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Speaking in Tongues: Raising Your Soul

John Erickson

Soul vs. Spirit.

The Soul is composed of our intellect, will and emotions.

The Spirit is the "pure" self, one's direct connection to God, the spiritual world, and is one's core consciousness.

The soul and spirit are each eternal. The soul, however, needs to be trained and directed toward Godly foci, plans and patterns. On its own it can go either way: toward the Light or toward darkness.

The "speaking in tongues" experience appears to be one's soul arising, freeing itself from others' perceptions, restrictions, and lies.

But with this experience of "arising" comes the need to consciously discipline it in order to direct it toward the Godly design of this existence.

Being the Soul, it has an inclination to run wild. The ego's naturally lazy and greedy character interprets this power surge as a means to acquire whatever lies before it, to revel in the thrill of the sensation and generally aggrandize oneself. Such would attract demonic influence.

Be aware of this differentiation between Soul and Spirit when engaged in "Tongues", as it is not a pure, holy energy but a wild child eager to flex its muscles.

Now, having said that:  You don't want to ignore the "child", as it is your Soul: an essential part of you.  You want the child to be healthy. He must roam around and feel that he (you) has the right to exist. Allow the tantrum‑inclined two-year-old to play, to move his muscles, to develop his self-awareness, for this will nurture his (your) health.

You must, however, guide his actions. "Spot" when an impure desire arises (e.g., a giddy satisfaction which only serves as an ego‑aggrandizement, but fails to unite you to the Kingdom of God).

The steps of maturation of the Tongues/prana/kundalini experiences are patience‑demanding multi‑tiered lifetime endeavors. But they must be pursued.

Reality is an irresistible force.

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John Erickson

(or some portion therein)

In accepting the concept of God being "real", an important article needs to be added to the evaluating criteria:

That which causes human life to be healthy:
  • live longer
  • have better resistance to disease
  • greater mental stability in the face of adversity and more confidence in interacting with others
- that such a component can be classified as "nutrient".

Inasmuch as nature authored man with this "hunger" for an Eternal Supreme Being, it must be considered that such a being exists somewhere within the realm of one’s existence - as  we are not born with hungers for things which do not exist;  such is the nature of intuition throughout the animal kingdom.

If we only examine physical phenomena in determining the factors governing man’s existence, we can never learn anything beyond the death and decay that govern all things physical.

The "Spark of Life" that starts a human being’s existence: where does that come from?

"We know these impulses originate in the hypothalamus, others in the cerebral cortex…"

Fine.  Where did that impulse originally form in order to get to the cerebral cortex? 

Questions pertaining to the origin of life cannot be answered by confining our examination to merely physical phenomena, and  we cannot rule out any "supernatural" phenomena until such questions can be answered. 

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