...Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Hank McIntyre

If we don't speak up against this evil, how will we have the guts to resist the "Mark of the Beast" when the time comes?

If we're afraid to resist evil and One-World-Government activity now , how will we be able to stand separate from the world and resist the "Mark of the Beast" when they have even greater control of the world's commerce?

A lot is being discussed about whether or not the ordinary citizen should be speaking up when he sees constitutional freedoms being destroyed. The risks of attracting attention from authorities aren't worth informing people who don't even care what you have to say. But how can we go through life silently when we see these jackasses in government taking dictatorial control over us? My reaction is, "Who the hell are these people to do this... to lie like this, to violate my country like this?

I have no interest in letting myself by ruled by demon-influenced reprobates, and I don't think highly of these characters who use people's fear (like this business of the WTC attack) to confer more power on themselves.

This calls for wisdom. For the Believer, our course is to intercede on behalf of "rulers" and those in authority, "so that we can lead peaceable lives..." (Romans 12:18). We are also to "fear not" and not to love the world, for this is enmity with God (James 4:4), and "fear not those who can destroy the flesh, but not the soul: But rather, fear the one who can destroy both soul and body in hell (Matthew 10:18).

If it becomes clear that there's a government crackdown on free speech on the level that existed in the former Soviet Union, for example, then it would be idiotic to broadcast abroad the wrongdoings of government. I don't know what level of martial law we are at in America on this particular day, but the time for silence may be sooncoming. Yet if we don't try to stop these dictators while they're still small, we won't have a chance to defeat them when they control the world-at-large. (If Hitler had been put out of commission in the "Beer Hall Putsch" - when he was still small enough to handle - 50 million people wouldn't have had to die during World War II).

If we don't say anything now, do you really think we'll have the courage to resist the "Mark of the Beast" when it becomes the only way to survive, buy your food, keep your career, avoid imprisonment? (Of course, the Believer who keeps his courage & boldness will find deliverance in that time; I'm only describing how things will look to the worldly eye). We cannot be luke warm to this: we must be either hot or cold (Revelation 3:15). It is all too clear that we're living in the Last Days.

But as bad as it might get, remember that these events unquestionably prove the reality of God, for He prophesied all these events thousands of years ago. So even this can build up your faith. Be strong!

It is crucial to avoid meditating on the words of the "media". Don't repeat disaster reports the moment you hear them; we can do this to feel a little excitement, but this temptation can get us into testifying to the works of the devil. Then when a crisis comes into our lives, we'll only be able to believe the outward circumstances. Our minds will not be trained to see beyond the physical world, and that will block us from God's deliverance.

In this day, when so many negative events are taking place, we'll have to have our heads in the Kingdom of God so much that this world will become a shadow. The laws of the Kingdom of God are the only laws that will free us from tragedy, keep us strong, keep us joyous. The laws of the world only try to defeat us. They are enmity with God, and they don't merit our attention or respect.

© Hank McIntyre

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