Hank McIntyre

All Believers know that there's a time coming when we'll have to go against the ways of the world completely. Usually, that time is regarded as the period when the "mark of the beast" is being required of all. But that day of profound rejection of the World Order just might come with the issuance of the "Smart Card" I.D.

There are those who find comfort in obedience. Such people are separated from their God-given nature. You would have to explain to them why freedom is desirable, why independent living is worth the risk it may require to achieve it. But even then they would not grasp the idea. They truly believe the natural state of any human society is to have a "Big Brother" controlling them. They are only concerned with whether or not "Big Brother" has a smiling face: If so, they feel "protected".

Protection is not Freedom

As long as you are under a system that can "protect" you, that system can also enslave you: For they have the power to retrieve that "protection" when they want to. They have only to scratch a pen against a paper and create a law that imprisons you. When you are truly free, it matters not if a politician wishes to strip you of your freedom, or seize your possessions, or imprison you: He wouldn't have the power to carry it out. This is independence. We would maintain our right to pilot our own destinies.We must not surrender that right to any government in hopes that it will "protect" us: that is a distinctly juvinile desire, like a child looking for a strong parent to protect him from the mean old world. A psychologically healthy man could not accept such a submissive role. The government must be mastered BY men, not be the master OF men. We have fallen into a cowardly society where "freedom" has evolved into a buzz-word meaning "Obedience to a government which does not listen to you."

Now we face the "Smart Card": an electronic I.D. that accesses all personal information and stores your money like a debit card. People love it. It "protects" us. It allows our government to track down and cage people who, we will be told, are "terrorists". (What is a terrorist? Anyone who resists a government act to control them.) Our freedom is gone because the government is free to call anyone a "terrorist". Once one is labeled a "terrorist" he has no constitutional rights. He can be buried away in obscurity, never again to be found: "For our protection." The people who accept this kind of government control would just read these words with their eyes glazed over by bewilderment, and thinking, "So what?" No argument can change them. They are already lost.

But there are always a broad majority of the population who are not strongly committed to one side or the other: They "go with the flow"... until something reaches inside them, awakens the spirit within, and suddenly they come alive. Adversity can temper a spine of mush into unbending steel. When we get a new understanding of freedom, a light will awaken our souls, and draw us out of that "go-with-the-flow" purposelessness. It will aim a spotlight on our familiar world and, in an instant, reveal the subtlety of its bondage upon us. Our natural instinct for freedom will come alive and move us to free ourselves from government intrusion.

"No one could buy or sell unless he had the mark" - (Revelation 13:17). The Smart Card, along with being able to access all your personal information, will also be an electronic money transfer card that will replace cash. They can deactivate any cardholder's ability to purchase once they decide that he's a "terrorist". Of course, anyone who refuses the card won't be able to buy anything at all. And all the data-storage of this card can be also performed by a bio-chip that can be implanted into one's skin, let's say, in the hand or forehead. COULD IT BE ANY MORE PLAIN THAT THE "SMART CARD" IS A PRECURSOR TO THE "MARK OF THE BEAST" SPOKEN OF IN REVELATION?

Consider a total resistance to this "Smart Card". (If we can't stand against it now while there's still a level of freedom and prosperity, how will we possibly find the courage to resist the BioChip "Mark" when the world is under full monitoring and control of the population?) We can't expect the world to respect our opposition to this since God is alien to them. Nevertheless, we have to identify ourselves with Jesus before the world so that we can stand boldly before all in heaven and earth when, at the end of this battle, all things are finally revealed.



- - - - - - - Where Are We? - - - - - - -

We're now living in an era when each successive year draws us into a more rapid unfolding of the "Last Days" events. We are in the last of the Last Days, and this period shows signs of being unlike any other our generation has witnessed.

A lot of dominoes are positioned in places where the least tremor could set off a chain reaction of disasters. The financial world is putting on its best face, trying to look confident in order to prevent panic selling of stocks... while they're quietly aware of the precariousness of our dependence on China, who now makes everything we buy.

The U.S. has sold its financial and industrial soul to do business with Communist China, and we stand ready to reap the whirlwind of that surrender of our sovereignty. Politically the U.S. is regarded as militarily inert. China continues to thumb its nose at us, knowing that Washington lacks the resolve and ability to engineer a decisive military response.

China - the new superpower of the financial world - is poised to become the world's military superpower. Any serious showdown between us and Beijing will not find us postured in a winning position under the present conditions. And such a showdown could occur once China has all the manufacturing equipment which once forged our products in American factories.

THERE ARE MANY possible scenarios we could construe from the present state of our world. But the basic fact we need to recognize is that the trust we've been accustomed to place in our government and business institutions is now misplaced. Our confidence now rests on a foundation of paper. A country cannot thrive forever when its government and businesses habitually reject the source of wealth: God. Since the time of the industrial revolution it has appeared that prosperity was going to go on forever in the western world. But it was built on the availability of people who maintained their relationship to God before such wealth existed. Before prosperity was very certain, people largely operated by a code of character regardless of the material gain. This was possible because there was a consciousness of God as the final judge - and eternity was seen as the real goal of life, something one had to come to terms with before attending to the other areas of one's life.

TODAY ANY GOOD virtues that society wants in its citizens are presented solely as a means to avoid punishment. But the concept of God is stripped from all expressions of our culture. People can endure great burdens when they have a clear idea of their place in eternity. But without that awareness, they can only act out of a desire for comfort. And even with that "comfort", they're left with a life of quiet depression at best. This is the American culture of today.

THE TURBULENCE OF THIS AGE will lead aware people to rely on God as the true source of provision. We'll need the wisdom of God within us as we maneuver through these tumultuous times. Man wasn't designed for eternal dependence on other people for his survival. Our "instincts" are to be honed by God while our minds are released from emotion (which leads to self-doubt and dependence on others.) Then the "knowing" that emanates within us can guide our clear, unemotional mind. This leaves us with an energy, a sort of natural industriousness, that comes from being connected to our original "source" and disconnected from a perverse society which needs to perpetually drain our energy, our spirit, in order to make itself feel "alive".


THIS IS THE energy which brings us beyond the shortages of our physical world. When we come to the end of a road, faith is where we step onto an extension of that road and complete our journey. This is the way its always supposed to have been - only now it will be more necessary. The coming age looks like a time when the world that we heretofore trusted will looked at us with shrugged shoulders as its institutions erode. It doesn't know the source that has kept it going all this time. And now since its "education" systems, news & entertainment media, and culture have ridiculed and demeaned the Power that created life - it will have nowhere to turn to as it crumbles. It will look to the people for plunder to pay for its opulent ways, and search for slaves to serve it.

Dirt, Sea, Sky

BUT NO MATTER how turbulent things may appear on paper, essentially nothing has changed in the real world. Whether the stock market crashes, the government declares martial law, or unemployment soars: all this is man made. The sun, rain, soil and sky are the same whether man chooses to call this time a disaster or a jubilee. Those words are just distractions designed to take our eyes off of how we can work with what's before us today. Panic is the creation of fantasy.

WE HAVE TO connect with God from within ourselves, and maneuver through this world with a gyroscopic invariance, following a light that the world cannot see. We, likewise, must resist seeing the world's view - it's fears and lies. The world is always inclined to assume the negative. Natural man - unconnected to God - has to assume in the negative, because the physical world has been in a state decline since the Fall of Man. If you rely only on the world's sources of information, you leave yourself open to all of their fears and dire predictions. We must act as though there is one power, one course, one source of satisfaction: God-within-us. The light that eradicates doubt and generates self-reliance. The natural-born independence that the world's training tried so hard to destroy. But God put that independence in us and it will grow up within us again - if we'll only stop uprooting its budding sprouts as they continually try to bloom forth.

© Hank McIntyre

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