people to believe that one or the other view is the whole story. I simply believe it is the better part of wisdom to accept that the same dark motives that cause criminality and deception in the people we see everyday to likewise exist in those who possess greater power behind closed doors.

I am not really interested in which view is wrong or right. I'm trying to use this information to demonstrate that security does not come from trusting in government. I am trying to persuade people to observe the "Kingdom of God" with such a heightened sense of "Reality" that we won't panic when the world around us turns into a shambles as the Tribulation unfolds. The time is upon us to choose sides, to shun our trust in the world's ways and keep our spirits open to the leading and influence of God.

Along with that, there are some ideas on "survival" & preparation to consider, should it be necessary to live "off the grid" as these events develop:

Survival on the Cheap

or check out the Message Board at our "Group" site .

- H.M.-

[(3/17/04:) "OOPS!" When I wrote this in October 2001, I embarrassingly underestimated how convoluted the thinking was and is in America's leaders. I suspected that they would make one brazen move toward incorporating United Nations administration and policing with U.S. Federal administration. I didn't realize the extent to which they would piss-off every country on the earth before leaving U.S. citizens at the mercy of U.N. troops. I won't even hazard a guess as to specific details of today's political maneuvers; "specifics" are unimportant - the intentions are the revealing factor, and their intentions are evident in their seamless avoidance in mentioning China's manufacturing dominance (with U.S. support) while our job openings approach depression-level numbers. The only answers I know of and seek for are in the laws of YHWH Adonai. That's one source that won't change with time.]


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