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It doesn't matter what the intentions of the "One-World-Bankers" are. The Believer's protection from any ruler lies in intercedeing on their behalf... "so that the People of God can lead peaceable lives..."
["I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; "
- 1 Timothy 2:1-3]

So, yes: It's very clear that there is an unseen hand that's pushing the world's events around. Who's behind that unseen hand is less clear: They're given many names: The New World Order, the Bilderbergers, Masons, Jesuits, "Elders of [one or another group]", and so on.

History identifies famous politicians and financiers with one or more of these groups. Whichever name it happens to have isn't important: they all share the common goal of establishing a "One-World-Government". It's enough for us to know that these people really do exist! ... and that they hold the vast majority of the world's money and power. (Rothschild's famous quote: "Let me control the finances of the nation and it matters not to me who occupies the throne.")

The problem is many people over-react to this conspiracy of wealth & One World Government. It is not the role of the Believer to worry. Too many articles mention "What the NWO will do", as if they hold all the power over our affairs. But for those living in the Kingdom of God, there's more of a "trick" to this matter of power.

Intercession for rulers and authorities keeps a defensive "hedge" around Believers, so that when a tyrant intends to attack God's people, some impulse will come up in his mind that will distract him, make him disinterested in carrying out his plan, or be prevented by external events. This is the product of "Spiritual Warfare": The protective "hedge" God provides His people when we apply His laws correctly & with boldness.

So when we become aware of the tyranny of U.N. world government, or the gigantic international banks that are pulling the strings of government & world events (such as the World Trade Center & Pentagon attacks), we Believers know our first response is to intercede for these "authorities". Not just the presidents, prime ministers, and representatives we've been accustomed to think of as "leaders" ... But now, we're to intercede for these "antichrist" authorities, now that we're aware of their existence... For no authority has the right to intrude on the peaceable good order of the community of Believers: So long as we do our part and carry-out this Spiritual Warfare in the name of the Anointed Jesus.

We are to keep watch (Matthew 25:13) on the world's events (so that we aren't deceived). But: once we're informed, we have to take our eyes off of the world's events and cast our eyes to the hills and onto the Kingdom of God. We can't allow the images of the world be more prominent than the spiritual events that govern them unseen. We don't look at the world's armies, as they set out to force us to take the "Mark of the Beast", and feel that there's no way to avoid them. That thinking comes from meditating on the news, the government's manipulative statements, and observing the acts of war we may see around us.

No: we have to keep our heads in the Kingdom of God constantly: So that we'll train our minds to know this as the true & final reality of life...

A Prayer for Authorities:

(This covers the good, the bad, & the tyrannical)

Father God, in the name of the Anointed Jesus, I intercede for those in worldly authority: those who effect government policy politically (presidents, prime ministers, representatives, etc.), financially (world bankers, Federal Reserve shareholders and board members, etc.), and militarily.

I ask that You impress Your will upon the minds and spirits of those in authority. Should any of them be resistant to your will, I ask that You place ministering spirits (angels) as a guard and a "hedge" between the actions of those ungodly authorities and we, Your people, in the name of Jesus: so that we may carry out your will without intrusion and live peaceable and productive lives, according to Your will (1 Timothy 2:2).

If a person's "survival" is based on hoping his stockpile of beans & bullets will outlast the other guy's, he's facing a miserable future. If comprehending God is out of place as a survival plan, you've left out the power that will get you through when supplies can't meet a crisis. Without faith, no one will endure the harsh events ahead.

Too many people make snied comments from the comfort of today's security, condemning what they don't understand. Faithless viewpoints only "work" when the pressure's off. When this world starts to rumble, it's going to be just the individual and God, facing each other without the familiar buffer of worldly comforts. Our friends, the job, bank accounts, survival supplies, or anything else we get our feeling of power from won't rescue us when the end times are upon us. Suddenly what they've considered to be "fantasy" will become the most fearsome reality in existence.

These things have to be said: The time is limited and we need to invest what we have left of it in things that will endure, things that bring meaning to life when life on this earth appears meaningless.

© Hank McIntyre

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